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Optical Diagnostics of Biological Fluids V
Editor(s): Alexander V. Priezzhev; Toshimitsu Asakura

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Volume Number: 3923
Date Published: 31 May 2000

Table of Contents
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Near-infrared CCD imaging: possibilities for noninvasive and contactless 2D mapping of dermal venous hemodynamics
Author(s): Vladimir Blazek; Ting Wu; Dominik Hoelscher
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Laser Doppler imaging of myocardial perfusion during coronary bypass surgery
Author(s): Karin Wardell; Ulf Hermansson; Gert E. Nilsson; Henrik Casimir-Ahn
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Computerized capillaroscopy as a method of Tanakan therapy efficiency assessment in diabetes patients
Author(s): Youri I. Gurfinkel; Angela M. Ishunina
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Investigation of the aggregation and disaggregation properties of erythrocytes by light-scattering measurements
Author(s): Juergen Lademann; Hans-Juergen Weigmann; Wolfram Sterry; Holger Kiesewetter; Andre Roggan; Gerhard J. Mueller; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Nikolai N. Firsov
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Computerized video-enhanced high temporal resolution of erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR-graphy) reveals complex dynamic and self-organizing properties of whole blood
Author(s): Vladimir L. Voeikov; Sergey E. Kondakov; Ekaterina Buravleva; Isaak Kaganovsky; Mikhail Reznikov
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In-plane scatterometry of small caliber blood column
Author(s): Arthur Lompado; Matthew H. Smith; Lloyd W. Hillman; Kurt R. Denninghoff
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Influence of tissue phantom optical properties and emitting-receiving fiber distance on laser Doppler flowmetry
Author(s): Marcus Larsson; Wiendelt Steenbergen; Tomas Stroemberg
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Optical polarimetry applied to the development of a noninvasive in-vivo glucose monitor
Author(s): Brent D. Cameron; Justin S. Baba; Gerard L. Cote
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Progress toward implantable fluorescence-based sensors for monitoring glucose levels in interstitial fluid
Author(s): Michael J. McShane; Dennis P. O'Neal; Ryan J. Russell; Michael V. Pishko; Gerard L. Cote
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pH influence on near-infrared spectra of glucose
Author(s): Christopher B. Lewis; Gerard L. Cote
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Light scattering of spherical biological particles with different inner structure
Author(s): Nickolay V. Shepelevich; Inna V. Prostakova; Valeriy N. Lopatin
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Application of efficient numerical technique in transport theory for inhomogeneous turbid medium: comparison with experiments
Author(s): Andrei Dergatchev; Rene Alexander Bolt; Frits F. M. de Mul
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Photonic technology applied to immuno-hemo-rheology
Author(s): Rodolfo Jose Rasia; Juana R. Valverde; Laura Pla; Jean F. Stoltz
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Determination of the complex viscoelastic parameters of human red blood cells by laser diffractometry
Author(s): Bibiana Doris Riquelme; Juana R. Valverde; Rodolfo Jose Rasia
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Laser-scattering diagnostics of aggregating vesicles suspensions in shear flows: computer simulation and experimental study
Author(s): Dmitri B. Berg; Alexander V. Priezzhev
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Peculiarities of lymph flow in microvessels
Author(s): Ekateryna I. Galanzha; Gregory E. Brill; Sergey S. Ulyanov; Valery V. Tuchin; Anastasiya V. Solov'eva; Alexey V. Sedykh
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Optical study of magnetic sedimentation and orientable properties of blood cells
Author(s): Svetlana B. Norina; Alexander N. Shalygin; Stanislav F. Rastopov
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Possibility of quantitative estimation of blood cell forms by the spatial-frequency spectrum analysis
Author(s): Igor N. Spiridonov; Larisa P. Safonova; Andrey V. Samorodov
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Quantitative estimation of poikilocytosis by the coherent optical method
Author(s): Larisa P. Safonova; Andrey V. Samorodov; Igor N. Spiridonov
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Influence of low-intensity laser radiation on human blood microcirculation
Author(s): Alexander N. Korolevich; Natali S. Dubina; Sergei I. Vecherinski
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Scattering properties of human whole blood under simple shear
Author(s): Wiendelt Steenbergen; Roy G. M. Kolkman; Dirk J. Faber; Frits F. M. de Mul
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