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Optoelectronic and Hybrid Optical/Digital Systems for Image and Signal Processing
Editor(s): Simon B. Gurevich; Zinovii T. Nazarchuk; Leonid I. Muravsky
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Volume Number: 4148
Date Published: 14 June 2000
Softcover: 42 papers (288) pages
ISBN: 9780819437952

Table of Contents
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Fast algorithm for impulsive noise suppression in highly corrupted aerophotographic images
Author(s): Yuri B. Rytsar; Sviatoslav V. Voloshynovskiy
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Conditions of convergence of back-propagation learning algorithm
Author(s): Akylbek Amatovich Jeenbekov; A. A. Sarybaeva
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Method for image coordinate definition on extended laser paths
Author(s): Leonid I. Timchenko; Yuri F. Kutaev; Alexander A. Gertsiy; Yaroslav O. Halchenko; Lubov V. Zahoruiko; Tamer Mansur
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Optical method for analysis of eye conjunctiva microcirculation
Author(s): Vladimir P. Kozhemyako; Sergey Pavlov; Peter Kolesnic; Mohammed El-Khatib; Svetlana A. Zabrodskaya
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New approach to the diffraction theory of volume holograms with spatial change of refraction index
Author(s): Volodymyr M. Fitio
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Optimization of signal accumulation time during photometric measuring
Author(s): B. P. Klym; Ye. P. Pochapskyi
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Logic-temporary function derivative use in image recognition
Author(s): Vladimir P. Kozhemyako; Elena I. Ponuraya; N. Sachaniuk; R. Hamdy
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Phase-shifting method for two-dimensional birefringence measurement with return-path beams
Author(s): Michael I. Shribak; Yukitoshi Otani; Toru Yoshizawa
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Interception of spatial and temporal information in the systems of optical information processing
Author(s): Boris S. Gurevich; Simon B. Gurevich; Kubanychbek M. Zhumaliev; Salmor A. Alymkulov; Alfonsas M. Peckus
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3D holographic devices with two-beam reconstruction of wavefront
Author(s): Simon B. Gurevich; Boris S. Gurevich; Vladimir B. Konstantinov; Viktor F. Relin
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Optoelectronic processing system for radioemission from pulsars using DSP
Author(s): Nelly A. Esepkina; Sergey K. Kruglov; Aleksandr P. Lavrov; Sergey A. Molodyakov
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Accuracy of whole-field mapping by Jones matrix Fourier photopolarimeter
Author(s): S. Y. Berezhna; I. V. Berezhnyi; Masahisa Takashi; Arkady S. Voloshin
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Information transmission in acousto-optic imaging systems
Author(s): Boris S. Gurevich; Sergei V. Andreyev; V. A. Belyaev; Mikhail V. Kaupinen; Alexander I. Kantserov; Salmor A. Alymkulov
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Optoelectronic aggregated integrated systems for image preprocessing
Author(s): G. L. Lysenko; V. A. Suprigan
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Spatial light modulators in by-page volume holographic memory architecture
Author(s): Simon B. Gurevich; Imil A. Akkoziev; Salmor A. Alymkulov; Boris S. Gurevich; Kubanychbek M. Zhumaliev
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Thermal processes in spatial light modulator operation
Author(s): Alfonsas M. Peckus
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Optically addressed spatial light modulators for coherent optical data processing applications
Author(s): Fiodor L. Vladimirov; Aleksander N. Chaika; Nina I. Pletneva; Ivan E. Morichev
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Light propagation in wurtzite-type crystals with the Jones calculus
Author(s): Oleg S. Kushnir; V. A. Grabovski; O. S. Dzendzelyuk; L. P. Lutsiv-Shumski
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Multichannel spatial light modulator
Author(s): M. O. Melnyk
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Studies of phase retardation plates with universal null polarimeter
Author(s): Oleg S. Kushnir; O. S. Dzendzelyuk; V. A. Grabovski; V. B. Mikhailik
