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Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing VIII
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Volume Number: 4131
Date Published: 16 November 2000
Softcover: 42 papers (430) pages
ISBN: 9780819437761

Table of Contents
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SIRTF: an overview
Author(s): Michael W. Werner
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InSb arrays for IRAC (infrared array camera) on SIRTF (Space Infrared Telescope Facility)
Author(s): Judith L. Pipher; William J. Forrest; William J. Glaccum; Robert G. Benson; Danny J. Krebs; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Joseph P. Rosbeck; Nancy A. Lum; W. Y. Lum; James D. Garnett; Alan W. Hoffman; George Domingo; G. Mark Cushman; David A. Rapchun
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Calibration and performance of the infrared array camera (IRAC)
Author(s): Joseph L. Hora; Giovanni G. Fazio; Steven P. Willner; Michael L. N. Ashby; Jiasheng Huang; S. Thomas Megeath; John R. Stauffer; Eric V. Tollestrup; Zhong Wang; William J. Glaccum; Judith L. Pipher; William J. Forrest; Craig R. McCreight; Mark E. McKelvey; William F. Hoffman; Peter Eisenhardt; Jason A. Surace; William T. Reach; Samuel Harvey Moseley; Richard G. Arendt; Kenneth P. Stewart; F. David Robinson
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Data reduction for the MIPS far-infrared arrays
Author(s): Ted Hesselroth; Eng Chong Ha; Misha Pesenson; Doug M. Kelly; G. Rivlis; C. W. Engelbracht
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Performance of the multiband imaging photometer for SIRTF
Author(s): George H. Rieke; Erick T. Young; Peter A. R. Ade; Jeffrey W. Beeman; William Burmester; James Cadien; Kimberly A. Ennico; Karl D. Gordon; M. Hegge; Gerald B. Heim; M. L. Henderson; T. Horne; Doug M. Kelly; Thomas J. McMahon; M. Neitenbach; A. Noriega-Crespa; G. Rivlis; Richard Schnurr; John P. Schwenker; S. Siewert; John A. Stansberry; Donald W. Strecker; Gregory S. Winters; C. Yanoski
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Implementation and testing of SIRTF's infrared array camera (IRAC)
Author(s): Felicia L. Jones-Selden; T. Ackerson; Christine A. Allen; M. Armbruster; Richard D. Barney; Jamie Britt; W. Eichorn; Jose Florez; Giovanni G. Fazio; William J. Glaccum; J. Golder; Qian Gong; B. Grammer; Claef F. Hakun; P. Haney; S. Hendricks; William F. Hoffman; Joseph L. Hora; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Ray Jungo; Gabriel Karpati; Danny J. Krebs; J. Lander; Michael Lander; Patricia A. Lyons; S. Mann; Catherine Marx; Samuel Harvey Moseley; John J. Polizotti; Juan C. Rivera; F. David Robinson; W. Rosborough; David Scott Schwinger; Kamdin Shakoorzadeh; Kenneth P. Stewart; Richard Taylor; C. Tomasevich; Victor Torres; Carlos Trujillo; R. Trunzo; Steven P. Willner; Lois G. Workman
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Si:As IBC array performance for SIRTF/IRAC
Author(s): Robert E. McMurray; R. R. Johnson; Craig R. McCreight; Mark E. McKelvey; James D. Garnett; Alan W. Hoffman; Nancy A. Lum; W. Y. Lum; Michael S. Smith; K. P. Sparkman; Andrew G. Toth; George Domingo; Danny J. Krebs; Murzy D. Jhabvala
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Fabrication and testing of the IRS: the spectrograph on SIRTF
Author(s): James R. Houck; Thomas L. Roellig; Jeff Van Cleve; Bernhard Rainer Brandl; K. Uchida
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Optimum design of a flat-field microspectrometer
Author(s): Daoyi Wang; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu; Qingsheng He
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VIRTIS-H: a high-spectral-resolution channel for the Rosetta infrared imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Pierre Drossart; Alain Semery; Marc Bouye; Yann Hello; Gerard Huntzinger; Driss Kouach; Jean-Michel Reess; Didier Tiphene; Y. Ghomchi; Angioletta Coradini; Fabrizio Capaccioni; Gabriele Arnold; Johann Benkhoff
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Characterization of the van Cittert monochromator-based IR spectrophotometer
Author(s): Janos P. Makai; Janos Balazs; Laszlo Dobrentei; Istvan Reti
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SWIFT instrument testbed for stratospheric wind measurements
Author(s): Reza Mani; William A. Gault; Stephen Brown
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Crosstrack infrared sounder (CrIS)
Author(s): Ronald J. Glumb; David C. Jordan; Joseph P. Predina
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Laser-scanning semiconductor panels and their use in IR and millimeter wave radar
Author(s): Mohammad H. Rahnavard; Aref Bakhtazad; Mehrdad Zomorrodi
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Cryogenic standard CMOS sensor readout electronics
Author(s): Olivier Charlier; Thys Cronje; Chris A. Van Hoof
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Spatial distributions of hole traps and image latency in InSb focal plane arrays
Author(s): Robert G. Benson; William J. Forrest; Judith L. Pipher; William J. Glaccum; Steven Lawrence Solomon
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Application of remote sensing in archaeology: a study of crop mark detection using airborne thermal infrared imagery in the Heslerton Parish Project area, Vale of Pickering, North Yorks, UK
Author(s): Alison Elizabeth Caldwell
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Cryotransmittance and -reflectance of filters and beamsplitters for the SIRTF infrared array camera
