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Mobile Robots XV and Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies VII
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Volume Number: 4195
Date Published: 2 March 2001
Softcover: 41 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819438607

Table of Contents
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Development of a low-cost autonomous minihelicoptor for power line inspections
Author(s): Jaime Del-Cerro; Inaki Aguirre; Antonio Barrientos
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Biplanar bicycle as a base vehicle for autonomous applications
Author(s): Philip R. Kedrowski; Charles F. Reinholtz; Michael S. Abbott; David C. Conner
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Challenges for deploying man-portable robots into hostile environments
Author(s): Michael H. Bruch; Robin T. Laird; Hobart R. Everett
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Development of a manhole-access pipecrawler system
Author(s): Montenius Collins; Robert F. Fogle; Scott A. Erickson
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General framework for group robotics with applications in mining
Author(s): Jamie King; Rodney D. Hale; Faustina Hwang; J. Seshadri; Mohd Rokonuzzaman; Raymond G. Gosine
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User interface and display management design for multiple-robot command and control
Author(s): John S. Bay; Louise E. Borrelli; Kevin L. Chapman; Thomas R. Harrold
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Pheromone robotics
Author(s): David W. Payton; Michael J. Daily; Bruce Hoff; Michael D. Howard; Craig L. Lee
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Distributed robotic mapping of extreme environments
Author(s): Scott M. Thayer; M. Bernardine Dias; Bart Nabbe; Bruce Leonard Digney; Martial Hebert; Anthony Stentz
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Minimum-resource distributed navigation and mapping
Author(s): Douglas W. Gage
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Advanced 3D vision systems for autonomous robot operations
Author(s): Johnny L. Berg
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Radar sensor model for three-dimensional map building
Author(s): Alex Foessel-Bunting
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Improved dead reckoning using caster wheel sensing on a differentially steered three-wheeled autonomous vehicle
Author(s): David C. Conner; Philip R. Kedrowski; Charles F. Reinholtz; John S. Bay
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Acoustic focusing by microphone array for human interactive mobile robot
Author(s): Hiroshi Mizoguchi; Yoshiyuki Kato; Kazuyuki Hiraoka; Masaru Tanaka; Takaomi Shigehara; Taketoshi Mishima
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Multiple camera, laser rangefinder, and encoder data fusion for navigation of a differentially steered three-wheeled autonomous vehicle
Author(s): David C. Conner; Philip R. Kedrowski; Charles F. Reinholtz
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Robust face detection for human interactive mobile robot
Author(s): Ken-ichi Hidai; T. Kanamori; Hiroshi Mizoguchi; Kazuyuki Hiraoka; Masaru Tanaka; Takaomi Shigehara; Taketoshi Mishima
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Rover obstacle visualizer and navigability evaluator
Author(s): Thomas G. Goodsell; Magnus Snorrason; Harald Ruda; Vitaly Ablavsky
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Tubular mosaics
Author(s): Michael Eckmann; Terrance E. Boult
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Sensor-based planning: exact cellular decompositions in terms of critical points
Author(s): Howie M. Choset; Ercan Umut Acar; Alfred A. Rizzi; Jonathan E. Luntz
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Enhanced constructs for perceptual stimuli and behavioral combination in reactive systems
Author(s): Thomas R. Collins
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Perception-stimulated generation of simple robot navigation behavior
Author(s): Kurt Malmstrom; Joaquin Sitte; Burkhard Iske
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Probabilistic methods for robotic landmine search
Author(s): Yangang Zhang; Mark J. Schervish; Ercan Umut Acar; Howie M. Choset
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Three-dimensional sensing system with point light sources
Author(s): Toshifumi Tsukiyama; Yasuyo Kita
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Telepresence applications in manufacturing research and measurement services at NIST
Author(s): David C. Stieren
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Large-scale teleoperation on the surface of the moon
Author(s): Gregory A. Konesky
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Control of lift assist devices for performance enhancement
Author(s): Greg R. Luecke; Kok-Leong Tan; Sean Mahrt
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Comparison between the astronaut and standard operators as telemetry monitor for effects of audio feedback system in the operation of the Engineering Test Satellite VII
Author(s): Yasufumi Nagai; Shinichi Kimura; Shigeru Tsuchiya
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Wireless communications with mobile devices in a Web-based teleoperations environment
Author(s): Soraya Ghiasi; Matthew L. Seidl
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Museum of Pure Form: preliminary considerations
Author(s): Massimo Bergamasco; Frederico Barbagli; Carlo Alberto Avizzano; Antonio Frisoli
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Novel interfaces for remote driving: gesture, haptic, and PDA
Author(s): Terrence W. Fong; Francois Conti; Sebastien Grange; Charles Baur
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Space robot commanding and supervision by means by projective virtual reality: the ERA experiences
Author(s): Eckhard Freund; Juergen Rossmann
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User interface for the telecontrol of a microrobot
Author(s): Ben Salem
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Constraint coupling of force and motion between real and virtual mechanisms
Author(s): Greg R. Luecke; Naci Zafer
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Suppression of tremor: guidelines and algorithms
Author(s): Carlo Alberto Avizzano; Massimo Bergamasco; Giuseppe Docile; Peter Feys
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TORUS: toys operated remotely for understanding science
Author(s): Gerard T. McKee; Karl Phillips
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Virtual reality technologies for the realistic simulation of excavators and construction machines: from VR-training simulators to telepresence systems
Author(s): Eckhard Freund; Juergen Rossmann; Thorsten Hilker
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Multimodal Web interface for task supervision and specification
Author(s): Benoit Moreau; Nicola Tomatis; Kai Oliver Arras; Bjoern Jensen; Roland Y. Siegwart
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Generic force server for haptic devices
Author(s): Lorenzo Flueckiger; Laurent Nguyen
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PumaPaint project summary: final notes
Author(s): Matthew R. Stein
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Autonomous action control frame for virtual human
Author(s): Huaiqing He; Bingrong Hong
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Time delay and communication bandwidth limitation on telerobotic control
Author(s): J. Corde Lane; Craig R. Carignan; David L. Akin
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Active-object-oriented programming for mobile-robots software prototyping
Author(s): Roger F. Cozien
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