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Process Control and Diagnostics
Editor(s): Michael L. Miller; Kaihan A. Ashtiani
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Volume Number: 4182
Date Published: 23 August 2000
Softcover: 44 papers (384) pages
ISBN: 9780819438430

Table of Contents
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Lithography overlay controller formulation
Author(s): Christopher A. Bode; Anthony J. Toprac; Richard D. Edwards; Thomas F. Edgar
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Adaptive control of multiple product processes
Author(s): Alexander J. Pasadyn; Anthony J. Toprac; Thomas F. Edgar
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Feed-forward control for a lithography/etch sequence
Author(s): Richard Oechsner; Thomas Tschaftary; Stefan Sommer; Lothar Pfitzner; Heiner Ryssel; Harald Gerath; Christine Baier; Martin Hafner
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Real-time process control to prevent CD variation induced by postexposure delay
Author(s): Chin-Yu Ku; Tan Fu Lei; Jia-Min Shieh; Tsann-Bim Chiou; Yung-Cheng Chen
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Fault detection and predictive maintenance program using SEMY Statistical Machine Control (SMC)
Author(s): Tammie Ogasawara; Brian Izzio
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Real-time control of photoresist thickness uniformity during the bake process
Author(s): Lay Lay Lee-Aquila; Charles D. Schaper; Weng Khuen Ho
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Sensitivity of polysilicon and polycide antenna MOS capacitor to ion implantation charging effects
Author(s): Tomasz Brozek; Cory Norton
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Small signal ac-surface photovoltage technique for noncontact monitoring of near-surface doping for IC-processing
Author(s): Dmitriy N. Marinskiy; Jacek J. Lagowski; M. Wilson; Lubek Jastrzebski; R. Santiesteban; Kim Elshot
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Modeling and control of thermocouples for reduced measurement uncertainty in diffusion furnaces
Author(s): Mark E. Yelverton; Michael J. McBride
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Technique of electrical beam treatment leading to an accurate and reliable critical dimension metrology measurement on a postetch layer
Author(s): Gary X. Cao; Nancy J. Wheeler; Alan S. Wong
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Characterization of copper oxidation and reduction using spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Ronald A. Powell; Derryck Settles; Larry Lane; Carlos L. Ygartua; Arun R. Srivatsa; Clive Hayzelden
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Rapid x-ray reflectometry (XRR) metrology applied to Cu/low-k damascene process development
Author(s): William C. Johnson; Ronald A. Powell; Lou Koppel; Erich Klawuhn; Tarak Suwwan de Felipe
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Feasibility and applicability of integrated metrology using spectroscopic ellipsometry in a cluster tool
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Christopher Pickering; Alexandre Tarnowka; Jean-Philippe Piel; Patrick Evrard; Jean-Louis P. Stehle
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New method for determining the optical properties of thin films by reflectometry
Author(s): John F. Bohland; Edward K. Pavelchek; Charles R. Szmanda
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Why single-machine processing overlay error still fails: reticle interference effect and our solution on IC foundry fab
Author(s): H. M. Sheng; Chen-Cheng Kuoe; L. G. Terng; Dong S. Cheng; Yung H. Liao; Joseph Guo
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Toward 100% yield understanding approach in Lucent Technologies Madrid
Author(s): Miguel Recio; Miguel Alonso Merino; Carlos Mata; Victorino Martin Santamaria; Jose Angel Ayucar; Julian Moreno; Agustin Godino; Alfonso Lorenzo; Ana Sacedon; Rosa Fernandez; Carmen Morilla; Jesus Inarrea; Manuel Alvarez; Almudena Fernandez; K. Therryl; Carlos Mateos; Gerardo Gonzalez; Sergio Cruceta; J. Castano
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Off-line wafer level reliability control: unique measurement method to monitor the lifetime indicator of gate oxide validated within bipolar/CMOS/DMOS technology
Author(s): Xavier Gagnard; Olivier Bonnaud
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High-density plasma FSG charging damage
Author(s): Ting Cheong Ang; Man Siu Tse; Sang Yee Loong; Y. C. Wong; Wye Boon Loh
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Design and reliability aspects of multilevel metal large-scale power line layouts in ULSI-ICs
Author(s): Peter J. Jacob; Giovanni Nicoletti
