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Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Image Processing V

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Volume Number: 3962
Date Published: 14 April 2000

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Sign language recognition using competitive learning in the HAVNET neural network
Author(s): Vivek A. Sujan; Marco A. Meggiolaro
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Fuzzy-logic-model-based technique with application to Urdu character recognition
Author(s): Dalila B. Megherbi; Saeed M. Lodhi; Azzoz J. Boulenouar
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Document image segmentation using a two-stage neural network
Author(s): Mohamed Nooman Ahmed; Brian E. Cooper; Shaun T. Love
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Lossless image compression using modular differential pulse code modulation
Author(s): Syed A. Rizvi; Richard Toussaint; George Awad
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Fuzzy blending of relaxation-labeled predictors for high-performance lossless image compression
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti
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Data mining methods in face recognition
Author(s): Roman W. Swiniarski
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Multiresolution feature extraction for pairwise classification of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Shailesh Kumar; Joydeep Ghosh; Melba M. Crawford
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Neural-network-based transformation for joint compression and discrimination
Author(s): Lipchen Alex Chan; Sandor Z. Der; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Independent component analysis by evolutionary neural networks
Author(s): Yen-Wei Chen; Xiang-Yan Zeng; Zensho Nakao; Katsumi Yamashita
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Comparative study of methods for automatic classification of macromolecular image sets: preliminary investigation with realistic simulations
Author(s): Ana Guerrero; Noel Bonnet; Sergio Marco; Jose L. Carrascosa
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Random neural network texture model
Author(s): Erol Gelenbe; Khaled F. Hussain; Hossam Abdelbaki
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Demosaicking using artificial neural networks
Author(s): Oren Kapah; Hagit Zabrodsky Hel-Or
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Neural-net-based image matching
Author(s): Anna K. Jerebko; Nikita E. Barabanov; Vadim R. Luciv; Nigel M. Allinson
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Classification of optical galaxies using a PCNN
Author(s): Soonil D. D. V. Rughooputh; Radhakhrishna Somanah; Harry Coomar Shumsher Rughooputh
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Individual 3D region-of-interest atlas of the human brain: automatic training point extraction for neural-network-based classification of brain tissue types
Author(s): Gudrun Wagenknecht; Hans-Juergen Kaiser; Thorsten Obladen; Osama Sabri; Udalrich Buell
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Application of neural network in medical images
Author(s): Xinxin Li; Ishwar K. Sethi
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Two-dimensional shape classification using generalized Fourier representation and neural networks
Author(s): Artur Chodorowski; Tomas Gustavsson; Ulf Mattsson
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Color tongue image segmentation using fuzzy Kohonen networks and genetic algorithm
Author(s): Aimin Wang; Lansun Shen; Zhongxu Zhao
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Three-dimensional model-based object recognition and pose estimation using probabilistic principal surfaces
Author(s): Kui-yu Chang; Joydeep Ghosh
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Detection of new image objects in video sequences using neural networks
Author(s): Sameer Singh; Markos Markou; John F. Haddon
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Eddy-current modeling using neural networks
Author(s): Lloyd G. Allred
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Online inspection for parts in intelligent manufacturing system
Author(s): Yingen Xiong
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Experimental demonstration of real-time image processing using a VLSI analog programmable array processor
Author(s): Gustavo Linan; Rafael Dominguez-Castro; Servando Espejo; Elisenda Roca; Peter Foldesy; Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez
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Application of artificial neural network (ANN) in the graphite morphology analysis of gray cast iron
Author(s): Hong Jiang; Libo Zeng; Zelan Zhang; Jiming Hu
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