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Optical Diagnostic Methods for Inorganic Materials II
Editor(s): Leonard M. Hanssen

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Volume Number: 4103
Date Published: 11 October 2000

Table of Contents
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Evaluation of fused silica for DUV laser application by short-time diagnostics
Author(s): Wolfgang Triebel; Sylvia Bark-Zollmann; Christian Muehlig; Andreas Voitsch; Frank Coriand; Jochen Alkemper
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Further evaluation of the Exicor birefringence measurement system
Author(s): Baoliang Bob Wang
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Measurement of rutile TiO2 dielectric tensor from 0.148 to 33 um using generalized ellipsometry
Author(s): Thomas E. Tiwald; Mathias Schubert
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Comparison of AC laser calorimeter measurements with FTIR measurements of superconductors
Author(s): Etsuo Kawate; Mitsuo Koguchi; Zhen Wang; Yoshinori Uzawa; Kohtaro Isida
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Infrared refractive index measurements using a new method
Author(s): Di Yang; Michael E. Thomas; William J. Tropf; Simon G. Kaplan
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Intercomparison of regular spectral transmittance and reflectance measurements with FTIR- and monochromator-based spectrophotometers
Author(s): Simon G. Kaplan; Leonard M. Hanssen; Edward A. Early; Maria E. Nadal
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Comparison and development of absorption peak determination algorithms for wavelength standards
Author(s): Changjiang Zhu; Leonard M. Hanssen
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Alternative methods of optical diagnostics in the field of standardization and metrology
Author(s): Boris I. Constantinov; Teodosie I. Pasechnic; Sergiu Sircu
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Angle-dependent absolute infrared reflectance and transmittance measurements
Author(s): Simon G. Kaplan; Leonard M. Hanssen
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Reflectometer for pseudo-Brewster angle spectrometry (BAIRS)
Author(s): Roy F. Potter
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Characterization of Si-on-insulator buried layers by FTIR and scatterometry
Author(s): Victor A. Yakovlev; Sylvie Bosch-Charpenay; Peter A. Rosenthal; Peter R. Solomon; Jiazhan Xu; John C. Stover; Maria J. Anc; Michael L. Alles
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Microscopic spectrophotometry applied to quasifractal gold particle clusters
Author(s): Jacob Jonsson; Juan Sotelo; Gunnar A. Niklasson; Arne Roos; Bengt Nilsson
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Anisotropy of paper: comparison of different laser tools
Author(s): Jean-Francis Bloch; Geraldine Champon
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Fourier transform spectrometer for thermal-infrared emissivity measurements near room temperatures
Author(s): Juntaro Ishii; Akira Ono
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Development of an adiabatic laser calorimeter
Author(s): Etsuo Kawate; Leonard M. Hanssen; Simon G. Kaplan; Raju V. Datla
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Measurement technique for obtaining the extraordinary-ray absorption coefficient of uniaxial crystals
Author(s): David H. Terry; Di Yang; Michael E. Thomas
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Simple method for the birefringence evaluation of helicoidal optical fiber structures
Author(s): Diana Tentori; Cesar Ayala-Diaz; Fernando Trevino-Martinez; Francisco J. Mendieta-Jimenez; Horacio Soto Ortiz
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Mueller-polarimetry diagnostics method of synthetic ionite granule dimension distribution
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov; Evgen A. Oberemok; Vadim V. Danilov; Vladimir V. Tesolkin
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Near-grazing-angle reflectometry of absorbing media
Author(s): Antonio Jefersen de Deus Moreno; Alexandre V. Ghiner; Ritta Vitlina; Gregory I. Surdutovich; Antonio Carlos Pereira
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Testing the accuracy of a laser calorimeter by comparison with an FTIR
Author(s): Etsuo Kawate
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Ceramic surface polariton sensor
Author(s): Carl-Gustaf Ribbing; Oerjan Staaf
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