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Optical Systems Contamination and Degradation II: Effects, Measurements, and Control

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Volume Number: 4096
Date Published: 20 September 2000

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Update of the midcourse space experiment (MSX) satellite measurements of contaminant films using QCMs
Author(s): Bob E. Wood; B. David Green; David F. Hall; O. Manuel Uy; Russell Paul Cain; Gary E. Galica; Mark T. Boies; William T. Bertrand
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Outgassing of optical baffles and primary mirror during cryogen depletion of a space-based infrared instrument
Author(s): O. Manuel Uy; Russell Paul Cain; Jeffrey C. Lesho; B. David Green; Gary E. Galica; Mark T. Boies; Bob E. Wood; David F. Hall; James S. Dyer; Eric G. Layton; Matt C. Osborn
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Long-term observations of the particle environment surrounding the MSX spacecraft
Author(s): Gary E. Galica; B. David Green; Mark T. Boies; Richard C. Benson; O. Manuel Uy; Jeffrey C. Lesho; Bob E. Wood; David F. Hall
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Measurement of long-term outgassing from the materials used on the MSX spacecraft
Author(s): Mark T. Boies; B. David Green; Gary E. Galica; O. Manuel Uy; Richard C. Benson; David M. Silver; Bob E. Wood; Jeffrey C. Lesho; David F. Hall; James S. Dyer
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Thruster residues on returned Mir solar panel
Author(s): Gale A. Harvey
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Particle generation by silicone potting compound of returned Mir solar cells
Author(s): Gale A. Harvey; William H. Kinard; James T. Visentine
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Mir contamination observations and implications to the International Space Station
Author(s): Carlos E. Soares; Ronald R. Mikatarian
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Status of contamination control and related standards
Author(s): Eugene N. Borson
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Preventing damaging pressure gradients at the walls of an inflatable space system
Author(s): John J. Scialdone
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CO2 snow cleaning of optics: curing the contamination problem
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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New contamination engineering technology for active on-orbit surface cleaning
Author(s): Jimmy L. Clark; Douglas R. Jungwirth; Wilfried Krone-Schmidt; Mark A. Culpepper; Philip T. C. Chen
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Separation of volatile and nonvolatile deposits on real-time SAW NVR detectors
Author(s): Kenneth T. Luey; Dianne J. Coleman; Joseph C. Uht
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Aeroglaze Z306 black paint for cryogenic telescope use: outgassing and water vapor regain
Author(s): Doug M. McCroskey; George C. Abell; Mike H. Chidester
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Progress on spacecraft contamination model development
Author(s): David F. Hall; Graham S. Arnold; Terry R. Simpson; David R. Suess; Paul A. Nystrom
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Modeling of transmittance degradation caused by optical surface contamination by atomic oxygen reaction with adsorbed silicones
Author(s): Aaron Snyder; Bruce A. Banks; Sharon K. Miller; Thomas Stueber; Edward Sechkar
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Modeling of Hall thruster plume sputtering and contamination
Author(s): Chien W. Chang; Jerry P. Wittenauer; Daniel A. Lichtin; Michael J. Glogowski
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New computer model for outgassing calculations
Author(s): Hans Hartmann
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Geometrical ray tracing for the characterization of a heterogeneous interface
Author(s): Diana Tentori; Javier Camacho
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Theoretical evaluation of the effects of molecular contaminants on grazing incidence mirrors
Author(s): Jack T. Sanders
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Contamination analysis for the Space Infrared Telescope Facility
Author(s): Radford L. Perry; Aleck L. Lee
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