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Optical Diagnostics of Living Cells III
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Volume Number: 3921
Date Published: 27 April 2000
Softcover: 37 papers (356) pages
ISBN: 9780819435378

Table of Contents
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Improvements to quantitative microscopy through the use of digital micromirror devices
Author(s): Andrew L. P. Dlugan; Calum E. MacAulay; Pierre Mark Lane
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In-vivo confocal microscopy based on the Texas Instruments digital micromirror device
Author(s): Elliott L. Botvinick; Florence Li; Sungdo Cha; David A. Gough; Yeshaiahu Fainman; Jeffrey H. Price
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Cell enumeration and characterization in microvolume laser scanning cytometry: a multicolor image-processing package
Author(s): Scott M. Norton; Jim Winkler; Louis J. Dietz
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Magnification-corrected optical image splitting for simultaneous multiplanar acquisition
Author(s): Lam K. Nguyen; Miguel E. Bravo-Zanoguera; Albert L. Kellner; Jeffrey H. Price
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Software framework for scanning cytometry
Author(s): Edward Hunter; Scott Callaway; Jeffrey H. Price
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Cell nuclear features for classification from fluorescence images
Author(s): Susanne Heynen; Edward Hunter; Jeffrey H. Price
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Analysis of the 3D spatial organization of cells and subcellular structures in tissue
Author(s): David W. Knowles; Carlos Ortiz de Solorzano; Arthur Jones; Stephen J. Lockett
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Application of a new novel data-mining technique to cytometry data
Author(s): James F. Leary; Scott R. McLaughlin; Lisa M. Reece
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Flow cytometry systems for drug discovery and development
Author(s): John T. Ransom; Bruce S. Edwards; Frederick W. Kuckuck; Alex Okun; David K. Mattox; Eric R. Prossnitz; Larry A. Sklar
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Fluorescent molecular rotor for the study of membrane fluidity in endothelial cells under fluid shear stress
Author(s): Mark A. Haidekker; John A. Frangos
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New portable time-resolved photometer for monitoring the calcium dynamics of osteoblasts under mechanical and zero-gravity stimulation
Author(s): Jens Struckmeier; Jochen Tenbosch; Erk Klopp; Matthias Born; Martin R. Hofmann; David B. Jones
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Methods to increase the luminescence of lanthanide (III) macrocyclic complexes
Author(s): John R. Quagliano; Robert C. Leif; Lidia M. Vallarino; Steven A. Williams
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Reconstruction of 3D radial distribution of interphase chromatin in lymphocyte nucleus for various diseases
Author(s): Igor Patrickeyev; Peter Frick; Alexander V. Zhukotsky
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Sensitivity of detection of bacteria with fluorescent and luminescent phenotypes using different instruments
Author(s): Lubov Yu. Brovko; Mansel W. Griffiths
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Multiparameter breast cancer cell image analysis for objective estimation of nuclear grade: comparison with light microscopic observational data
Author(s): Juris Berzins; Uldis Sneiders; Daina Plegere; Talivaldis Freivalds; Romalda Grigalinovica
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Refractive properties of separate erythrocytes of Chernobyl clean-up workers at different pH
Author(s): Gunta Mazarevica; Talivaldis Freivalds; Ruta Bruvere; Natalija Gabruseva; Alevtine Leice; Tija Zvagule
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Magnetic tweezers microscope for cellular manipulation
Author(s): Chen-Yuan Dong; Hayden Huang; Jason D. B. Sutin; Hyuk-Sang Kwon; George E. Cragg; R. Gilbert; Richard T. Lee; Enrico Gratton; Roger D. Kamm; Douglas A. Lauffenburger; Peter T. C. So
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Miniature optical microscope without imaging lens
Author(s): Yu Wang
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Electrical-field-directed cell migration during respiratory epithelium wound repair
