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Fifth European Conference on Smart Structures and Materials
Editor(s): Pierre Francois Gobin; Clifford M. Friend

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Volume Number: 4073
Date Published: 24 August 2000

Table of Contents
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Adaptive structures: some materials and structural issues
Author(s): Donald Roberts; Peter A. Lloyd; P. Hopgood; Steve W. Mahon; A. R. Bowles
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Validation of high displacement piezoelectric actuator finite element models
Author(s): Barmac K. Taleghani
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New electrostrictive PVDF copolymers for large-strain actuator application
Author(s): Robert Y. Ting; Qi Ming Zhang
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Fiber composite materials with integrated piezoceramic plates
Author(s): Volker Krajenski; Gerhard Mook; Peter Wierach; Holger Hanselka
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Piezoelectric actuator for pulsating jets
Author(s): Michel Brissaud; Paul Gonnard; Jean-Christophe Bera; Michel Sunyach
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Processing and properties of TiNi shape memory fiber-reinforced 6061 aluminum matrix composite made by spark plasma sintering
Author(s): Kiyoshi Mizuuchi; Kanryu Inoue; K. Hamada; M. Sugioka; M. Itami; Y. Okanda; M. Kawahara
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Transformational behavior of shape memory wires embedded in a composite matrix
Author(s): Rudy Stalmans; Kelly A. Tsoi; Jan Schrooten
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Smart materials in construction: performance gains and barriers to commercial exploitation
Author(s): Tony Sheehan; Clifford M. Friend; Karl Daubmann
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Investigation of BaZrxTi1-xO3 ceramics for microwave application
Author(s): Chuanren Yang; Fujun Gou; Yanrong Li; Chunlin Fu
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Materials and techniques for controllable microwave surfaces
Author(s): Alan Barnes; Kenneth Lee Ford; Peter Victor Wright; Barry Chambers; Christopher D. Smith; Denise A. Thompson; Francis Pavri
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Electromechanical characterization of screen-printed PZT thick films
Author(s): Vincent Walter; Patrice Le Moal; Patrick Delobelle; Eric Joseph
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Piezoelectric transducer network for dual-mode (active/passive) detection, localization, and evaluation of impact damages in carbon/epoxy composite plates
Author(s): Daniel L. Osmont; Marc Dupont; Remi Gouyon; Michel B. Lemistre; Daniel L. Balageas
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Variations in mode shape for sensor placement in health monitoring systems
Author(s): Virginia G. DeGiorgi; A. B. Geltmacher
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Sensor validation for smart structures
Author(s): Michael I. Friswell; Daniel J. Inman
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Design improvement of an embedded piezoceramic transducer in carbon/epoxy composite
Author(s): Christophe A. Paget; Rolf Jarlas; Klas Levin
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Health monitoring of smart composite structures using ultrasonic guided waves
Author(s): Thomas Monnier; Philippe Guy; Yves Jayet; Jean-Claude Baboux; Michelle Salvia
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Comparison of experimental and simulation studies of location of impact damage in polymer composites using electrical potential techniques
Author(s): L. C. Masson; P. E. Irving
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Active health system based on wavelet transform analysis of diffracted Lamb waves
Author(s): Michel B. Lemistre; Daniel L. Osmont; Daniel L. Balageas
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Active and passive vibration control of flexible structures using a combination of magnetostrictive and ferromagnetic alloys
Author(s): Bishakh Bhattacharya; Vidyashankar R. Buravalla; Sophoclis Patsias; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Detection of damage location in ductile members
Author(s): Kensuke Ichinose; Kiyoshi Taniuchi; Masashi Kandatsu; Junho Song; Katsumi Fukuda
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Mechanical damping induced by switching of piezoelectric elements
Author(s): Claude Richard; Daniel Guyomar; David Audigier; Claudine Gehin
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Vibration control of a suspension system via a magnetorheological fluid damper
Author(s): Chun Yu Lai; Wei-Hsin Liao
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Control of a dynamic vibration absorber with magnetorheological damping
Author(s): Andrew N. Vavreck
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Oblique propagation of electromagnetic waves in regular 3D lattices of scatterers (dipole approximation)
Author(s): Pavel A. Belov; Constantin R. Simovski
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Nonlinear mechanical properties of silica-based optical fibers
Author(s): Arne Skontorp
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In-situ multidetection: application for composite cure monitoring
Author(s): Emmanuel Chailleux; Michelle Salvia; Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault; Yves Jayet; A. Mazzouz; Gerard Seytre
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Determination of load-strain characteristics of concrete slabs by using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Yong Wang; Chuan Swee Tjin; Jianzhong Hao; Tuan-Kay Lim; Kian-Beng Tan; K. M. Chan; Pilate Moyo; James M. W. Brownjohn
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Frequency division multiplexing of FBG sensors using an FMCW approach
Author(s): Peter K. C. Chan; Wei Jin; M. Suleyman Demokan
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Bend sensing in structures using long-period optical fiber gratings
Author(s): Chen-Chun Ye; Cathy Y. Wei; S. Khaliq; Stephen W. James; P. E. Irving; Ralph P. Tatam
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Temperature gradients and vibration measurements obtained in a composite material by a multichannel optical fiber interferometer
Author(s): Jose Antonio Garcia Souto; Horacio Lamela
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Measurement of in-plane and out-of-plane displacements for ultrasonic flaw detection
Author(s): Fengzhong Dong; Kathryn Atherton; S. Gareth Pierce; Brian Culshaw
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Smart mechanical transducers: a comparative study of piezoelectric materials
Author(s): Rosa Marat-Mendes; C. J. Dias; J. N. Marat-Mendes
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Adaptive materials for optical applications: example of polymer/liquid crystal microcomposites
Author(s): Pierre Sixou
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Micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems: recent developments and LETI's activities
Author(s): Eric Ollier; Patrick Louis Mottier
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