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Optical Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Clouds II
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Volume Number: 4150
Date Published: 21 February 2001
Softcover: 47 papers (444) pages
ISBN: 9780819438034

Table of Contents
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Tropospheric formaldehyde measurements from the ESA GOME instrument
Author(s): Kelly Van Chance; Robert J. D. Spurr; Thomas P. Kurosu; Paul I. Palmer; Randall V. Martin; Arlene Fiore; Q. Li; Daniel J. Jacob
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Trace gas densities and dynamics at and above the tropopause as derived from CRISTA data
Author(s): Dirk Offermann; M. Jarisch; Bernd Schaeler; G. Eidmann; M. Langfermann; J. Oberheide; T. Wiemert; Martin Riese; Cornelius Schiller
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Variations of the stratospheric chemical species in the Antartic spring observed by ILAS
Author(s): Wookap Choi; Sumi Kim
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Analysis of chemical perturbation of stratospheric air parcel along the trajectory during the Arctic winter of 1996/1997 using ILAS data
Author(s): Yukio Terao; H. L. Tanaka; Tetsuzo Yasunari; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Multipurpose spectroradiometer for satellite instrument calibration and zenith sky remote sensing measurments
Author(s): Donald F. Heath; Ziauddin Ahmad
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Retrieval of PSC properties from MIPAS-ENVISAT measurements
Author(s): Michael Hoepfner; Thomas von Clarmann; Georg Echle; Alexandra Zimmermann
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Properties of stratospheric aerosol estimated from HALOE data
Author(s): Kwang-Mog Lee; Jae H. Park; Steven T. Massie; Wookap Choi
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Polar stratospheric cloud detection from the ILAS instrument
Author(s): Thomas P. Kurosu; Kelly Van Chance; Tatsuya Yokota; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Stratospheric background aerosols and polar stratospheric clouds observed with satellite sensors: inference of particle composition and sulfate amount
Author(s): Sachiko Hayashida; Naoko Saitoh; Mariko Horikawa; Yuriko Amemiya; Colette Brogniez; T. Deshler; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Development of radiative transfer model for GCOM-A1/ODUS
Author(s): Wenying Su; Makoto Suzuki; Ryosuke Nakamura; Toshihiro Ogawa
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Temperature and pressure retrievals from O2 A-band absorption measurements made by ILAS: retrieval algorithm and error analyses
Author(s): Takafumi Sugita; Tatsuya Yokota; Teruyuki Nakajima; Hideaki Nakajima; Katsunori Waragai; Makoto Suzuki; Akiyoshi Matsuzaki; Yasuhiro Itou; Hisaya Saeki; Yasuhiro Sasano
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ILAS-II instrument and data processing system for stratospheric ozone layer monitoring
Author(s): Yasuhiro Sasano; Tatsuya Yokota; Hideaki Nakajima; Takafumi Sugita; Hiroshi Kanzawa
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Technology thrusts for future Earth science applications
Author(s): Shahid Habib
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Optical remote sensing of greenhouse gases in the troposphere
Author(s): Tadao Aoki; Masashi Fukabori; Teruo Aoki
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Overview of GCOM-A1/ODUS program
Author(s): Makoto Suzuki; Kazuo Shibasaki; Takuki Sano; Chu Ishida; Haruhisa Shimoda; Toshihiro Ogawa
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Scientific objectives of GCOM-A1/ODUS
Author(s): Kazuo Shibasaki; Makoto Suzuki; Takuki Sano; Toshihiro Ogawa
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Solar-occultation FTS for inclined-orbit satellite (SOFIS): scientific requirements and current status of development
Author(s): Hideaki Nakajima; Akihiko Kuze; Takafumi Sugita; Tatsuya Yokota; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Preliminary study on data processing algorithms for SOFIS
Author(s): Nobuyuki Uemura; Tatsuya Yokota; Hideaki Nakajima; Takafumi Sugita; Yasuhiro Sasano; Chisato Yoshigahara; Yasushi Uehara
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Relationship between the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) measurements and surface temperatures of selected ocean regions
Author(s): Dhirendra K. Pandey; Robert Benjamin Lee; Shannon Brown Brown; Jack Paden; Peter L. Spence; Susan Thomas; Robert S. Wilson; Aiman Al-Hajjah
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Global cloud property analysis using satellite remote sensing
Author(s): Kazuaki Kawamoto; Teruyuki Nakajima
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Effects of aerosols on retrieval of the microphysical properties of water clouds from the airborne solar spectral reflectance measurements
Author(s): Shoji Asano; Akihiro Uchiyama; Akihiro Yamazaki; Masayo Tanizono
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Remote sensing of water vapor and thin cirrus clouds using MODIS near-IR channels
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Yoram J. Kaufman