Author(s): Kenneth P. Stewart; Manuel A. Quijada
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Bonded mounts for small cryogenic optics
Author(s): Daniel Vukobratovich; Ken A. Fetterhoff; James R. Myers; Paul D. Wheelwright; George R. Cunnington
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Cryogenic magnetostrictive actuators and stepper motors
Author(s): Chad H. Joshi
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Newly modified cryogenic optical test facility at Marshall Space Flight Center
Author(s): Ron Eng; Jeffrey R. Kegley; John W. Keidel
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Verification facility for cryogenic optics, mechanisms, and structures for the SIRTF telescope
Author(s): David Pearson; James Hardy; Mark J. Lysek; Jennifer A. Dooley; Robert J. Brown; David Chaney; Alfred Edward Nash
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Alignment measurements of the Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP) instrument in a thermal/vacuum chamber using photogrammetry
Author(s): Michael D. Hill; Acey A. Herrera; J. Allen Crane; Edward A. Packard; Carlos G. Aviado; Henry P. Sampler
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Photogrammetrically measured distortions of a composite microwave reflector system in vacuum at ~90 K
Author(s): Peter D. Mule; Michael D. Hill; Henry P. Sampler
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Performance of the multispectral photoconductive HgCdTe focal plane/Dewar assembly for the high-resolution dynamics limb sounder (HIRDLS) instrument
Author(s): James H. Rutter; Gene Robillard; Charles Robinson; Marion B. Reine; Jeanne M. Hartley; Brian Denley; Robert Minich; Frank W. Adams
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Mission concept of atmospheric radiation spectrometer (ATRAS): a follow-on instrument of ADEOS/IMG
Author(s): Makoto Suzuki; Haruhisa Shimoda; Hirokazu Kobayashi; Toshihiro Ogawa
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Conceptual design of solar occultation FTS for Inclined-Orbit Satellite (SOFIS) on GCOM-A1
Author(s): Akihiko Kuze; Hideaki Nakajima; Jun Tanii; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Enhancements to the crosstrack infrared sounder (CrIS) for improved radiometric accuracy
Author(s): Ronald J. Glumb; David C. Jordan
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Design of the Atmospheric Chemsitry Experiment instrument
Author(s): Jacques G. Giroux; Marc-Andre A. Soucy; Francois Chateauneuf; Victor A. Wehrle
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270 x 436 HgCdTe FPA module for the Rosetta VIRTIS-H and -M instruments
Author(s): Ken J. Ando; R. Bornfreund; C. Brazier; Roger Holcombe; Ichiro Kasai; Peter J. Love; Michael S. Smith
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Images and test results of MOSAD all-digital 640 x 480 MWIR prototype camera
Author(s): William J. Mandl; Chyau N. Shen; Phillip Martin
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Mechanism of signal adaptation for hot events with the BIRD-IR sensor
Author(s): Wolfgang Skrbek; Eckehard Lorenz
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Diurnal spectral response in the near-infrared region of water-stressed and nonstressed sugar beet canopies
Author(s): Yousef Aldakheel; F. Mark Danson
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Cold focal plane chopper for the PACS instrument of the FIRST satellite: tests of an advanced prototype
Author(s): Oliver Krause; Dietrich Lemke; Ulrich Groezinger; Armin Boehm; Harald Baumeister; Ralf-Rainer Rohloff
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Imaging planets about other stars with UMBRAS II
Author(s): Alfred B. Schultz; Ian J.E. Jordan; Helen M. Hart; Fred Bruhweiler; Dorothy A. Fraquelli; Forrest C. Hamilton; John L. Hershey; Mark Kochte; Mike A. DiSanti; Cherie L. Miskey; K. P. Cheng; Melodi Rodrigue; Bruce Johnson; Sami Fadali
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Performance of the PACS photoconductor arrays aboard FIRST
Author(s): Stefan Kraft; Otto Frenzl; Olivier Charlier; Chris A. Van Hoof; Reinhard O. Katterloher; Dirk Rosenthal; Lothar Barl; Ulrich Groezinger; Jeffrey W. Beeman
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Transient response of IR detectors used in space astronomy: what we have learned from the ISO satellite
Author(s): Alain Coulais; Boris I. Fouks; Jean-Francois Giovanelli; Alain Abergel; Johann See
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Paraboloid-shaped micro-optical probe permits to detect small changes in refractive index
Author(s): Victor de Leon; Sergei N. Khotiaintsev
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Cryogenic IR/optical/UV fast spectrophotometers for the study of time-variable astronomical sources
Author(s): Aaron J. Miller; Blas Cabrera; Roger W. Romani; John M. Martinis; Sae Woo Nam; David M. Weld; Pat Castle
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Ozone transport in the mid-latitudes of South America in ozone hole conditions
Author(s): Abelardo Perez-Albinana; Juan Rubio; Javier Sanchez; Mercedes Vila; Nuria Figuerola; Inigo Aguirre de Carcer; Francisco Jaque
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In-orbit calibration of emission sensors using limb observations
Author(s): Larry L. Gordley; B. Thomas Marshall
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Infrared in the next millennium: detected thermal contrast
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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