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Photoelasticity of RS crystals in view of relaxation
Author(s): N. M. Demyanyshyn; B. M. Kalyniak; B. M. Kovtun; B. G. Mytsyk; H. T. Cherchyk
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Real-time Fourier hologram recording in photopolymers with phase response
Author(s): Pavel V. Ezhov; Tatiana N. Smirnova; Eugene A. Tikhonov
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Adaptive correlation image processing by collinear optical heterodyning with hologram lens scanning
Author(s): Eugeny Ruvimovich Tsvetov
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Optical/digital identification/verification system based on digital watermarking technology
Author(s): Alexander Herrigel; Sviatoslav V. Voloshynovskiy; Zenon D. Hrytskiv
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Coding of images by methods of a spline interpolation
Author(s): Vladimir P. Kozhemyako; V. P. Maidanuik; I. A. Etokov; Konstantin M. Zhukov; Saleh R. Jorban
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Identification of random phase masks in a nonlinear joint transform correlator
Author(s): Leonid I. Muravsky
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Information properties of acousto-optic tunable filters
Author(s): Boris S. Gurevich; Sergei V. Andreyev; Andrey V. Belyaev; Mikhail V. Kaupinen; Salmor A. Alymkulov; Imil A. Akkoziev
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Parametrical transformers and radio-signal spectrum meters based on the analysis of phase structure of optical images in acousto-optics
Author(s): Yaroslav V. Bobitski; Ya. J. Diachok
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Self-processing photopolymers for holographic recording in spectral range 500 to 700 nm
Author(s): Tatiana N. Smirnova; Oksana V. Sakhno; Eugene A. Tikhonov; V. V. Shibanov; Pavel V. Ezhov
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Whole-field mapping in polarization studies by use of null polarimetry
Author(s): O. M. Krupych; S. Y. Berezhna; I. V. Berezhnyi; Masahisa Takashi
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Multispectral observation for thermal object
Author(s): Petr Kondratov; Vitaliy Goj; Sergey A. Voronov
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Frame processing unit for thermovision camera based on solid programmable gate array
Author(s): Petr Kondratov; Igor Bozhenko; Zenon D. Hrytskiv; Sergii Muravov
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Improvement of pyroelectric vidicon performance by trace and retrace scanning raster matching
Author(s): Vitaliy Goj; Zenon D. Hrytskiv; Petr Kondratov
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Automatized system for microparticle content control in the manufacture of liquid drugs
Author(s): Olexander I. Bilyi; Vasyl B. Getman; A. G. Sapunkov; Pavlo G. Sapunkov; Yaroslav P. Ferensovich
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Optical sensor for checkup of content of microparticles in light oil products
Author(s): Olexander I. Bilyi; Vasyl B. Getman; Yaroslav P. Ferensovich; T. V. Tetyuk
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Imaging polarimeter for testing single crystals and phase retardation plates
Author(s): Yaroslav I. Shopa; M. I. Bodnar; D. I. Savitsky
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Pulsed laser deposition of phosphor nitride thin films
Author(s): Bohdan K. Kotlyarchuk; Dmytro I. Popovych
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Principles of design of an optical/digital system for the high-temperature melt interfacial tension measurement
Author(s): Yaroslav P. Kulynych; Taras I. Voronyak; Olexander P. Maksymenko
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Shape of microlenses formed by photopolymerization method of sessile drop of liquid compositions
Author(s): H. Laba; Yaroslav V. Bobitski; A. Maksymenko
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Optoelectronic multipoint liquid level sensor for light petrochemical products
Author(s): Vladimir Svirid; Sergei N. Khotiaintsev
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Performance evaluation of infrared imaging systems
Author(s): Vladimir N. Borovitsky; Valery V. Fesenko; Anatoly V. Molodyk
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Nonuniformity correction in infrared imaging systems
Author(s): Volodymyr N. Borovytsky; Valery V. Fesenko
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