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Critical Technologies for the Future of Computing
Editor(s): Sunny Bains; Leo J. Irakliotis

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Volume Number: 4109
Date Published: 17 November 2000

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Why advanced computing? The key to space-based operations
Author(s): Paul W. Phister; Igor Plonisch; Jack Mineo
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Evolving detectors of 2D patterns on a simulated CAM-Brain machine: an evolvable hardware tool for building a 75-million-neuron artificial brain
Author(s): Hugo de Garis; Michael Korkin; Padma Guttikonda; Donald Cooley
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Dynamic adaptive parallel architecture integrates advanced technologies for petaflops-scale computing
Author(s): Thomas L. Sterling
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Optics in computing: 40 years later
Author(s): Joseph Shamir
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Microsystems laboratory research on new classes of computers
Author(s): Robert W. Newcomb
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Computing with waves: the analogic cellular computing paradigm for electrons, photons, and molecules
Author(s): Tamas Roska
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Mixed-mode VLSI optic flow sensors for in-flight control of a micro air vehicle
Author(s): Geoffrey L. Barrows; C. Neely
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Sensory computing
Author(s): Vladimir Brajovic; Takeo Kanade
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CMOS photodetectors/receivers for smart-pixel based photonic systems
Author(s): Jianjing Tang; Sunil Konanki; Bharath Seshadri; Boon Kwee Lee; Robert C. J. Chi; Andrew J. Steckl; Fred Richard Beyette
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CPU-less robotics: distributed control of biomorphs
Author(s): Ralph Etienne-Cummings; M. Anthony Lewis; Mitra Hartmann; Avis H. Cohen
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Recursive cellular networks for inverse problems
Author(s): Ramakrishnan Sundaram
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Corticonics: the way to designing machines with brainlike intelligence
Author(s): Nabil H. Farhat
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Computational complexity for continuous-time dynamics
Author(s): Hava T. Siegelmann; Asa Ben-Hur; Shmuel Fishman
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Continuous-space model of computation is Turing universal
Author(s): Thomas J. Naughton
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Computational challenges of emerging novel true 3D holographic displays
Author(s): Colin D. Cameron; Douglas A. Pain; Maurice Stanley; Christopher W. Slinger
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The sound manifesto
Author(s): Michael J. O'Donnell; Ilia Bisnovatyi
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Digital manufacturing
Author(s): James F. Bredt
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Rewritable optical disk technologies
Author(s): Masud Mansuripur
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Content-addressable holographic databases
Author(s): Felix Grawert; Sebastian Kobras; Geoffrey W. Burr; Hans J. Coufal; Holger Hanssen; Marc Riedel; C. Michael Jefferson; Mark C. Jurich
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Giga-cache: a high performance optoelectronic memory architecture
Author(s): Paul Lukowicz
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Trends in merged DRAM-logic computing
Author(s): Joseph Gebis
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Computing structures and optical interconnect: friends or foes?
Author(s): Jan M. Van Campenhout
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High performance computing with optical interconnects
Author(s): Ted H. Szymanski
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Embedded polymer optical data highways for board and back-plane applications
Author(s): Yao Li; Jan Popelek
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Free-space micro-optical intra-MCM interconnection modules: performances, potentialities, and limitations
Author(s): Valerie Baukens; Christof Debaes; Michael Vervaeke; Heidi Ottevaere; Bart Volckaerts; Pedro Vynck; Patrik Tuteleers; Alex Hermanne; Jan M. Van Campenhout; Mike Hanney; Irina P. Veretennicoff; Hugo Thienpont
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Smart photonics: optoelectronics integrated with Si CMOS VLSI circuits
Author(s): Nan Marie Jokerst; Martin A. Brooke; Joy Laskar; D. Scott Wills; April S. Brown; Olivier Vendier; Steven W. Bond; Jeffrey B. Cross; Michael Vrazel; Mikkel Thomas; Myunghee Lee; Sungyong Jung; YoongJoon Joo; Jae Joon Chang
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Optical waveguide taps on silicon CMOS circuits
Author(s): Vincent E. Stenger; Fred Richard Beyette
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High-performance computing based on 3D system assembly
Author(s): Vladimir Gorelik
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All-optical switching device for high performance computing
Author(s): Mary J. Potasek; T. Campbell
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Interruption-free construction of a firewall for research network
Author(s): Hiroshi Mizoguchi; Masashi Teshiba; Kazuyuki Hiraoka; Takaomi Shigehara; Taketoshi Mishima
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3D-silicon- and recognition-based logic: enabling the road to HAL
Author(s): John C. Carson
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Optical information storage of bacteriorhodopsin molecule film
Author(s): Feng Chen; Baofang Li; Xun Hou; XingChang Li; Long Jiang; Markus Sanio; Norbert A. Hampp
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Holographic data storage by image folding
Author(s): Ju-Seog Jang; Dong-Hak Shin
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Photoreceiver array with near-field resolution capability
Author(s): Bharath Seshadri; Jianjing Tang; Irving Chyr; Andrew J. Steckl; Fred Richard Beyette
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Design and analysis of a smart optical storage read head for relational database applications
Author(s): Fred Richard Beyette; Jianjing Tang; Boon Kwee Lee; Robert C. J. Chi; Andrew J. Steckl
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