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Enhanced and Synthetic Vision 2000
Editor(s): Jacques G. Verly
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Volume Number: 4023
Date Published: 23 June 2000
Softcover: 31 papers (324) pages
ISBN: 9780819436498

Table of Contents
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Helicopter obstacle detection radar system
Author(s): Lev S. Sadovnik; Vladimir A. Manasson; Robert M. Mino
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Obstacle detection and warning system for aircraft navigation at airports
Author(s): Laurent Gallo
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Navigation through fog using stereoscopic active imaging
Author(s): Wendell R. Watkins; David H. Tofsted; V. Grayson CuQlock-Knopp; Jay B. Jordan; John O. Merritt
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MMW-radar-based navigation: solutions to the vertical position problem
Author(s): Bernd Korn; Hans-Ullrich Doehler; Peter Hecker
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Controlled decimation of digital elevation data and subsequent in-flight verification
Author(s): Thorsten Wiesemann; Jens Schiefele; Ludwig May; Felix E. Mehler; Wolfgang Kubbat
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Certifiable database generation for SVS
Author(s): Jens Schiefele; Dejan Damjanovic; Wolfgang Kubbat
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Virtual cockpit window for the X-38 crew return vehicle
Author(s): Frank J. Delgado; Scott Altman; Michael F. Abernathy; Janis White
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Integrated navigation, flight guidance, and synthetic vision system for low-level flight
Author(s): Felix E. Mehler
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System for synthetic vision and augmented reality in future flight decks
Author(s): Reinhold Behringer; Clement K. Tam; Joshua H. McGee; Venkataraman Sundareswaran; Marius S. Vassiliou
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Cockpit emergency safety system
Author(s): Leo Keller
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Fusion of 2- /3- /4-sensor imagery for visualization, target learning, and search
Author(s): David A. Fay; Allen M. Waxman; Mario Aguilar; David B. Ireland; Joseph P. Racamato; W. D. Ross; William W. Streilein; Michael I. Braun
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Relevant spatial frequency information in the texture segmentation of night-vision imagery
Author(s): Michael J. Sinai; J. Kevin DeFord; Todd J. Purkiss; Edward A. Essock
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Evaluation of algorithms for fusing infrared and synthetic imagery
Author(s): Philippe Simard; Norah K. Link; Ronald V. Kruk
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Noise and contrast comparison of visual and infrared images of hazards as seen inside an automobile
Author(s): Thomas J. Meitzler; Darryl Bryk; Eui Jung Sohn; Kimberly Lane; David Bednarz; Daniel Jusela; Samuel Ebenstein; Gregory H. Smith; Yelena Rodin; James S. Rankin; Amer M. Samman
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Runway-based infrared sensor for enhanced vision of approaching aircraft
Author(s): John Lester Miller; Richard Kerr; James L. Gates; Terry Dickerson
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Night Driving Training Aid (NDTA): developmental issues and lessons learned
Author(s): John W. Ruffner; Kim G. Woodward
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Road recognition for a tracked vehicle
Author(s): Michael Luetzeler; Stefan Baten
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Extended terrain reconstruction for autonomous vehicles
Author(s): Garbis Salgian; Robert Mandelbaum; Harpreet S. Sawhney; Michael W. Hansen
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Neural-based system for obstacle detection and scene reconstruction
Author(s): Andrea Zanela; Sergio Taraglio
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Scene interpretation and behavior planning for driver assistance
Author(s): Uwe Handmann; Iris M. Leefken; W. von Seelen
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Image-based view synthesis for enhanced perception in teleoperation
Author(s): Jean-Sebastien Perrier; Gady Agam; Paul Cohen
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Combining computer graphics and computer vision for probabilistic visual robot navigation
Author(s): Benno Heigl; Joachim Denzler; Heinrich Niemann
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Multiagent architecture for scene interpretation
Author(s): Fabienne Ealet; Bertrand Collin; G. Sella; Catherine Garbay
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Integrated radar-photometry sensor based on constrained optical flow
Author(s): Youenn Fablet; Gady Agam; Paul Cohen
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Feature-based image registration and mosaicing
Author(s): Weilin Song; Han Wang
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Detector-based visual identification of known objects
Author(s): Georgii Khachaturov
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Driver behavior recognition and prediction in a SmartCar
Author(s): Nuria Oliver; Alexander P. Pentland
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Sector imaging radar for enhanced vision (SIREV): theory and applications
Author(s): Thomas Sutor; Stefan Buckreuss; Michael Wendler; Franz Witte
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Sector imaging radar for enhanced vision (SIREV): simulation and processing techniques
Author(s): Josef Mittermayer; Michael Wendler; Gerhard Krieger; Thomas Sutor; Alberto Moreira; Stefan Buckreuss
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HMD fast jet flying test results
Author(s): Stefan Becker; Peter Sandl
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Development of a synthetic vision display of the second generation
Author(s): Guillaume Smietanski; Peter Marcus Lenhart; Stephan Kranz; Udo Mayer
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