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Optoelectronic Interconnects VII; Photonics Packaging and Integration II
Editor(s): Michael R. Feldman; Richard Liqiang Li; W. Brian Matkin; Suning Tang; Richard Liqiang Li; Michael R. Feldman
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Volume Number: 3952
Date Published: 27 April 2000
Softcover: 42 papers (430) pages
ISBN: 9780819435699

Table of Contents
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Error- and flow-control protocols for terabit optical networks
Author(s): Ted H. Szymanski
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Interference pattern analysis of optical CDMA system using the SCAE and SCAD
Author(s): Tae-Gu Kang; Jae-Kyong Choi; Chan Young Park; Young-Wan Choi; YoungChan Kim
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Novel guided-wave thermo-optic beam deflector
Author(s): Bulang Li; Suning Tang; Xinghua Han; Jeffery J. Maki; Chiou-Hung Jang; Dechang An; Jin-ha Kim; Lin Sun; John Toboada; Ray T. Chen
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Incorporation of MT ferrule and ribbon technology into optical backplane systems
Author(s): Ritch A. Selfridge
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Optical backplane in planar technology
Author(s): Oskar Krumpholz; Richard Bogenberger; Joachim Guttmann; Peter Huber; Joerg Moisel; Manfred Rode
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Image fiber skew characteristics
Author(s): Moriya Nakamura; Toshimichi Otsubo; Ken-ichi Kitayama
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High-speed low-loss large-fan-out optoelectronic clock distribution networks on multichip modules by using silica glass waveguides and silicon microstructures
Author(s): Seungug Koh; Sung-Dong Suh; Danjin Wu; Daniel J. Sadler
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Data-format-free 622-Mbit/s/ch 12-channel parallel optical transmitter and receiver
Author(s): Nobutaka Watanabe; Toshifumi Shinne; Takeshi Nagahori
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CMOS receiver array with 100 channels on 1-mm2 chip area based on self-calibrating self-regenerative sense ampliers operating at 200 Mbit/s/channel
Author(s): Maarten Kuijk; Daniel Coppee; Jan Genoe; Roger A. Vounckx
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Integration of 32x32 photodiode arrays with silicon for massively parallel optical interconnects
Author(s): Chang Myung Ryu; Bernhard Ulrich Koelle; Shane R. Johnson; Philip Dowd; Raenaurd Datrion Turpin; S. Adhiveeraraghavan; Jin Xu; YongHang Zhang; Daniel Docter
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Switching characteristic of wideband MSM and PIN photodetectors for photonic phased-array antennas
Author(s): Bing Li; Suning Tang; Nianhua Jiang; Zan Shi; Ray T. Chen
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VCSEL arrays for 10-Gb/s multimode fiber optical interconnects
Author(s): Rainer Michalzik; Roger King; Giorgio Giaretta; Roland Jaeger; Karl Joachim Ebeling
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MT-compatible red VCSEL module for parallel optical interconnections
Author(s): An Van Hove; Koen Van de Putte; Kris Naessens; Bart Dhoedt; Roel G. Baets; Peter Van Daele
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Transverse modal characterization of VCSELs based on intensity measurement
Author(s): Xin Xue; Andrew G. Kirk
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Novel surface-mount-type fiber optic transmitter and receiver
Author(s): Toshiro Yoshida; Atsuhiro Kawatani; Kanji Shuke
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Effect of process-induced stress in InP/InGaAsP weakly confined waveguides
Author(s): Roghieh Rousina-Webb; I. Betty; Dariusz Sieniawski; Frank R. Shepherd; James B. Webb
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Design of scalable optical interconnection network using wavelength division multiplexing
Author(s): Wencai Jing; Jindong Tian; Ge Zhou; Yimo Zhang; Wei Liu; Xun Zhang
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Polymeric optoelectronic interconnects
Author(s): Louay A. Eldada
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Optoelectronic scalable substrates based on film/Z-connection and its application to film optical link module (FOLM)
Author(s): Tetsuzo Yoshimura; James Roman; Yasuhito Takahashi; Michael Lee; Bill Chou; Solomon I. Beilin; Wen-Chou V. Wang; Masaaki Inao
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Optical true-time-delay lines using polyimide-based waveguides for wideband phased-array antennas
Author(s): Zan Shi; Dechang An; Nianhua Jiang; John Martin Taboada; Lin Sun; Bing Li; Victor Ivan Villavicencio; Greg Morning; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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MT-compatible polymeric waveguide couplers for optoelectronic packaging
Author(s): Jinzhi Ni; Suning Tang; Chengxin Yang; Chad Noddings; Ray T. Chen
