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Sensors and Camera Systems for Scientific, Industrial, and Digital Photography Applications
Editor(s): Nitin Sampat; Thomas Yeh; Morley M. Blouke; Nitin Sampat; George M. Williams; Thomas Yeh
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Volume Number: 3965
Date Published: 15 May 2000
Softcover: 49 papers (480) pages
ISBN: 9780819435835

Table of Contents
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Wide-dynamic-range pixel with combined linear and logarithmic response and increased signal swing
Author(s): Eric C. Fox; Jerry Hynecek; Douglas R. Dykaar
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Imaging spectroscopy with digital micromirrors
Author(s): Kevin J. Kearney; Mark A. Corio; Zoran Ninkov
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Smart PSD array for sheet-of-light range imaging
Author(s): Michiel de Bakker; Piet W. Verbeek; Gijs K. Steenvoorden
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Inorganic phosphor coatings for UV-responsive CCD image sensors
Author(s): Wendy A. R. Franks; Martin J. Kiik; Arokia Nathan
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Advanced CCD linescan sensor for high-contrast film scanning
Author(s): Stacy R. Kamasz; Nixon O; Wolfgang Steinbach; Thomas Graen; Brian Benwell
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6k-pixel 160-MHz CCD linescan sensor
Author(s): Nixon O; Colin J. Flood
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CFH12k: 12k x 8k CCD mosaic camera for the CFHT prime focus
Author(s): Barry Michael Starr; Gerard Anthony Luppino; Jean-Charles Cuillandre; Sidik Isani
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High-speed high-resolution color CCD image sensor
Author(s): Gary R. Allan; Nixon O; Colin J. Flood
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CCD detector performance for NOAO's wide-field MOSAIC cameras
Author(s): Thomas Wolfe; Taft Armandroff; Morley M. Blouke; Travis Rector; Richard Reed; Abhijit Saha; Robert Schommer; Chris Smith; Roger M. Smith; Alistair R. Walker
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Scientific/industrial camera-on-a-chip using Active Column Sensor CMOS imager core
Author(s): Thomas L. Vogelsong; Jeffrey J. Zarnowski; Matthew A. Pace; Terry L. Zarnowski
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Influence of pixel topology on performances of CMOS APS imagers
Author(s): Pierre Magnan; Anne Gautrand; Yavuz Degerli; Cecile Marques; Francis Lavernhe; Cyril Cavadore; Franck Corbiere; Jean A. Farre; Olivier Saint-Pe; Michel Tulet; Robert Davancens
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Low-noise readout using active reset for CMOS APS
Author(s): Boyd A. Fowler; Michael Godfrey; Janusz Balicki; John Canfield
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Programmable resolution imager for imaging applications
Author(s): Elisenda Roca; German Soriano; Servando Espejo; Rafael Dominguez-Castro; Gustavo Linan; Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez
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Total dose effects on CMOS active pixel sensors
Author(s): Jan Bogaert; Bart Dierickx
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Analysis of 1/f noise in CMOS APS
Author(s): Hui Tian; Abbas El Gamal
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Demodulation pixels in CCD and CMOS technologies for time-of-flight ranging
Author(s): Robert Lange; Peter Seitz; Alice Biber; Stefan C. Lauxtermann
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IEEE 1394 brings bandwidth, simplicity, and lower costs to machine vision and scientific imaging
Author(s): Jerry Fife
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Ultrahigh-definition experimental camera system with an 8M-pixel CCD
Author(s): Kohji Mitani; Masayuki Sugawara; Hiroshi Shimamoto; Charles R. Smith; Michael G. Farrier; Queintin Tang; Fumio Okano
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Chromatic aberrations and color balancing issues with common optical axis CCD cameras
Author(s): Douglas R. Dykaar; Graham Luckhurst
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Improving resolution to reduce aliasing in an undersampled image sequence
Author(s): Cris L. Luengo Hendriks; Lucas J. van Vliet
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Complex antinoise correction of an electronic video amplifier on a television camera taking into account the loss of input circuit
Author(s): Viktor N. Maslennikov
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Newly improved very high sensitivity electron bombardment CCD sensor and camera
Author(s): Tadashi Maruno; Mashahiko Shirai; Motohiro Suyama; Shogo Ema
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Visually guided vehicle: a new system for delivering nonlethal effects
Author(s): Joseph A. Domanico
