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Photon Migration, Diffuse Spectroscopy, and Optical Coherence Tomography: Imaging and Functional Assessment

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Volume Number: 4160
Date Published: 22 November 2000

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Time-gated holographic imaging using photorefractive media
Author(s): Zunaira Ansari; Yan Gu; Mary Tziraki; Duncan Parsons-Karavassilis; Richard Jones; Paul M. W. French; David D. Nolte; Michael R. Melloch
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New method to perform time-resolved measurements: coherence scanning
Author(s): Jean-Michel Tualle; Eric Tinet; Sigrid Avrillier
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Accelerated Monte Carlo models to simulate fluorescence of layered tissue
Author(s): Stefan Andersson-Engels; Annika M.K. Enejder; Johannes Swartling; Antonio Pifferi
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Visualization and measurement methods using transversal OCT images of the eye fundus
Author(s): John A. Rogers; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; Fred W. Fitzke; David A. Jackson
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Optical coherence microscopy for high-resolution biological imaging
Author(s): Laurent Vabre; Arnaud Dubois; Emmanuel Beaurepaire; Albert Claude Boccara
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Differential phase contrast OCT in transparent and opaque media
Author(s): Markus Sticker; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Adolf Friedrich Fercher
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High-speed no-moving-parts optical coherence tomography system
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza; Zahid Yaqoob
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Spatially resolved laser Doppler spectra from semi-infinite turbid media
Author(s): Alwin Kienle
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Monte Carlo prediction of light propagation in realistic adult head model
Author(s): Kaori Tajima; Shuhei Eda; Eiji Okada
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Depth-resolved spectroscopy by frequency-domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Rainer Leitgeb; Maciej Wojtkowski; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Markus Sticker; Andrzej Kowalczyk
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Optical coherence tomography technique for thermal light sources
Author(s): Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Eva Maria Moreno-Barriuso; Markus Sticker; Rainer Leitgeb; Harald Sattmann
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Clinical study of bladder diseases using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Elena Zagainova; Natalia D. Gladkova; O. Strelzova; A. Sumin; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Felix I. Feldchtein; Rashid R. Iksanov
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Effect of subcutaneous arterial pulsation on determination of cerebral arterial oxygen saturation using NIRS
Author(s): Ralph J. F. Houston; Jan Menssen; Marco C. van der Sluijs; Willy N.J.M. Colier; Berend Oeseburg
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Relationship between position of brain activity and change in optical density for NIR imaging
Author(s): Yoshihiko Kashio; Muneo Ono; Michael Firbank; Martin Schweiger; Simon Robert Arridge; Eiji Okada
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Noncontacting diffuse VIS-NIR spectroscopy of human skin for evaluation of skin type and time-dependent microcirculation
Author(s): Wolf-Dieter Schmidt; Dieter Fassler; Gabi Zimmermann; Kristin Liebold; Uwe Wollina
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Fiber optic system for in-vivo real-time determination of tissue optical properties from steady-state diffuse reflectance measurements
Author(s): Jan Sorensen Dam; Carsten B. Pedersen; Paul Erik Fabricius; Stefan Andersson-Engels
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Ultrasound-modulated optical tomography with real-time FFT
Author(s): Yong Yao; Da Xing; Yonghong He
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Preliminary tests on a new near-infrared continuous-wave tissue oximeter
Author(s): Claudia Casavola; Giuseppe Cicco; Anna Pirrelli; Pietro Mario Lugara
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Modeling and visualization of photon migration in tissue by Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Ting Wu; Vladimir Blazek; Hans Juergen Schmitt
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Effect of roughness in nondiffusive regions within diffusive media
Author(s): Jorge Ripoll; Simon Robert Arridge; Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas
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Effect of discrete scatterers in CSF layer on optical path length in the brain
Author(s): Eiji Okada; David T. Delpy
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Near-infrared time-resolved spectroscopy system for tissue oxygenation monitor
Author(s): Motoki Oda; Yutaka Yamashita; Tetsuhisa Nakano; Akihiro Suzuki; Keiji Shimizu; Isuke Hirano; Fumihiko Shimomura; Etsuko Ohmae; Toshihiko Suzuki; Yutaka Tsuchiya
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Volume imaging with diffuse light: method, device, and clinical application
Author(s): Uwe Hampel; Eckhard Schleicher; Richard Freyer
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Toward simultaneous acousto-optical and acoustical imaging in biological tissues
Author(s): Sandrine Leveque-Fort; Juliette Selb; Lionel Pottier; Albert Claude Boccara
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Evolution-theory-based algorithm for optical diffusion tomography
Author(s): Andreas H. Hielscher; Alexander D. Klose
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NIR spectroscopy for the diagnosis of testicular pathologies
Author(s): Eckhard Schleicher; Uwe Hampel; H. Zepnick; Richard Freyer
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Dual interfering sources with a fluorescent object
Author(s): Xavier Intes; K. A. Kang; Monica J. Holboke; Arjun G. Yodh; Britton Chance
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Controlling the phase response of a phased-array system
Author(s): Stephen P. Morgan; Kai Y. Yong
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Measurement and model error assessment of a single-pixel frequency-domain photon migration apparatus and diffusion model for imaging applications
Author(s): Daniel J. Hawrysz; Margaret J. Eppstein; Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca
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Optical property measurements in scattering media by time-correlated single-photon counting system (TCSPCS)
Author(s): Gaetano Urso; Maria Lepore; Pietro Luigi Indovina
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Estimation of the optical sampling volume for skin reflectance measurements
Author(s): Igor Victorovich Meglinski; Stephen John Matcher
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Spectral characteristics of the human eye in vivo determined using low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Garif G. Akchurin
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Differences in optical properties of normal and tumoral tissues: a comparison to accuracy limits in laser techniques for optical imaging
Author(s): Maria Daniela Falco; Maria Lepore; Pietro Luigi Indovina
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Polarization-optical visualization of eye inhomogeneities
Author(s): Maris Ozolinsh; Gunta Papelba
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