Author(s): Jean-Marie Zahm; Beatrice Raby; Anne Laure Herard; Edith Puchelle; Noel Bonnet
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Special interaction between ligands and DNA
Author(s): Xuemei Wang; Xianlun Jiang; Lintao Cai; Zu-Hong Lu
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Fluorescence spectral imaging of organelle interaction
Author(s): Elli Kohen; Joseph G. Hirschberg; Cahide Kohen; Dietrich O. Schachtschabel; Marco Monti; Rita Stanikunaite
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Illuminating cellular structure and function in the early secretory pathway by multispectral 3D imaging in living cells
Author(s): Jens Rietdorf; David J. Stephens; Anthony Squire; Jeremy Simpson; David T. Shima; Jean-Pierre Paccaud; Philippe I.H. Bastiaens; Rainer Pepperkok
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging of pH in cells: investigation of factors influencing the pH calibration lifetime
Author(s): Ronnie M. Andersson; Kjell Carlsson; Anders Liljeborg; Hjalmar Brismar
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Two-photon fluorescence spectroscopy for identification of healthy and malignant biological tissues
Author(s): Ming Gun Xu; Min Gu; Erik W. Thompson; Elizabeth Williams
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Direct observation of liposome uptake by leukocytes in vivo in skin blood vessels using intravital fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Jean-Marie Devoisselle; Serge R. Mordon; Sylvie Begu; Thomas Desmettre
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External optical imaging of freely moving mice with green fluorescent protein-expressing metastatic tumors
Author(s): Meng Yang; Eugene Baranov; Hiroshi Shimada; A. R. Moossa; Robert M. Hoffman
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High-resolution x-ray CT screening of mutant mouse models
Author(s): Michael J. Paulus; Shaun S. Gleason; Hamed Sari-Sarraf; Dabney K. Johnson; Charmaine J. Foltz; Derek W. Austin; M. Evangeline Easterly; Edward J. Michaud; Madhu S. Dhar; Patricia R. Hunsicker; J. W. Wall; M. Schell
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Two-photon fluorescence confocal microscopy with a passively Q-switched Nd:YAG microchip laser
Author(s): Colin J. H. Brenan; Peter T. C. So
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Two-photon excitation energy transfer microscopy
Author(s): Ammasi Periasamy
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Real-time Ca ion wave imaging in living rat cardiac muscle cells by a confocal multiphoton microscope with a microlens-pinhole array scanner
Author(s): Katsumasa Fujita; Tomoyuki Kaneko; Osamu Nakamura; Masahito Oyamada; Tetsuro Takamatsu; Satoshi Kawata
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Improvement of confocal spectral precision distance microscopy (SPDM)
Author(s): Peter Edelmann; Christoph G. Cremer
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Nanolocalization measurements in spatially modulated illumination microscopy using two coherent illumination beams
Author(s): Bernhard Schneider; Benno Albrecht; P. Jaeckle; Denis Neofotistos; S. Soeding; T. Jaeger; Christoph G. Cremer
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Two-photon excitation laser scanning microscopy of rabbit nasal septal cartilage following Nd:YAG-laser-mediated stress relaxation
Author(s): Charlton C. Kim; Vincent P. Wallace; Mariah L. Coleno; Xavier Dao; Bruce J. Tromberg; Brian Jet-Fei Wong
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Determination of spring constant of laser-trapped particle by self-mixing interferometry
Author(s): Guanming Lai; Zhihua Ding; Ming Wang; Takahiko Sato; Teruhiko Sakakibara; Shigenobu Shinohara
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM): simulation and error analysis
Author(s): Masilamani Elangovan; Peter Kionga-Kamau; Ammasi Periasamy
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Quantitative architectural analysis of bronchial intraepithelial neoplasia
Author(s): Martial Guillaud; Calum E. MacAulay; Jean C. Le Riche; Chris Dawe; Jagoda Korbelik; Stephen Lam
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Creation of a virtual cutaneous tissue bank
Author(s): William A. LaFramboise; Sujal Shah; R. W. Hoy; D. Letbetter; P. Petrosko; R. Vennare; Peter C. Johnson
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