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Nondestructive Evaluation of Aging Aircraft, Airports, and Aerospace Hardware IV
Editor(s): Ajit K. Mal

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Volume Number: 3994
Date Published: 5 May 2000

Table of Contents
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Low-frequency electromagnetic technique for nondestructive evaluation
Author(s): Yacine Dalichaouch; Alan L. Singsaas; Firas Putris; Alexander R. Perry; Peter V. Czipott
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Reduced order computational methodology for damage detection in structures
Author(s): Michele L. Joyner; H. Thomas Banks; Buzz Wincheski; William P. Winfree
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Detection of cracks in multilayer aircraft structures with fasteners using remote field eddy current method
Author(s): Yushi Sun; Tianhe Ouyang
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Eddy current measurements with magneto-resistive sensors: third-layer flaw detection in a wing-splice structure 25 mm thick
Author(s): William F. Avrin
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Nondestructive evaluation of aircraft structure using lock-in thermography
Author(s): Weimin Bai; Brian Stephen Wong
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Role of data fusion in NDE for aging aircraft
Author(s): David S. Forsyth; Jerzy P. Komorowski
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Feasibility of optical interference-based NDE methods to inspect helicopter rotor blades
Author(s): Dirk M. Findeis; Jasson Gryzagoridis
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Ultrasonic detection of corrosion between riveted plates
Author(s): Klara Shiloh; Anthony Bartos; Adam Frain; Eric A. Lindgren
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Optical device based on thermoplastic recording
Author(s): Roman S. Prilepov; Teodosie I. Pasechnic; Lev M. Panasiuk
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Acoustic emission structural health management systems (AE-SHMS)
Author(s): Richard David Finlayson; Mark A. Friesel; Mark F. Carlos; Ronnie K. Miller; Valery Godinez
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Durability patch and damage dosimeter: a portable battery-powered data acquisition computer and durability patch design process
Author(s): Eric D. Haugse; Patrick E. Johnson; David L. Smith; Lynn C. Rogers
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Fusion of modal strain energy for health monitoring of aircraft structures
Author(s): Roberto A. Osegueda; M. Macias; Gabriela C. Andre; Carlos M. Ferregut; Cesar J. Carrasco
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Transversely loaded fiber optic grating strain sensors for aerospace applications
Author(s): Eric Udd; Whitten L. Schulz; John M. Seim; Angela Trego; Eric D. Haugse; Patrick E. Johnson
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Applying thermoelasticity to impact-damaged structural components
Author(s): Gavin Horn; Thomas J. Mackin
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Nondestructive evaluation of crack propagation under a composite patch repair using the eddy current method
Author(s): Zaira P. Marioli-Riga; George J. Tsamasphyros; Georgios N. Kanderakis
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Ultrasonic evaluation of co-cured composite structures
Author(s): Gary E. Georgeson
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Near Lamb mode imaging of multilayered composite plates
Author(s): Tribikram Kundu; Catherine Potel; Jean-Francois de Belleval
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Effects of exciting frequencies, grain sizes, and damage upon P-wave velocity for ultrasonic NDT of concrete
Author(s): Jiann Wen Ju; Lisheng Weng
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Evaluating pavement layer properties with a high-speed rolling deflectometer
Author(s): Peter Andren; Carl A. Lenngren
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Ultrasonic materials evaluation of automotive inflator components
Author(s): Thomas T. Chung; Craig Fischer
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Eddy current technique applied to the nondestructive evaluation of turbine blade wall thickness
Author(s): Yann Le Bihan; Pierre-Yves Joubert; Dominique Placko
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Detection of cracks near sharp edges by using giant magneto-resistance-based eddy current probe
Author(s): Teodor Dogaru; Stuart T. Smith
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Technology assessment of MEMS for NDE and condition-based maintenance
Author(s): George A. Matzkanin
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