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Projection Displays 2000: Sixth in a Series
Editor(s): Ming Hsien Wu

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Volume Number: 3954
Date Published: 25 April 2000

Table of Contents
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Market trends in the projection display industry
Author(s): Sweta Dash
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Projection display technologies for the new millennium
Author(s): Frederic J. Kahn
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New microprism geometry in light-guiding plate for illumination devices
Author(s): Serge LM Habraken; Denis Vandormael
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Diagnostics for light-measuring devices in flying-spot display measurements
Author(s): Paul A. Boynton; Edward F. Kelley; Susan M. Highnote; Randy Hurtado
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Design and fabrication of a trichroic prism for liquid crystal projection system
Author(s): Fang-Chuan Ho; Cheng-Wei Chu
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Correction of contrast in projection systems by means of phase-controlled prism coatings and band-shifted twist compensators
Author(s): Alan E. Rosenbluth; Minhua Lu; Kei Hsiung Yang; Kenneth Ho; Rama Nand Singh; Teruhiro Nakasogi
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Optical system design consideration for projection display
Author(s): Toshihide Dohi
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Reflective vertically aligned nematic liquid crystal microdisplays for projection applications
Author(s): Andre Van Calster; Dieter Cuypers
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Multiple high-definition digital display designs
Author(s): Reginald Daniels
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Expanded color gamut reproduced by six-primary projection display
Author(s): Takeyuki Ajito; Takashi Obi; Masahiro Yamaguchi; Nagaaki Ohyama
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RGB lasers for laser projection displays
Author(s): Guenter Hollemann; Bernhard Braun; Friedhelm Dorsch; Petra Hennig; Peter Heist; Ulf Krause; Uwe Kutschki; Hermann A. Voelckel
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RGB optical parametric oscillator source for compact laser projection displays
Author(s): Kevin J. Snell; Dicky Lee; Bhabana Pati; Peter F. Moulton
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Concepts and performance of solid state RGB laser sources for large-frame laser projection displays
Author(s): Achim Nebel; Richard E. Wallenstein
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Laser-based SXGA reflective light valve projector with E-cinema quality contrast and color space
Author(s): Keith W. Kennedy; Robert J. Martinsen; Andrew J. Radl; John F. Arntsen; Masayuki Karakawa
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High-resolution scanning laser projection display with diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Christhard Deter; Juergen Kraenert
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Broadband large-acceptance-angle polarizing beam splitters for reflective LCD projectors
Author(s): Hing Leung Li; Ho-Chi Huang; HoiSing Kwok
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Ultraportable projector progress and prospects
Author(s): David E. Slobodin; Cathy Biber
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High-resolution 60-in. liquid crystal rear-projection TV
Author(s): Feng-Chao Chung; Fang-Chuan Ho; Yi-Ling Wu
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High-resolution FLC microdisplay
Author(s): Osamu Akimoto; Shunichi Hashimoto
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Compact video projection display utilizing RGB lasers
Author(s): Edward J. Miesak
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Contrast ratio of vertically aligned nematic cell
Author(s): David Armitage
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Modeling arc lamp collection efficiency for projection displays: ray tracing vs. measured results
Author(s): Benjamin A. Jacobson; Robert D. Gengelbach
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3-in. YAG phosphor screen used for projection tube
Author(s): Jianbo Cheng; Wenbing Chen; Zulun Lin; Junjian Li; Yang Gang; Shixian Luo; Jianhui Yuan
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Novel YAG phosphor screen for projection CRT
Author(s): Wenbing Chen; Jianbo Cheng; Junjian Li
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Comparison of microdisplay-based rear-projection televisions
Author(s): Charles W. McLaughlin
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Artifact-free resizing using an optical method
Author(s): John W. Bowron; George Tsintzouras
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