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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4050

Automatic Target Recognition X
Editor(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Volume Number: 4050
Date Published: 17 August 2000
Softcover: 47 papers (490) pages
ISBN: 9780819436764

Table of Contents
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Comparison of the relative merits for target recognition by ultrawideband radar based on emitted impulse or step-frequency wave
Author(s): Hans C. Strifors; Anders Friedmann; Steffan Abrahamson; Guillermo C. Gaunaurd
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Modeling synthetic infrared data for classifier development
Author(s): Bruce A. Weber; Joseph A. Penn
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General-purpose performance evaluation tool for analysis and comparison of ATA algorithms
Author(s): Bradford D. Williams; Donald R. Hulsey; Sengvieng A. Amphay; Stacey Stansbery; J. Loris Robinett
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Bound on matching error
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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ATR performance of a Rician model for SAR images
Author(s): Michael D. DeVore; Aaron D. Lanterman; Joseph A. O'Sullivan
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Avoiding metric similarity measures in ATR
Author(s): Behrooz Kamgar-Parsi; Behzad Kamgar-Parsi; Judith E. Dayhoff; Anil K. Jain
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Putting ATR performance on an equal basis: the measurement of knowledge base distortion and relevant clutter
Author(s): S. Richard F. Sims
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Feature selection with the image grand tour
Author(s): David J. Marchette; Jeffrey L. Solka
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Target detection and intelligent image compression
Author(s): Paul G. Ducksbury
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Comparison of geometric features for object classification in aerial imagery
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Solka; David A. Johannsen; David J. Marchette; Ron J. Guidry
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Support vector machines and target classification
Author(s): Robert E. Karlsen; David J. Gorsich; Grant R. Gerhart
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Inference evaluation in a finite evidence domain
Author(s): Michael J. Ratway; Carryn Bellomo
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Automatic vehicle detection in infrared imagery using a novel method for defining regions of interest, feature extraction, and a fuzzy logic classification system
Author(s): Bruce N. Nelson
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Multi-agent systems and neural networks for automatic target recognition on air images
Author(s): Roger F. Cozien; Christophe Rosenberger; Partrick Eyherabide; Joaquim Rossettini; Arnaud Ceyrolle
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Recovery of partially occluded speech segments using Hopfield neural network
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny; Brian MacDonald
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Prototype airborne search and rescue system
Author(s): Ryland Dreibelbis; Wayne A. Hembree; David W. Affens
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Probability of detection of downed aircraft using SAR polarimetry
Author(s): Kancham Chotoo; Barton D. Huxtable; Arthur W. Mansfield; Houra Rais
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Virginia Beach search and rescue experiment
Author(s): Houra Rais; Arthur W. Mansfield; Barton D. Huxtable; Kancham Chotoo
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Interferometric SAR to EO image registration problem
Author(s): George W. Rogers; Arthur W. Mansfield; Houra Rais
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Full-resolution interferometric SAR processing
Author(s): George W. Rogers; Darryl S. Breitenstein; Duane Roth; Arthur W. Mansfield; Houra Rais
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Complex data compression techniques: some new approaches
Author(s): Paul L. Poehler; Arthur W. Mansfield; Houra Rais; Georges B. Aboutanos
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Advanced resolution enhancement techniques for search and rescue
Author(s): Darryl S. Breitenstein; George W. Rogers; Duane Roth; Barton D. Huxtable
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P-3 SAR motion compensation techniques
Author(s): Debra S. Schwartz; Arthur W. Mansfield; Duane Roth; Houra Rais
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Intelligent scanning system based on foveate wavelet transform
Author(s): Jie Wei; Izidor Gertner
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Heuristic approach to image registration
Author(s): Izidor Gertner; Igor V. Maslov
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Training snakes to find object boundaries and evaluating them
Author(s): Samuel D. Fenster; John R. Kender
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Image registration for perspective deformation recovery
Author(s): George Wolberg; Siavash Zokai
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Automatic document processing system with learning capability
Author(s): Xuhong Li; Peter A. Ng
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Advanced automatic target recognition for police helicopter missions
Author(s): Christoph Stahl; Paul Schoppmann
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System-level evaluation of ladar ATR using correlation filters
Author(s): Melissa Tay Perona; Abhijit Mahalanobis; Karen Norris-Zachery
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Application of dualband infrared imagery in automatic target detection
Author(s): Lipchen Alex Chan; Sandor Z. Der; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Transition from lab to flight demo for model-based FLIR ATR and SAR-FLIR fusion
Author(s): Martin B. Childs; Karen M. Carlson; Neeraj Pujara
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Mathematical modeling of clutter: descriptive vs. generative models
Author(s): Song-Chun Zhu; Cheng-En Guo
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Effective Bayesian inference by data-driven Markov chain Monte Carlo for object recognition and image segmentation
Author(s): Song-Chun Zhu; Zhuowen Tu; Rong Zhang
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Unified framework for performance analysis of Bayesian inference
Author(s): Alan L. Yuille; James M. Coughlan; Song-Chun Zhu
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Information-theoretic bounds on target recognition performance
Author(s): Avinash Jain; Pierre Moulin; Michael I. Miller; Kannan Ramchandran
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Method for reducing dimensionality in ATR systems
Author(s): Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Natalia A. Schmid
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Optimum tracking and target identification using GMTI and HRR profiles
Author(s): Ronald L. Levin; John H. Kay
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Motion estimation on polarimetric IR data sequences
Author(s): Jie Wei; Izidor Gertner; Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Geometric parameter estimation with a multiscale template library
Author(s): Roger M. Dufour; Eric L. Miller; Nikolas P. Galatsanos
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Multiple-resolution study of Ka-band HRR polarimetric signature data
Author(s): Robert H. Giles; William T. Kersey; M.Shane McFarlin; Bobby G. Woodruff; Robbin Finley; William E. Nixon
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Superresolution HRR ATR performance with HDVI
Author(s): Duy H. Nguyen; Gerald R. Benitz; John H. Kay; Robert H. Whiting
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Target classification using spatially flexible directed pursuits
Author(s): Andrew McKellips; Mark R. McClure; Michael Chu; Randy K. Avent
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Sequential classification of radar targets
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny
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Piecewise linear approach: a new approach in automatic target recognition
Author(s): YuJing Zeng; Janusz A. Starzyk
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Asymptotic analysis of pattern-theoretic object recognition
Author(s): Matthew L. Cooper; Anuj Srivastava
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Infrared image target detection process using continuous features
Author(s): Minoru Kikuchi; Hiroyuki Tamura; Michinari Ono; Hiroshi Miyauchi; Shigenobu Kobayashi
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