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Airborne Reconnaissance XXIV
Editor(s): Wallace G. Fishell

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Volume Number: 4127
Date Published: 29 November 2000

Table of Contents
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Digital image capture, processing, and recording system upgrade for the APS-94F SLAR
Author(s): Guillermo Luis Ferraris
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SWUIS-A: a versatile low-cost UV/VIS/IR imaging system for airborne astronomy and aeronomy research
Author(s): Daniel D. Durda; S. Alan Stern; William Tomlinson; David C. Slater; Faith Vilas
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Commercial UAV operations in civil airspace
Author(s): Laurence R. Newcome
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Small UAV Initiative
Author(s): Kerry Keith Kelley
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Automatic object detection on SAR images for UAV-HALE surveillance systems
Author(s): Fabio Dovis; Paolo Mulassano
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HELINET: an integrated network of unmanned aerial vehicles for optical Earth surveillance
Author(s): Enrico Magli; Gabriella Olmo; Fabrice Moscheni; Jean-Philippe Thiran
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Joint Services Interoperable Exploitation System (JSIES): the UK way forward for exploitation and dissemination of ISR
Author(s): Paul Hopkins; David M. Booth; Martin Young; David Hutber; Ken Bond
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Electro-optical system performance analysis for airborne and spaceborne photography
Author(s): David Braun; Vladimir Alperovich
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Recce mission planning
Author(s): Andrew M. York
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New satellite tools for battlefield information systems
Author(s): Glen C. Gustafson; Michael E. Baggett
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JPEG 2000 in advanced ground station architectures
Author(s): Alan T. Chien; Bernard V. Brower; Sreekanth D. Rajan
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LEDs in reconnaissance applications
Author(s): P. Gunnar Wareberg; James G. Wareberg
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CCD video camera and airborne applications
Author(s): Richard A. Sturz
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Dual-band framing cameras: technology and status
Author(s): Andre G. Lareau; Andrew J. Partynski
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Long-wave infrared hyperspectral sensor design trade space
Author(s): Raymond E. Hanna
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Z/I Imaging digital aerial camera system
Author(s): Rudolf H. Spiller; Alexander Hinz
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Nonvolatile memory chips: critical technology for high-performance recce systems
Author(s): Bruce Kaufman
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SAIM: a mobile multisensor image exploitation system
Author(s): Francois Devambez
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Introduction into service of mature pushbroom electro-optic sensors
Author(s): Ralph Stuart Brownie
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UAVs as communications routing nodes
Author(s): Michael Francl
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Compact lightweight payload for covert datalink using a multiple quantum well modulating retroreflector on a small rotary-wing unmanned airborne vehicle
Author(s): G. Charmaine Gilbreath; William S. Rabinovich; Timothy J. Meehan; Michael J. Vilcheck; Rita Mahon; Ray Burris; Mena F. Stell; Ilene Sokolsky; John A. Vasquez; Chris S. Bovais; Kerry Cochrell; Kim C. Goins; Robin Barbehenn; D. Scott Katzer; Kiki Ikossi-Anastasiou; Marcos J. Montes
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Design for a modular nonvolatile 5.0+ Gb/sec solid state data recorder
Author(s): Richard J. Wise Jr.; Richard W. Jacobs
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Real-time draping and perspective correction
Author(s): Donald P. Gordon
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Airborne network system for the transmission of reconnaissance image data
Author(s): Dirk-Roger Schmitt; Heinrich Doergeloh; Jochen Fries; Heiko Keil; Wilfried Wetjen; Siegfried Kleindienst
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