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Medical Imaging 2000: Image Perception and Performance

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Volume Number: 3981
Date Published: 14 April 2000

Table of Contents
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Assessing the value of diagnostic imaging: the role of perception
Author(s): E. James Potchen; Thomas G. Cooper
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Relative gains in diagnostic accuracy between computer-aided diagnosis and independent double reading
Author(s): Yulei Jiang; Robert M. Nishikawa; Robert A. Schmidt; Charles E. Metz; Kunio Doi
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Evaluation of an automated segmentation method based on performances of an automated classification method
Author(s): Zhimin Huo; Maryellen Lissak Giger
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A quantitative method for visual phantom image quality evaluation
Author(s): Dev Prasad Chakraborty; Xiong Liu; Michael O'Shea; Lawrence C. Toto
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Evaluation of lumbar spine images with added pathology
Author(s): Anders Tingberg; Clemens Herrmann; Jack Besjakov; Karsten Rodenacker; Anja Alman; Patrik Sund; Saron Mattsson; Lars Gunnar Mansson
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Quantitative image quality evaluation of an order-statistic filter in x-ray fluoroscopic imaging
Author(s): David L. Wilson; Yogesh Srinivas; Francisco J. Sanchez-Marin; Kadri N. Jabri
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Evaluating image reconstruction methods for tumor detection performance in whole-body PET oncology imaging
Author(s): Carole Lartizien; Paul E. Kinahan; Claude Comtat; Michael Lin; Richard G. Swensson; Regine Trebossen; Bernard Bendriem
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Perceptually standardized imaging of digitized film for comparative ROC measurements
Author(s): Klaus-Ruediger Peters
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Estimates of human-observer templates for a simple detection task in correlated noise
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Miguel P. Eckstein
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Perception of achromatic, monochromatic, pure chromatic, and chromatic noisy images by real human-observer under threshold conditions
Author(s): Nikolay N. Krasilnikov; Olga I. Krasilnikova; Yury E. Shelepin M.D.
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Estimation of linear observer templates in the presence of multi-peaked gaussian noise through 2AFC experiments
Author(s): Darrin C. Edwards; Matthew A. Kupinski; Robert M. Nishikawa; Charles E. Metz
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Modeling of the contrast sensitivity saturation depended on the number of cycles of the test sine-wave gratings
Author(s): Olga I. Krasilnikova; Nikolay N. Krasilnikov; Yury E. Shelepin M.D.
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Model observer based optimization of JPEG image compression
Author(s): Miguel P. Eckstein; Craig K. Abbey; Jay L. Bartroff
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Interpretation of the function of the striate cortex
Author(s): Bernardette M. Garner; Andrew P. Paplinski
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What visual perception model is optimal in terms of signal-to-noise ratio?
Author(s): Yury E. Shelepin M.D.; Nikolay N. Krasilnikov; Olga I. Krasilnikova; Valery N. Chihman
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The problem of ROC analysis without truth: the EM algorithm and the information matrix
Author(s): Sergey V. Beiden; Gregory Campbell; Kristen L. Meier; Robert F. Wagner
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Disease prevalence and the index of detectability: a survey of studies of lung cancer detection by chest radiography
Author(s): Harold L. Kundel
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Using a constrained formulation based on probability summation to fit receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves
Author(s): Richard G. Swensson; Jill L. King; Walter F. Good; David Gur
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Do subtle breast cancers attract visual attention during initial impression?
Author(s): Calvin F. Nodine; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Susan P. Weinstein; Harold L. Kundel; Lawrence C. Toto
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Image structure and perceptual errors in mammogram reading: a pilot study
Author(s): Claudia Mello-Thoms; Stanley M. Dunn; Calvin F. Nodine; Harold L. Kundel
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Is airport baggage inspection just another medical image?
Author(s): Alastair G. Gale; Mark D. Mugglestone; Kevin J. Purdy; A. McClumpha
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Unobtrusive method for monitoring visual attention during mammogram reading
Author(s): Claudia Mello-Thoms; Calvin F. Nodine; Susan P. Weinstein; Harold L. Kundel; Lawrence C. Toto
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Decision-making differences: novices, experts, and a neural network
Author(s): David Manning; Sam Bunting; John Leach
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Evaluation of head CT exams: resident and attending diagnoses
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; William Berger; William Erly
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Low contrast detectability and dose savings with an amorphous silicon detector designed for x-ray radiography
Author(s): Ping Xue; Scott F. Schubert; Richard Aufrichtig
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Pilot clinical evaluation of prototype system for visually reporting the results of ultrasound examination
Author(s): Alexander Akimov; Vagan Terziyan; Artem Garmash
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Physical and psychophysical evaluation of a new digital specimen radiography system for use in mammography
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Hans Roehrig; William V. Schempp
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Comparison of low-contrast detail detectability with five different conventional and digital radiographic imaging systems
Author(s): Ulrich Neitzel; Albrecht Boehm; Ingo Maack
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Objective evaluation of linear and nonlinear tomosynthetic reconstruction algorithms
Author(s): Richard L. Webber; Paul F. Hemler; John E. Lavery
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Computer-aided methods to recover strategies for visual search and navigation
Author(s): Tatjana P. Belikova; Irina I. Stenina; Nadezsda I. Yashunskaya
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Evaluation of image quality of a new CCD-based system for chest imaging
Author(s): C. Herrmann; P Sund; A Tingberg; S. Keddache; L.G. Mansson; A. Almen; S. Mattsson
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How does observer training affect imaging performance in digital mammography?
Author(s): Walter Huda; Guoying Qu; Zhenxue Jing; Barbara G. Steinbach; Janice C. Honeyman-Buck
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Diagnostic accuracy of remote frozen sections compared with paraffin-embedded sections: a telepathology project in Austria
Author(s): Patrizia Moser; Peter I. Soegner M.D.; Sonja Stadlmann; Jan Jacobs; Gregor Mikuz
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Improving the visualization of drusen in age-related macular degeneration through maximum entropy digitization and stereo viewing
Author(s): Peter Soliz; Sheila Coyne Nemeth; Maria Swift; Ana Edwards; Stacy Meuer; Jeffrey W. Berger M.D.
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Statistical-based sub-band filtering technique for digital mammogram compression, enhancement, and denoise
Author(s): Hong-Dun Lin; Kang-Ping Lin; Shyh-Liang Lou
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Bases of a pre-attentional mechanism by means of presynaptic inhibition in the lateral geniculate nucleus
Author(s): Roberto Moreno-Diaz Jr.; Alexis Quesada Arengbia; Miguel Aleman-Flores
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