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Imaging Technology and Telescopes
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Volume Number: 4091
Date Published: 31 October 2000
Softcover: 41 papers (396) pages
ISBN: 9780819437365

Table of Contents
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Telescope revolution
Author(s): James B. Breckinridge
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Phase theory for multiple aperture systems
Author(s): Erin M. Sabatke; Jose M. Sasian
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Wide-field aberration corrector for spherical gossamer primary mirrors
Author(s): David A. Beach
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Prospects for mm-wave aperture synthesis from spaceborne and aerial platforms
Author(s): Andrew Robert Harvey; Roger Appleby
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Passive cooling of gossamer telescopes
Author(s): Neville J. Woolf; James Roger P. Angel
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MTF and integration time versus fill factor for sparse-aperture imaging systems
Author(s): James R. Fienup
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Closed-loop wavefront sensing for a sparse-aperture multitelescope array using broadband phase diversity
Author(s): John H. Seldin; Richard G. Paxman; Vassilis G. Zarifis; Larry Benson; Richard E. Stone
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Image quality assessment of sparse-aperture designs with decreasing fill factors
Author(s): Robert D. Fiete; James A. Mooney; Theodore A. Tantalo; Jason R. Calus
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Design and fabrication of electrostatic actuators with corrugated membranes for MEMS deformable mirror in space
Author(s): Eui-Hyeok Yang; Dean V. Wiberg; Richard G. Dekany
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Gossamer optics technology workshop
Author(s): Neville J. Woolf; James W. Bilbro
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Large lightweight deployable telescopes with active surface correction
Author(s): Mark K. Pryor
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Production of thin film optical coatings with predetermined stress levels
Author(s): David W. Reicher; Samuel A. McCormack
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Rigid ultralight primary mirror segments for space telescopes
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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Flat membrane mirrors for space telescopes
Author(s): Brian L. Stamper; James Roger P. Angel; James H. Burge; Neville J. Woolf
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Historical overview of optical space object identification
Author(s): John V. Lambert; Kenneth E. Kissell
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Photometric measurements of deep space satellites
Author(s): Darryl J. Sanchez; Stephen A. Gregory; Deborah Werling; Tamara E.W. Payne; Lee Kann; Lyle G. Finkner; Don M. Payne; Carol K. Davis
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Analysis of post-launch satellite anomalies using the IDASS data exploitation workstation
Author(s): Darrell K. Phillipson; Lawrence A. Wright
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Supersampling multiframe blind deconvolution resolution enhancement of adaptive-optics-compensated imagery of LEO satellites
Author(s): David R. Gerwe; David J. Lee; Jeffrey D. Barchers
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Real-time spacecraft simulator with animated graphics
Author(s): Joohwan Chun; Thomas Kailath
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Observations of the moon using the Air Force Maui Space Surveillance Complex
Author(s): Paul G. Lucey
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New home for NEAT on the 1.2m/B37 at AMOS
Author(s): David L. Talent; Riki Maeda; Steve Ray Walton; Paul F. Sydney; Yuling Hsu; Bruce A. Cameron; Paul W. Kervin; Eleanor F. Helin; Steven H. Pravdo; Kenneth Lawrence; David Rabinowitz
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Raven automated small telescope systems
Author(s): Paul F. Sydney; John L. Africano; Amy Fredericks; Kris M. Hamada; Vicki Soo Hoo; Daron L. Nishimoto; Paul W. Kervin; Steve Bisque; Matthew Bisque
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Geosynchronous Earth orbital debris campaign
Author(s): John L. Africano; Paul F. Sydney; David L. Talent; Eugene G. Stansbery; Kandy S. Jarvis; David G. Monet; Patrick Seitzer
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Telescopes in education: the great optical astronomy experiment
Author(s): Gilbert A. Clark
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Orbital debris removal analysis using the airborne laser chemical oxgyen iodine laser located at the AMOS site on Maui
Author(s): Jonathan W. Campbell; William V. Dent
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Microdoppler ladar systems
Author(s): Wil Otaguro; Cecil Hayes
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U.S./Russian microsatellite for calibration of active ground-based optical collectors
Author(s): David G. Voelz; Jerry J. Sellers; Stephen A. Hanes; James R. Rotge; Victor D. Shargorodsky; Valeriy V. Shevchenko; Vladimir P. Vasiliev; V. A. Burmistov
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MWIR adaptive optics system for imaging missile defense tests using the 3.7-m AEOS telescope
Author(s): David G. Sandler; Howard Hyman; Timothy J. Brinkley; Daniel H. Leslie
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Phase reconstruction from difference equations: a branch point tolerant method
Author(s): Gregory C. Dente; Michael L. Tilton; Laura J. Ulibarri
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GLINT: program overview and potential science objectives
Author(s): Victor L. Gamiz; Richard B. Holmes; Stanley R. Czyzak; David G. Voelz
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Image recovery from triple product data using maximum entropy
Author(s): Bill Junor; Sergio R. Restaino
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Comparison of complex exponential and least-squares wavefront reconstructors for regular square and nonsquare grid arrays
Author(s): David Olson; Steven M. Long; Laura J. Ulibarri
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Wavelength-dependent radiometric modeling for an active geosynchronous satellite imaging system
Author(s): Keith A. Bush; Calvin C. Barnard
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Satellite motion determination by measuring selected frequency triplets with a Fourier telescopy facility
Author(s): Steven M. Long
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Increasing DGPS accuracy by use of Kalman filtering
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Luis Nino de Rivera; Oleksiy B. Pogrebnyak; Jacobo Benjamin Donnadieu
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Use of laser radar for small space object experiments
Author(s): Victor H. Hasson; Francis J. Corbett; Mark A. Kovacs; Michael Groden; Daniel O. Hogenboom; Gordon L. Dryden; Richard H. Pohle; Claude R. Phipps; Deborah Werling; Stanley R. Czyzak; John D. Gonglewski; Jonathan W. Campbell
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Recent advances and applications of NASA's new ultrahigh-sensitivity absolute optical pattern recognition encoders
Author(s): Douglas B. Leviton; Mario S. Garza
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Future of dual-use space awareness technologies
Author(s): Stanley R. Czyzak; Paul S. Idell; Linda L. Crawford
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Control of membrane mirror profile by electrostatic field
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Mikhail P. Bogdanov; Alexander V. Gorlanov; Boris V. Kislitsyn; Dmitrii I. Zhuk
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Factors disturbing a preshaped membrane mirror
Author(s): Boris V. Kislitsyn; Sergei A. Dimakov
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Progress toward large-aperture membrane mirrors
Author(s): James R. Rotge; Shiv C. Dass; Dan K. Marker; Richard A. Carreras; Brian J. Lutz; Dennis C. Duneman
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