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Mathematical Modeling, Estimation, and Imaging
Editor(s): David C. Wilson; Hemant D. Tagare; Fred L. Bookstein; Francoise J. Preteux; Edward R. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 4121
Date Published: 4 October 2000

Table of Contents
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Statistical multiregion snake-based segmentation
Author(s): Olivier Germain; Philippe Refregier
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Estimation of random model parameters via linear systems with granulometric inputs
Author(s): Yoganand Balagurunathan; Edward R. Dougherty
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Bronchial tree modeling and 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Catalin Iulian Fetita; Francoise J. Preteux
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Discrete tomography by Bayesian labeling with its efficient algorithm
Author(s): Yuan Cheng; C. Forbes Dewey
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Robust parametric estimation over optimal support of fluid flow structure in multispectral image sequences
Author(s): Nicolas F. Rougon; M. A. Brossard-Pailleux; Francoise J. Preteux
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Tracking facial features in video sequences using a deformable-model-based approach
Author(s): Marius Malciu; Francoise J. Preteux
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Inverting dedevelopment: geometric singularity theory in embryology
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; Bradley R. Smith
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Mathematical problems in the application of multilinear models to facial emotion processing experiments
Author(s): Anders H. Andersen; William S. Rayens; Ren-Cang Li; Lee X. Blonder
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Geometric deformable model in the confidence field
Author(s): Yaorong Ge; Christopher L. Wyatt; Ersin Bayram; David J. Vining
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Modeling and analysis of cosmetic treatment effects on human skin
Author(s): Reinhart A. Lunderstaedt; Hermann Hopermann; Thomas Hillemann
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Navigating solid medical images by pencils of sectioning planes
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; Brian D. Athey; William D. K. Green; Arthur W. Wetzel
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Automated analysis of echocardiographic apical four-chamber images
Author(s): David C. Wilson; Edward A. Geiser; John J. Larocca
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Stochastic modeling for magnetic resonance quantification of myocardial blood flow
Author(s): Ravi Teja Seethamraju; Olaf Muehling; Prasad M. Panse; Norbert M. Wilke; Michael Jerosch-Herold
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Anisotropic diffusion driven by diffusion tensors
Author(s): Yunmei Chen; Stacey Chastain
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Detection of local objects in images with textured background by using multiscale relevance function
Author(s): Roman M. Palenichka; Peter Zinterhof; Maxim Volgin
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Accelerated coordinate descent methods for Bayesian reconstruction using ordered subsets of projection data
Author(s): Soo-Jin Lee
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Enforcing nonnegativity in image reconstruction algorithms
Author(s): James G. Nagy; Zdenek Strakos
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Orthogonal series approach to reconstructing 2D PET images using data obtained from detector tubes of arbitrary width
Author(s): Raymond B. Carroll; Bernard A. Mair
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Viewing 3D MRI data in perspective
Author(s): Haiying Liu; Chialei Chin
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Geometric problem in medical imaging
Author(s): Stephen B. Robinson; Paul F. Hemler; Richard L. Webber
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Edge-localized image sharpening via reassignment with application to computed tomography
Author(s): Timothy Dorney; Srikrishna Bhashyam; Andrew Doran; Hyeokho Choi; Patrick Flandrin; Richard G. Baraniuk
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Efficient retrieval in medical image databases
Author(s): Hemant D. Tagare
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Registration of multimodal 3D cardiac information using the iterative closest-point approach
Author(s): Tracy L. Faber; Francois Chiron; Norberto F. Ezquerra; Jarek Rossignac; J. Larry Klein; Russell D. Folks; Ernest V. Garcia
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