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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4149

Holography 2000
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Volume Number: 4149
Date Published: 3 October 2000
Softcover: 58 papers (434) pages
ISBN: 9780819438010

Table of Contents
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Dennis Gabor: inventor of...
Author(s): Pal Greguss
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Holography and philately: postage stamps with embossed holograms
Author(s): Hans I. Bjelkhagen
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Report of nations: Austria
Author(s): Irmfried Woeber
Holography applications in recent China
Author(s): Dahsiung Hsu
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Holography in Germany
Author(s): Juergen P. Eichler; Gerhard K. Ackermann; Niklas Moeller; Dietmar Ohlmann; C. Schneeweiss-Wolter
Nation report: Hungary
Author(s): Pal Greguss
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Holographic activity in Norway
Author(s): Ingar Singstad
Holography in the United States
Author(s): Emmett N. Leith
Ultimate emulsion and its applications: a laboratory-made silver halide emulsion of optimized quality for monochromatic pulsed and full-color holography
Author(s): Yves Gentet; Philippe Gentet
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Semiphysical development of holograms recorded in silver halide emulsions
Author(s): Istvan Banyasz; Augusto Beléndez; Inmaculada V. Pascual; Antonio Fimia
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Recent advances in holographic materials from Slavich
Author(s): Stanislovas J. Zacharovas; David B. Ratcliffe; Gleb R. Skokov; Sergey P. Vorobyov; Petr I. Kumonko; Yury A. Sazonov
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Holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor thin films
Author(s): Janis Teteris; Mara J. Reinfelde
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Optimization of fixation-free rehalogenating bleach for BB-640 holographic plates
Author(s): Cristian Neipp; Augusto Belendez; Inmaculada V. Pascual
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Photopolymer material for recording reflection holograms by He-Ne and Kr+ lasers
Author(s): Yury A. Sazonov; Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov; E. F. Pen; T. N. Gerasimova
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PPC: self-developing photopolymers for holographic recording
Author(s): Tatiana N. Smirnova; Oksana V. Sakhno
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Multicolor holography: a comparative study
Author(s): Rosa Maria Oliveira; Luis Miguel Bernardo; Joao Lemos Pinto
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Holographic system for fast exposure of true-color holograms
Author(s): Sven-Goran Pettersson
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Color holography: present state of the research activities at ISL
Author(s): Felix Albe; Myriam Bastide; Yves Lutz; Jean-Michel Desse; Jean-Louis H. Tribillon
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Holographic stereograms to visualize 3D computer models
Author(s): Ingar Singstad; O. Birkeland; T. E. Grahl-Nielsen; L. Helseth; Kjell Einar Olsen
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Application of the light valve to holographic stereograms
Author(s): Michael Page; Thomas Haslett; David R. Demmer
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Incoherent holography
Author(s): Nils H. Abramson
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Quantum holography: magnetic resonance tomography and gravitational wavelets
Author(s): Ernst Binz; Walter Schempp
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Field improvement in optical uniaxial centered systems composed of holographic elements
Author(s): Ana M. Lopez; Jesus Atencia; Isabel Arias; Manuel Monton Quintanilla
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Virtual holographic recognition and its applications in medicine and other fields
Author(s): Emilio Gomez-Gonzalez
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Holographic CDMA: a possible application of holography in infrared wireless communication systems
Author(s): Mohammad Abtahi; Jawad A. Salehi; Beatrice Cabon
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Organic storage media for holographic optical memory: state-of-the-art and future
Author(s): Valery A. Barachevsky
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Holographic Talbot interferometer
Author(s): Yusupjan Ismanov; Arapbay Maripov
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Fractal digital image synthesis and application in security holograms
Author(s): Hanqiang Cao; Guang-Xi Zhu; Yaoting Zhu; Zhaoqun Zhang; Yulin Cao; Hongwei Ge; Xuan Li
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Features of distribution of a brightness of Denisyuk's holograms
Author(s): Sergey P. Vorobyov
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Experimental holography in high school teaching
Author(s): Pedro M. Pombo; Rosa Maria Oliveira; Joao Lemos Pinto
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Journey through Bui-Bui
Author(s): Ana Chandler MacArthur
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Holographic thinking
Author(s): Odile Meulien-Ohlmann
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Rebirthing masters: diodes and the nature of one's illumination
Author(s): Richard Arnold Bruck
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Mirror of light
Author(s): Dietmar Ohlmann
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Importance of holographic light in the emerging field of mind-body healing
Author(s): Roberta Booth
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Art of color holography: pioneers in change
Author(s): Martin John Richardson; Hans I. Bjelkhagen
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Holography as a medium for the confluence of art and science
Author(s): Melinda Menning; James A. Piper
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Archiving a creative history: holography for a future generation
Author(s): Andrew T. Pepper
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Holography and art: two ways of being a voyeur
Author(s): Isabel Azevedo; Joao Dixo; Joao Lemos Pinto
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Advanced holography in high school
Author(s): Pearl V. John
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Living human face measurements using pulsed holography
Author(s): Jens Bongartz; Dominik M. Giel; Peter Hering
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Data storage on holographic memory card
Author(s): Pal Koppa; Gabor Erdei; Ferenc Ujhelyi; Peter Varhegyi; T. Ujvari; Emoeke Loerincz; Gabor Szarvas; Soeren Hvilsted; P. S. Ramanujam; Peter I. Richter
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Optimization of the storage density in thin polarization holograms
Author(s): Peter Varhegyi; Pal Koppa; Emoeke Loerincz; Gabor Szarvas; Peter I. Richter
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Rewritable azobenzene polyester for polarization holographic data storage
Author(s): A. Kerekes; Sz. Sajti; Emoeke Loerincz; Soeren Hvilsted; P. S. Ramanujam
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Fringe stabilizers and their application to telecommunication device manufacturing
Author(s): Jefferson E. Odhner
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Phase-coded recording in polarization holograms for data multiplexing and encryption
Author(s): T. Ujvari; Pal Koppa; Emoeke Loerincz; Gabor Szarvas; Peter I. Richter
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Finding new wavelengths for pulsed holography
Author(s): Jonny Gustafsson
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Evolution of automated turn-key systems for the production of rainbow and reflection hologram runs by pulsed laser
Author(s): David B. Ratcliffe; Alexey M. Rodin; Stanislovas J. Zacharovas
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High-resolution recording of particle tracks with in-line holography in a large cryogenic bubble chamber
Author(s): Gert G. Harigel
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Time average holography project
Author(s): Shawn M. Grannell; Marian P. Shih
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Return of the Leith-Upatnieks transmission hologram
Author(s): Tung H. Jeong; Raymond J. Ro; Riley W. Aumiller
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Display holography
Author(s): Ron B. Olson
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Business in holography
Author(s): Sven Deutschmann
Integration of holography into the design of bank notes and security documents
Author(s): Paul Dunn
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Development of high-index optical coating for security holograms
Author(s): Nadir A. G. Ahmed
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