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Fast wafer-level detection and control of interconnect reliability
Author(s): Sean Foley; James Molyneaux; Alan Mathewson
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Special simulator to study metastability
Author(s): Mary Sue V. Haydt; Samiha Mourad
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Reliability certification of semiconductor devices using Goldthwaite diagrams
Author(s): Floarea Baicu; Sever Irin Spanulescu; Anca E. Gheorghiu
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Corrective actions for stainless-steel-particle-related burn-in failures
Author(s): Ana Sacedon; Jesus Inarrea; Manuel Alvarez; Pilar Prieto; Jose C. Plaza; Jose L. Hernandez; Carlos Martinez; Salvador Fernandez; Pablo S. Dominguez; Jose P. Gonzalez; Manuel Larran; Carlos Mata
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Electrical reliability of conductive adhesive joints: curing conditions and current density dependence
Author(s): Hyungkun Kim; Hong Zhou; S. Chungpaiboonpatana; Frank G. Shi; S. Machuga; J. Adam
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Automated alignment scheme for in-line defect data
Author(s): Julie Segal; Tom T. Ho; Arman Sagatelian
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Raman spectroscopy: a multifunctional analysis tool for microelectronics manufacturing
Author(s): Lynette K. Ballast; Tim Z. Hossain; Alan Campion
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Deep-ultraviolet scatterometry for nanoparticle detection
Author(s): Benjamin D. Buckner; E. Dan Hirleman
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Fault detection in CMOS manufacturing using MBPCA
Author(s): Sivan Lachman-Shalem; Nir Haimovitch; Eitan N. Shauly; Daniel R. Lewin
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Formation mechanism of submicrometer poly-Si surface defects
Author(s): Shani Keysar; Noah Shafry; Ilan Rabinovitch; Rafi Mor; Marcelo Wolovelsky; Denny Hannan; Zohar Neidik
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Discolored bondpads caused by aluminum hydroxide formation
Author(s): Zong Min Wu; Chong Khiam Oh; Soh Ping Neo; Shailesh Redkar
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New overlay pattern design for real-time focus and tilt monitor
Author(s): Chin-Yu Ku; Tan Fu Lei; Jia-Min Shieh; Tsann-Bim Chiou; Hwang-Kuen Lin
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Nonlinear optical properties of SiC nanocrystallites
Author(s): Kazimierz Jerzy Plucinski; Ivan V. Kityk; Adi Kassiba
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Helical sensitive elements with layered filling
Author(s): Andrey A. Yelizarov
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Planarization process of BPSG: capillary vs. centrifugal/gravitational forces
Author(s): Baw-Ching Perng; Kung Linliu
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Critical dimension control of 0.18-um logic with dual polysilicon gate
Author(s): Kung Linliu; Yu-I Wang
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Maturity assessment of 300-mm etch equipment
Author(s): Karl E. Mautz; Thomas Morgenstern
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Evaluation techniques for 300-mm equipment
Author(s): Karl E. Mautz; Thomas Morgenstern; Ralf Schuster
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Triant model ware applied to Tegal 90X etchers as an integrated process control module
Author(s): Morris Muller
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Subresolution process windows and yield estimation technique based on detailed full-chip CD simulation
Author(s): Yuri Granik; Nicolas B. Cobb; Emile Y. Sahouria; Olivier Toublan; Luigi Capodieci; Robert John Socha
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Effect of registration and proximity effect in split-gate flash device
Author(s): Jian-Yuan Chiou; D. F. Huang; C. L. Liu; Chih-Chien Hung
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Real-time yield checks at wafer test
Author(s): Enrique Rodriguez; Carlos Cano; Javier Sanchez-Vicente; Julian Moreno
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Photo-developing defect and developing-like defect on DUV process
Author(s): H. M. Sheng; Chen-Cheng Kuoe; L. G. Terng; Dong S. Cheng; Yung H. Liao
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Structure and electronic properties of silicon oxynitride as gate dielectric
Author(s): Kazimierz Jerzy Plucinski; Ivan V. Kityk; Bouchta Sahraoui
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Influence of preannealing on residual stresses in boron-doped LPCVD polysilicon film
Author(s): Longqing Chen; Jianmin Miao
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