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Vertical-cavity modulator for optical interconnection and its high-speed performance
Author(s): Hong Liu; Chien-Chung Lin; James S. Harris
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Fabrication and testing of polyimide thermo-optic switches
Author(s): John Martin Taboada; Dechang An; Zan Shi; Jeffery J. Maki; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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Significant improvement of an AlGaAs-GaAs NpnP optical thyristor with mirror layers
Author(s): Doo-Gun Kim; Jung-Jun Lee; Young-Wan Choi; Seok Lee; Deokha Woo; Byung Kwon Kang; Hwe-Jong Kim; Won Jun Choi; Yoon Ho Park; Hee Taek Yi; Sun-Ho Kim
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Novel photonic ATM switching architecture based on free-space optical interconnect
Author(s): Zhixiang Luo; Mingcui Cao; Yuan Li; Jiangdong Wu; Qiaoyan Hu
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Applied analysis of wavelength used as routing protocol in the optical interconnection
Author(s): Jindong Tian; Ge Zhou; Wencai Jing; Yimo Zhang; Wei Liu
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Steered agile beams support for Army requirements
Author(s): W. Brian Matkin
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Ray-tracing simulations of free-space optical channels for impulse response studies of indoor data links
Author(s): Mikko Karppinen; Sanna M. Aikio; Jukka-Tapani Maekinen; Hannu Rajaniemi; Pentti Karioja
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Cross-talk analysis for optical backplane using two-dimensional beam array from VCSEL and microlens array
Author(s): Gicherl Kim; Ray T. Chen
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New free-space multistage optical interconnection network and its matrix theory
Author(s): Fengguang Luo; Mingcui Cao; Anjun Wan; Jun Xu; Xinjun Zhou; Cong Deng
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Implementation of high-speed optical transmitters
Author(s): Alain Shang; John A. Lehman
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High-speed Si MSM photodetector and VCSEL for optoelectronic interconnects
Author(s): Lei Lin; Chulchae Choi; Yujie Liu; Gauri V. Karve; Bipin Bihari; Ray T. Chen
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Three-dimensional through-wafer fan-out optical interconnects
Author(s): Marion R. LeCompte; Xiao Gao; Harry E. Bates; Jens Meckel; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Integrated optical systems for excitation delivery and broadband detection in microfluidic electrochromatography
Author(s): Shanalyn A. Kemme; Mial E. Warren; William C. Sweatt; Joel R. Wendt; Christopher A. Bailey; Carolyn M. Matzke; Andrew A. Allerman; D. W. Arnold; T. R. Carter; Randolph E. Asbill; S. Samora
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Packaging technology of OptoBGA for 2.4 Gb/s
Author(s): Mitsuo Yanagisawa; Hisayoshi Wada; Seigo Matsuzono; Shingo Sato; Shin Matsuda; Satoshi Ooike; Shigeo Tanahashi; Shoji Uegaki
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Integration process optimization of a micro-optical 1xN fiber optic switch
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Frank Wippermann; Kay Kubitz; Peter Buecker; Bernt Goetz
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Low-cost bidirectional optical transmitter/receiver module for subscriber system
Author(s): Naoki Kimura; Kazuhiko Kurata; Naoki Kitamura; Masaki Funabashi; Alio Goto; Tatsuo Kanai; Haruyasu Ando; Takefumi Tamura
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Hybrid integration of polymer microlens with VCSEL using drop-on-demand technique
Author(s): Yuzo Ishii; Shinji Koike; Yoshimitsu Arai; Yasushiro Ando
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Advances in silica-based photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Hong Koo Kim; Boon Kwee Lee; Euisong Kim; B. Almashary; Pedro Jose Barrios; N. A. Basit; David M. Mackie; C. C. Li
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Integration of micro-optics into gigabit ethernet patchcords for enhanced performance
Author(s): Eric G. Johnson; Jared D. Stack; Charles S. Koehler; Thomas J. Suleski
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Self-aligned laser-fiber coupling using tin/gold (20/80) solder on micro-optical silicon benches
Author(s): Ulf-Peter Dahms; Viki Muellerwiebus; Hans Joachim Heider; Matthias Mahnke; Mark Bludszuweit; Joerg Mueller
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Assembly of fast-axis collimating lenses with high-power laser diode bars
Author(s): Torsten Possner; Bernhard Messerschmidt; Anke Kraeplin; Veit Bluemel; Bernd Hoefer; Peter Schreiber
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Microjet printing of micro-optical interconnects and sensors
Author(s): Weldon Royall Cox; Chi Guan; Donald J. Hayes
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