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Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology II
Editor(s): Grant R. Gerhart; Robert W. Gunderson; Chuck M. Shoemaker

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Volume Number: 4024
Date Published: 10 July 2000

Table of Contents
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Vision-based docking under variable lighting conditions
Author(s): Robin R. Murphy; Jeffrey A. Hyams; Brian W. Minten; Mark Micire
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Integral small communication platforms fusing optical and military radar imaging for UGV
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Lev S. Sadovnik; Vladimir A. Manasson
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Possibility of creating the autonomous high-resolution ground and underwater vehicles or diver's information system using the superscanning locator (SSL)
Author(s): Vera Moiseevna Ginzburg
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Autonomous small robots for military applications
Author(s): Dominique Luzeaux
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Autonomous road and contour following with a tracked vehicle
Author(s): Stefan Baten
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Behavior-based tactical navigational and mobility control of tandem ground robotic vehicles
Author(s): Amir Shirkhodaie; Richard C. Goetz; Abhijit Patkar; Mohammad Masour; Samual Aderogba; Naveen Avalareddy
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Continuous and embedded learning in autonomous vehicles: adapting to sensor failures
Author(s): Alan C. Schultz; John J. Grefenstette
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Robot mother ship design
Author(s): Peter P Budulas; Stuart H. Young; Philip J. Emmerman
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Robotic vehicle uses acoustic sensors for voice detection and diagnostics
Author(s): Stuart H. Young; Michael V. Scanlon
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Articulated navigation testbed (ANT): an example of adaptable intrinsic mobility
Author(s): Chris A. Brosinsky; Doug M. Hanna; Steven G. Penzes
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Utah State University's T2 ODV mobility analysis
Author(s): Morgan E. Davidson; Vikas Bahl; Carl G. Wood
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Mobility potential of a robotic six-wheeled omnidirectional drive vehicle (ODV) with z-axis and tire inflation control
Author(s): Gary Witus
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Scalability studies and performance comparison of vehicles with two different suspensions
Author(s): Chuen-Sen Lin; Wiexin Ian
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Off-road vehicle locomotion using Bekker's model
Author(s): Grant R. Gerhart; Sean C. Laughery; Richard C. Goetz
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ODV mobility enhancement using active height control
Author(s): Shayne C. Rich; Carl G. Wood; Jared Keller
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XUV/Demo III multivehicle operator control unit
Author(s): Matthew K. Morgenthaler; Alan J. Dickinson; Betty Glass
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Robotics vehicle mobility study
Author(s): Kurt H. Ansorge; James E. Pond
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Open multiagent architecture extended to distributed autonomous robotic systems
Author(s): Philippe Sellem; Eric Amram; Dominique Luzeaux
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Low-cost sensors for UGVs
Author(s): Fenner Milton; Gene A. Klager; Thomas R. Bowman
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Department of Defense Joint Robotics Program
Author(s): Michael Toscano
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Tactical mobile robots for urban search and rescue
Author(s): John Blitch; Nahid Sidki; Tim Durkin
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Overview and update of the Demo III Experimental Unmanned Vehicle Program
Author(s): Chuck M. Shoemaker; Jonathan A. Bornstein
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Forward Deployed Robotic Unit
Author(s): Bruce E. Brendle; Jonathan A. Bornstein
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Intelligent mobility through omnidirectional vehicles: a research program
Author(s): Nicholas S. Flann; Robert W. Gunderson; Kevin L. Moore; Carl G. Wood
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Collaborative robotic team design and integration
Author(s): John R. Spofford; David J. Anhalt; Jennifer B. Herron; Brett D. Lapin
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Development of a simple autonomous system of small robots to clear unexploded submunition ordnance
Author(s): Christopher K. DeBolt; Jose David Aviles; Jorge David DeLeon; Tuan B. Nguyen; Tuan N. Nguyen
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Analysis of electric machines and drive systems for unmanned ground vehicle applications
Author(s): Richard W. Wies; Jerias Mitchell; Stephen Daniels; Joseph G. Hawkins
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Tactical mobile robotic search and rescue mission modules
Author(s): David R. McAndrew; Arnis Mangolds; Daniel R. Deguire
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Search and rescue with serpentine robots
Author(s): Howie M. Choset; Douglas Hull; Jonathan E. Luntz; Ellie Shammas; Tarek Rached; Christina C. Dent
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Issues in intelligent robots for search and rescue
Author(s): Jennifer L. Casper; Mark Micire; Robin R. Murphy
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RoboCup-Rescue: an international cooperative research project of robotics and AI for the disaster mitigation problem
Author(s): Satoshi Tadokoro; Hiroaki Kitano; Tomoichi Takahashi; Itsuki Noda; Hitoshi Matsubara; Atsushi Shinjoh; Tetsuo Koto; Ikuo Takeuchi; Hironao Takahashi; Fumitoshi Matsuno; Mitsunori Hatayama; Jun Nobe; Susumu Shimada
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PRIMUS: autonomous driving robot for military applications
Author(s): Ingo Schwartz
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Small communication platforms, PCMCIA packaging, and soft computing for UGV applications
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski
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Using a natural language and gesture interface for unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Dennis Perzanowski; Alan C. Schultz; William Adams; Elaine Marsh
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Teleoperation convoy
Author(s): Paul L. Muench; Sean C. Laughery; Jon Everson; Kevin Houle; Faiz Ikramulla
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