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Inorganic Optical Materials II
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Volume Number: 4102
Date Published: 25 October 2000
Softcover: 37 papers (360) pages
ISBN: 9780819437471

Table of Contents
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Transparent ceramics for armor and EM window applications
Author(s): Parimal J. Patel; Gary A. Gilde; Peter G. Dehmer; James W. McCauley
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Fracture properties and behavior of transparent ceramics
Author(s): Parimal J. Patel; Jeffrey J. Swab; Gary A. Gilde
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High-temperature strength of sapphire
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris
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Use of Grafoil in mechanical testing of sapphire at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Svetlana G. Ivanova; Frederick Schmid; Chandra P. Khattak; Daniel C. Harris
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Increase of high-temperature strength of sapphire by polishing, heat treatments, and doping
Author(s): Frederick Schmid; Chandra P. Khattak; Keil A. Schmid; Svetlana G. Ivanova; Daniel C. Harris
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Large-area flat and curved sapphire window blanks
Author(s): Brian G. Pazol; Patrick Timothy McGuire; Richard L. Gentilman; John W. Locher; Joel Askinazi
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Transparent spinel development
Author(s): Mark Patterson; Jenni E. Caiazza; Donald W. Roy
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Infrared optical properties of sputtered WO3
Author(s): Anna-Lena Larsson; Gunnar A. Niklasson; Lars Stenmark
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Structural and optical properties of TiO2-SiO2 composite films deposited by chemical vapor deposition at low-SiO2-content region
Author(s): Jeong-Hoon Park; WoonJo Cho; KugSun Hong
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Properties and structure of lanthanum phosphate glasses
Author(s): Richard K. Brow; Ezz Metwalli; David L. Sidebottom
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Preparation, structure, and properties of Yb3+FP laser glass
Author(s): Doris Ehrt; Thomas Toepfer
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Properties of modified silica detected within laser-induced damage sites
Author(s): Mark R. Kozlowski; Stavros G. Demos
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Densification of fused silica: effects on nanoindentation
Author(s): Kai Xin; John C. Lambropoulos
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Optical and surface properties of oxyfluoride glass
Author(s): Soe-Mie F. Nee; Linda F. Johnson; Mark B. Moran; Joni M. Pentony; Steven M. Daigneault; Danh C. Tran; Kenneth W. Billman; Sadegh Siahatgar
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Infrared optical properties of eight different Schott glasses
Author(s): Di Yang; Michael E. Thomas; Stefan K. Andersson; Robert Podgurski
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Ultraviolet and visible photoluminescence from aluminate crystals with perovskite structure
Author(s): Yutaka Kawabe; Akio Yamanaka; Eiichi Hanamura; Tsuyoshi Kimura; Yoshinori Tokura; Yoshihiro Takiguchi; Hirofumi Kan
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Rapid growth of very large KDP and KD*P crystals in support of the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Ruth A. Hawley-Fedder; Harry F. Robey; Thomas A. Biesiada; Martin R. DeHaven; Randy Floyd; Alan K. Burnham
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Thin glass substrates for mobile applications
Author(s): Reiner H. Mauch; Holger Wegener; Anke Kruse; Norbert Hildebrand
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VIS-IR transmitting BGG glass and glass-ceramics
Author(s): Shyam S. Bayya; Joshua A. Wojcik; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Dehydroxylation of phosphate laser glass
Author(s): C. B. Thorsness; Tayyab I. Suratwala; Rusty A. Steele; Jack H. Campbell; Joseph S. Hayden; S. A. Pucilowski; Koji Suzuki
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Effect of water content on neodymium-doped fluorozirconate and fluoroaluminate glasses
Author(s): Alexis Gale Clare; Adam B. Schrader; Scott T. Misture; Scott Speakman; Kathleen A. Richardson
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Improving the transmittance of compound glass optical fibers
Author(s): Yaoming Zhang; Zhenyuan Zhang; Guifu Xu
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Effect of residual stress in optical glass on the transmitted wavefront
Author(s): Alexander J. Marker; Baoliang Bob Wang; Ronald A. Klimek
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Laser cutting of glass
Author(s): Christoph Hermanns
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Control size of silver nanoparticles in sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Victor M. Renteria; Antonio Campero Celis; Jorge A. Garcia-Macedo
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UV imprinting of surface grating in hybrid sol-gel glasses by holography technique
Author(s): HongJin Jiang; XiaoCong Yuan; Yan Zhou; Oki Gunawan; Yuen Chuen Chan; Yee Loy Lam
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UV photosensitivity in conventionally melted germano-silicate glasses
Author(s): Nicholas F. Borrelli; Charlene M. Smith; Venkata A. Bhagavatula
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Long-term test and characterization of optical components at 193 nm and 157 nm
Author(s): Klaus Vogler; Ingo Klaft; Thomas Schroeder; Uwe Stamm; Klaus R. Mann; Oliver Apel; Christian Goerling; Uwe Leinhos
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Toward resistant UV mirrors at 200 nm for free electron lasers: manufacture, characterizations, and degradation tests
Author(s): Alexandre Gatto; Roland Thielsch; Norbert Kaiser; M. Hirsch; David Garzella; Daniele Nutarelli; G. de Ninno; Eric Renault; Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie; Philippe Torchio; Marco Alvisi; Gerard Albrand; Claude Amra; Marino Marsi; Mauro Trovo; R. Walker; M. Grewe; Stephanie Robert; Jean Paul Roger; Albert Claude Boccara
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Comparative study of the UV-optical and structural properties of SiO2, Al2O3, and HfO2 single layers deposited by reactive evaporation, ion-assisted deposition, and plasma-ion-assisted deposition
Author(s): Roland Thielsch; Alexandre Gatto; Joerg Heber; Sven Martin; Norbert Kaiser
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Photochromic ultraviolet protective shield
Author(s): Kamal Goudjil
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Transient relaxation of optical transmissivity of composite thin films with different nanoscale Ag particles
Author(s): JinLei Wu; ChuanMin Wang; QiFeng Zhang; BeiXue Xu; YingHua Zou
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Up-conversion luminescence enhancement of Tm3+Yb3+-codoped glass induced by equivalent spontaneous emission effect
Author(s): Xiaobo Chen; Yu-Xin Nie
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Effect of antimony oxide on the deposition and dispersion of metallic copper nanoparticles in phosphate glasses for optical nonlinear materials
Author(s): Takahiro Murata; Kenji Morinaga
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Vacuum ultraviolet transmission of aluminum fluoroberyllate glasses
Author(s): Shigeru Fujino; Michael Mueller; Kenji Morinaga
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Luminescence of cerium-doped strontium barium niobate
Author(s): Sun-Kyun Lee; Chang-Won Son; Sun-Ju Chung; Sung-Jun Tak; Ki-Soo Lim
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Spectroscopic and photoluminescent studies of magnesium- and erbium-codoped lithium niobate crystal
Author(s): Hong Xi Zhang; Chan Hin Kam; Yan Zhou; Qing Xiang; Kantisara Pita; Srinivasa Buddhudu; Yee Loy Lam; Yuen Chuen Chan
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