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Retrieval of cloud geometrical parameters using remote sensing data
Author(s): Makoto Kuji; Teruyuki Nakajima
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Combined measurements of clouds using satellites, aircraft, and ground-based instruments
Author(s): Tadahiro Hayasaka; Hironobu Iwabuchi
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Aerosol impact on the Earth radiation budget in support of the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) experiment
Author(s): Knut W. Dammann; Rainer Hollmann; Rolf Stuhlmann
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Global three-dimensional simulation and radiative forcing of various aerosol species with GCM
Author(s): Toshihiko Takemura; Hajime Okamoto; Atusi Numaguti; Kentaroh Suzuki; Akiko Higurashi; Teruyuki Nakajima
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Remote sensing of atmospheric aerosol over China
Author(s): Jietai Mao; Junhua Zhang; Chengcai Li; Meihua Wang
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Atmospheric correction for high-resolution multiwavelength spectrometry based on radiative-transfer model computation
Author(s): Daren Lu; Minzheng Duan
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Aircraft/surface-derived aerosol optical properties near Hawaii for satellite validation
Author(s): John N. Porter; Anthony D. Clarke; Barry R. Lienert
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Influence of spheroids on the inversion in the retrieval of microphysical particle parameters from lidar data
Author(s): Christine Boeckmann; J. Wauer
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Space shuttle measurements: clouds of atmospheric metal atoms and ions
Author(s): James A. Gardner; A. Lyle Broadfoot
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Improvement of performance of imaging spectrometer by lateral inhibition
Author(s): Hajime Koshiishi; Masao Naka; Yositaka Iwata; Hirohisa Kurosaki
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PSF estimate in compensated systems
Author(s): Manuel Perez Cagigal; Vidal F. Canales
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Average atmosphere temperature measurement by a frequency-shifted feedback laser
Author(s): Noriko Kibayashi; Takefumi Hara; Masato Yoshida; Koichiro Nakamura; Hiromasa Ito
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Cloud inhomogeneity effect on the retrieval of cloud optical thickness from satellite measurement
Author(s): Hironobu Iwabuchi; Tadahiro Hayasaka
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Upper atmospheric wind monitoring using correlation of speckle patterns
Author(s): Shin Oya; Masao Takabe; Tadashi Aruga
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Effect of aerosols on cloud field with satellite-derived and GCM simulation
Author(s): Kentaroh Suzuki; Teruyuki Nakajima; Atusi Numaguti; Toshihiko Takemura; Kazuaki Kawamoto; Akiko Higurashi
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Photopolarimetric measurements of aerosols over the ocean
Author(s): Sonoyo Mukai; Itaru Sano; Kazufumi Ogasa; Hirosi Ishida
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Requirement definition study for GCOM-A1/ODUS instrument
Author(s): Takuki Sano; Makoto Suzuki; Toshihiro Ogawa; Kazuo Shibasaki; Akihiko Kuze; Takahiro Kawashima
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Specifications of GCOM-A1/ODUS
Author(s): Akihiko Kuze; Takahiro Kawashima; Yasuji Yamamoto; Kazuo Shibasaki; Makoto Suzuki; Takuki Sano; Toshihiro Ogawa
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Aerosol optical depth and its seasonal variations in Kwangju
Author(s): Young Joon Kim; Seong-yun Ryu; Jeong-hye Kim; Jeong Eun Kim
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Detection of cloud top phase based on ADEOS/POLDER and OCTS data
Author(s): Masayoshi Yasumoto; Sonoyo Mukai
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Trade-off studies on ODUS spectrograph design
Author(s): Takahiro Kawashima; Akihiko Kuze; Jun Tanii; Shigetaka Mori; Toshihiro Ogawa; Makoto Suzuki; Kazuo Shibasaki; Yasuji Yamamoto; Takuki Sano
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Polar stratospheric clouds observed above Ny-Aalesund, Norway, and Dome Station, Antarctic
Author(s): Kouichi Shiraishi; Yasunori Matsumoto; Masahiko Hayashi; Motowo Fujiwara; Takashi Shibata; Hiroshi Adachi; Tetsu Sakai; Shoken Ishii; Kouichi Tamura; Tetsuya Oohashi; Takashi Katou; Yasunobu Iwasaka
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Simultaneous observation of NO2 column density and aerosol optical thickness in Kanto area, Japan
Author(s): Yanqun Xue; Hideo Tashiro; Katsutaro Ando; Hiroaki Kuze; Nobuo Takeuchi
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Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness from NOAA/AVHRR data and its application to the derivation over land area in Chiba
Author(s): Koji Asakuma; Shingo Otsutsumi; Tatsuya Kubota; Masanori Yabuki; Hiroaki Kuze; Nobuo Takeuchi
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SWIFT instrument
Author(s): Alan Scott; B. Mackay; Shiguang Wang; Neil Rowlands; G. Shepherd; W. Gault; Ian C. McDade; Yves J. Rochon
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