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Measurement and signal processing of structure vibration by interferometric optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Zhengyuan Cao; Hong Zhao; Jianxiong Qiang; Ruhua Fang
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Correct CCD camera lens distortion by using XY correction coefficient
Author(s): Ching-Liang Su
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Motion detection of the low-cost surveillance camera system
Author(s): Soonhac Hong; JunHeoun Hwang; Byung Deok Nam
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Quantum yield of energy-band-gap-graded AlGaN(n)/GaN(p) UV photodetector
Author(s): Michal Janusz Malachowski
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Detecting ships in lock using laser measurement system
Author(s): Yulong Cao; Jian-zhen Gao; Mingwu Ren; Jingyu Yang
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Implementation of very low cost digital camera for education purposes
Author(s): Andrew Davidhazy
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Development of a multispectral camera system
Author(s): Hiroaki Sugiura; Tetsuya Kuno; Norihiro Watanabe; Narihiro Matoba; Junichiro Hayashi; Yoichi Miyake
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Digital processor for wavelet-based image compression
Author(s): Michael Thierschmann; Uwe-Erik Martin
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Hybrid approach to DSC color cast removal using a hardware illumination sensor and image segmentation
Author(s): Ted J. Cooper; Ingeborg Tastl; Bo Tao
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System implications of implementing white balance on consumer digital cameras
Author(s): Nitin Sampat; Shyam Venkataraman; Robert L. Kremens
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Analytical model of autofocus systems with CCD camera
Author(s): Wolfgang Kesseler; Jan Fischer
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Representation of color in the modeling of color imaging sensors
Author(s): George Koomullil
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Rendering high dynamic range images
Author(s): Jeffrey M. DiCarlo; Brian A. Wandell
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New digital image interpolation technique
Author(s): Carlos Augusto Paiva da Silva Martins; Sergio Takeo Kofuji
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Imaging CSP: a die-size optical package for CMOS imagers and CCDs
Author(s): Itzik Shweky; Avner P. Badihi
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QE reduction due to pixel vignetting in CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Peter Bert Catrysse; Xinqiao Liu; Abbas El Gamal
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High-definition still image processing system using a new structure CCD sensor
Author(s): Hiroshi Tamayama; Osamu Saito; Masafumi Inuiya
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Multiresolution scanning imager with spatially uniform noise response based on a new class of Hadamard masks
Author(s): Donald J. Bone; Dan C. Popescu
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How small should pixel size be?
Author(s): Ting Chen; Peter Bert Catrysse; Abbas El Gamal; Brian A. Wandell
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3.2-million-pixel full-frame true 2-phase CCD image sensor incorporating transparent gate technology
Author(s): Eric J. Meisenzahl; Winchyi Chang; William Des Jardin; Hung Doan; Joseph E. Shepherd; Eric G. Stevens
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Multipurpose semistatic shift registers for digital programmable retinas
Author(s): Thierry M. Bernard
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Merged CCD/SOI-CMOS technology
Author(s): Vyshi Suntharalingam; Barry E. Burke; J. A. Burns; M. J. Cooper; Craig L. Keast
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Measurements of the subpixel sensitivity for a backside-illuminated CCD
Author(s): Albert Piterman; Zoran Ninkov
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Use of a Nyquist chart for camera system evaluation
Author(s): Scott Patrick Campbell
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Backside-illuminated 6.6-um pixel video-rate CCDs for scientific imaging applications
Author(s): John R. Tower; Peter A. Levine; Fu-Lung Hsueh; Vipulkumar Patel; Pradyumna K. Swain; Grazyna M. Meray; James T. Andrews; Robin M. Dawson; Thomas M. Sudol; Robert Andreas
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Delta-doped CCDs with integrated UV coatings
Author(s): Peter W. Deelman; Shouleh Nikzad; Morley M. Blouke
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Thinned charged-coupled devices with flat focal planes for UV imaging
Author(s): Todd J. Jones; Peter W. Deelman; S. T. Elliott; Paula J. Grunthaner; R. Wilson; Shouleh Nikzad
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