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Three-Dimensional Image Capture and Applications III
Editor(s): Brian D. Corner; Joseph H. Nurre

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Volume Number: 3958
Date Published: 16 March 2000

Table of Contents
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High-resolution ultrafast 3D imaging
Author(s): Janos Rohaly; Douglas P. Hart
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Real-time structured light depth extraction
Author(s): Kurtis Keller; Jeremy D. Ackerman
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High-speed three-dimensional laser sensor
Author(s): Liviu Bursanescu; Mihaela Bursanescu; Maher Hamdi; Francois Blais; David A. Green
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Optimizing random patterns for invariants-based identification
Author(s): Maurizio Pilu
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Opto-numerical methods of data acquisition for computer graphics and animation systems
Author(s): Robert Sitnik; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Scanning projection grating moire topography
Author(s): Jung-Taek Oh; SangYoon Lee; Seung-Woo Kim
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Entropy of profile sections to estimate the next sensor position
Author(s): Christian Liska; Robert Sablatnig
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Axi-vision camera: a three-dimensional camera
Author(s): Masahiro Kawakita; Keigo Iizuka; Tahito Aida; Hiroshi Kikuchi; Hideo Fujikake; Jun Yonai; Kuniharu Takizawa
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Fast shape from focus using dynamic programming
Author(s): Joungil Yun; Tae-Sun Choi
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Acquisition of 3D image representation in multimedia ambiance communication using 3D laser scanner and digital camera
Author(s): Toshifumi Kanamaru; Kunio Yamada; Tadashi Ichikawa; Takeshi Naemura; Kiyoharu Aizawa; Takahiro Saito
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Direct estimation of 3D motion parameters and relative depth using the minimum description length principle
Author(s): Souad Hadjres; Amar Mitiche
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Monitoring and measurement of movement of objects by fringe projection method
Author(s): Michal Emanuel Pawlowski; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Marek Grzegorz Wegiel
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Differential motions for recovering 3D structure and motions from an unstructured environment
Author(s): Jose Vicente; Domingo Guinea; Victor M. Preciado
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Parameters matching of objects in video sequences
Author(s): Yannick Perret; Theirry Excoffier; Saida Bouakaz
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Object modeling in multiple-object 3D scene using deformable simplex meshes
Author(s): Ernesto L. Juarez; Christophe Dumont; Mongi A. Abidi
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High-resolution triangulation of arbitrary shaped surfaces based on coordinate curves
Author(s): Bijan Timsari
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Optimizing triangular mesh generation from range images
Author(s): Tianyu Lu; David Y. Yun
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Segmenting 3D surface scan data of the human body by 2D projection
Author(s): Peng Li; Brian D. Corner; Steven Paquette
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ShapeGrabber FootScanner: a low cost high accuracy 3D system for the acquisition of human feet
Author(s): Francois Blais; Joel A. Bisson; Steve Williams; Nancy Robertson; Serge Rozin; Andrew Nelson
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Volumetric apparel for visible female
Author(s): Zhongke Wu; Shuang Ru Goh; Orapan Kluenkaew; Ming Lee Tang; Edmond C. Prakash
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New class library for animation of voxel humans
Author(s): Shuang Ru Goh; Orapan Kluenkaew; Ming Lee Tang; Zhongke Wu; Edmond C. Prakash
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Strategies for registering range images from unknown camera positions
Author(s): Fausto Bernardini; Holly E. Rushmeier
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3D object reconstruction from a sequence of images using voxel coloring
Author(s): Elsayed E. Hemayed; Mostafa G. H. Mostafa; Aly A. Farag
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Three-dimensional scene reconstruction from images
Author(s): Marc Pollefeys; Reinhard Koch; Maarten Vergauwen; Albert A. Deknuydt; Luc J. Van Gool
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Restoration of broken earthenware using close range photogrammetry and a CAD system
Author(s): Amir Saeed Homainejad; Muhamad Hassan Asgari
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Automatic reconstruction of large 3D models of real environments from unregistered data-sets
Author(s): Faysal Boughorbal; David L. Page; Mongi A. Abidi
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Recreation of three-dimensional objects in a real-time simulated environment by means of a panoramic single lens stereoscopic image-capturing device
Author(s): Erwin Wong
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Interpolation of ray-space data by adaptive filtering
Author(s): Takeyuki Kobayashi; Toshiaki Fujii; Tadahiko Kimoto; Masayuki Tanimoto
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Impact of intensity edge map on segmentation of noisy range images
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Yiyong Sun; Hamed Sari-Sarraf; Mongi A. Abidi
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Real-time 3D shape measurement with digital stripe projection by Texas Instruments Micro Mirror Devices DMD
Author(s): Gottfried Frankowski; Mai Chen; Torsten Huth
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