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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of the Ocean
Editor(s): Robert J. Frouin; Hiroshi Kawamura; Motoaki Kishino
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Volume Number: 4154
Date Published: 5 January 2001
Softcover: 28 papers (262) pages
ISBN: 9780819438072

Table of Contents
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Retrieval of Earth observation data in visible and near-infrared bands
Author(s): Tasuku Tanaka; Haruhisa Shimoda; Yoshihide Katoh; Hiroshi Murakami; Osamu Tanaka; Akira Mukaida; Riko Higuchi
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Approaches to hyperspectral sensing of the oceans, the bathymetry, and the bottom spectral reflectance: how many equations, variables, and spectral bands?
Author(s): Mervyn J. Lynch
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Atmospheric correction algorithm for satellite ocean color data over Asian waters
Author(s): Hajime Fukushima; Mitsuhiro Toratani; Hiroshi Kobayashi; Wataru Takahashi; Akihiko Tanaka; Byung-Ju Sohn
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Removal of atmospheric effects from hyperspectral imaging data for remote sensing of coastal waters
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Marcos J. Montes; Curtiss O. Davis
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AVIRIS measurements of spectral reflectance characteristics of whitecaps
Author(s): Robert J. Frouin; Pierre-Yves Deschamps
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GLI atmospheric correction algorithms: performance test with GLI synthetic data set
Author(s): Wen-Zhong Chen; Hajime Fukushima; Robert J. Frouin
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Aerosols from/for ocean color sensors
Author(s): Itaru Sano; Sonoyo Mukai; Yasuhiko Okada
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Validation of ocean color remote sensing data using a moored data buoy
Author(s): Matt Pinkerton; Samantha Lavender
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Comparison of some results of pigment concentrations measured by satellite and shipborne remote sensing methods
Author(s): Oleg A. Bukin; Andrey N. Pavlov; Mikhail S. Permyakov; Alexander Yu. Mayor; Ol'ga S. Tsareva; Oleg G. Konstantinov; Dmitriy I. Akmaykin
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Hyperspectral remote sensing of shallow water environments: a review
Author(s): Zhongping Lee; Kendall L. Carder
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Inverse estimation of multisubstance concentration of coastal water from multi- and hyperspectral data
Author(s): Sanae Miyazaki; Kazuo Nadaoka
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Inversion modeling optimization using CalCOFI data set
Author(s): Young-Je Park; Mati Kahru; Brian Gregory Mitchell
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Hyperspectral imaging sensors and the marine coastal zone
Author(s): Laurie L. Richardson
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Oil spill impact on Pacific salmon (g. Oncorhynchus) of northwestern Sakhalin (Tengi River Basin as a pattern)
Author(s): Alexander N. Ivanov; Nikolay N. Tarasov; Konstantin L. Pusankov; Lubov V. Ivanova; Ekaterina N. Pusankova
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Development and test of a compact lidar for detection of oil spills in water
Author(s): Susumu Yamagishi; Kazuo Hitomi; Hiroshi Yamanouchi; Yoshitaka Yamaguchi; Toshiaki Shibata
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Hyperspectral versus multispectral imaging for submerged coral detection
Author(s): Heather Holden; Ellsworth LeDrew
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Primary productivity model based on photosynthetically available radiation
Author(s): Ichio Asanuma; Tasuku Tananaka; Kazuhiko Matsumoto; Takeshi Kawano
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Two-phytoplankton community model of primary production for ocean color satellite data
Author(s): Takahiko Kameda; Joji Ishizaka; Hiroshi Murakami
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Vertical distribution of phytoplankton by satellite data and its application to fisheries
Author(s): Katsuya Saitoh; Sei-ichi Saitoh; Tameishi Hideo
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Investigation of the laser-induced fluorescence spectra for different seawater cases
Author(s): Alexander V. Maleenok; Oleg A. Bukin; Mikhail S. Permyakov; Alexander Yu. Mayor; Vera S. Tchecunkova; Galina V. Skorokhod
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Temporal and spatial variability of chlorophyll a, suspended solids, and yellow substance in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea using ocean color sensor
Author(s): Motoaki Kishino; Akihiko Tanaka; Tomohiko Oishi; Roland Doerffer; Helmut Schiller
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Statistical features of space distribution of chlorophyll a in the South Pacific using SeaWiFS data and shipborne laser fluorometer measurements
Author(s): Mikhail S. Permyakov; Oleg A. Bukin; Alexander Yu. Mayor; Andrey N. Pavlov; Tatyana I. Tarkhova; Galina V. Skorokhod; Denis A. Akmaykin
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Radiative transfer model for satellite remote sensing of ocean color in coastal zones
Author(s): Hiroshi Kobayashi; Sachio Ohta; Naoto Murao; Harukuni Tachibana; Sadamu Yamagata
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Photosynthetic parameters in the western equatorial Pacific
Author(s): Takeshi Kawano; Hirofumi Okano; Ai Yasuda; Kazuhiko Matsumoto; Ichio Asanuma; Marlon R. Lewis
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Monitoring of coral reefs on Ishigaki Island in Japan using multitemporal remote sensing data
Author(s): Tsuneo Matsunaga; Akira Hoyano; Yosei Mizukami
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Relations with phytoplankton distribution and spectral absorption coefficients in the equatorial Pacific
Author(s): Kazuhiko Matsumoto; Takeshi Kawano; Hirofumi Okano; Ichio Asanuma
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Evaluation of possible enhancement of primary productivity due to mixing of upwelled subsurface water by a man-made sea-mount using ocean color remote-sensing
Author(s): Yukinori Kumagai; Motoaki Kishino; Masayuki Mac Takahashi
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Biochemical and dynamical characteristics of the Messina Straits water by means of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Filippo Azzaro; Rosa Maria Cavalli; Franco Decembrini; Stefano Pignatti; Carla Santella
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