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Micro- and Nanotechnology for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

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Volume Number: 3912
Date Published: 15 March 2000

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Detecting cancer quickly and accurately
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; Anthony E. McDonald; Judy Kay Hendricks; G. C. Copeland; John A. Hunter; O. Akhil; D. Cheung; Jimmy D. Cox; H. Capps; Mark S. Curry; Steven K. Skirboll
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Optoelectronic microdevices for combined phototherapy
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Yulian A. Menyaev; V. A. Hamaev; G. M. Antropov; Milton Waner M.D.
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Nanoscale microcavities for biomedical sensor applications
Author(s): Selena Chan; Philippe M. Fauchet; Yi Li; Lewis J. Rothberg
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Multicolor fluorescence detection of ribosomal RNA in microchannels
Author(s): Michal Balberg; Krassimira Hristova; Margit Mau; Dominic Frigon; Henry Chris Zeringue; David J. Brady; David J. Beebe; Lutgarde Raskin
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Micromachined pipettes integrated in a flow channel for single DNA molecule study by optical trapping
Author(s): Cristina R. Rusu; Ronny van't Oever; Meint J. de Boer; Henri V. Jansen; Erwin Berenschot; Miko C. Elwenspoek; Martin L. Bennink; Johannes Sake Kanger; Bart G. de Grooth; Jan Greve; Juergen P. Brugger; Albert van den Berg
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Novel immunoassay formats for integrated microfluidic circuits: diffusion immunoassays (DIA)
Author(s): Bernhard H. Weigl; Anson Hatch; Andrew Evan Kamholz; Paul Yager
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Image reconstruction in tissuelike turbid media under single and two-photon excitation
Author(s): Xiasong Gan; N. Dragomir; Min Gu
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OPUS: an optically parallel ultrasound sensor
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Kallman; A. Elaine Ashby M.D.; Dino R. Ciarlo; Graham H. Thomas
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BioMEMS applied to the development of cell-based bioassay systems
Author(s): Colin J. H. Brenan; Karel Domansky; Petra Kurzawski; Linda G. Griffith
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Modular microinstrumentation for endothelial cell research
Author(s): Bonnie L. Gray; Abdul I. Barakat; Deborah K. Lieu; Scott D. Collins; Rosemary L. Smith
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Microchannel arrays with improved accessibility and use for cell studies and emulsification
Author(s): Yuji Kikuchi; Hiroko E. Kikuchi; Yoshinori Kuboki; Mitsutoshi Nakajima
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Microfrabricated in-vitro cell culture systems for investigating cellular interactions: fabricating a model system for cardiac myocytes
Author(s): Jennifer Deutsch; Tejal A. Desai; Delara Motlagh; Brenda Russell
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Mechanisms for protein micro-/nano-patterning on photopolymer substrates
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau
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Characterization of fibroblasts and proteins on thin films
Author(s): Constantina S. Giannoulis; Tejal A. Desai
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Glass, plastic, and semiconductors: packaging techniques for miniature optoelectronic components
Author(s): Michael D. Pocha; Henry E. Garrett; Rajesh R. Patel; Leslie M. Jones III; Michael C. Larson; Mark A. Emanuel; Steven W. Bond; Robert J. Deri; R. F. Drayton; Holly E. Petersen; Mark E. Lowry
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Microspectrometer system for the near-infrared wavelength range based on LIGA technology
Author(s): Peter Krippner; Thomas Kuehner; Juergen Mohr; Volker Saile
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Long-range translation actuator
Author(s): Andrew P. Wallace; D. L. Howard; J. Marcos Sirota; Rosemary L. Smith; Scott D. Collins
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Determination of ammonia in a flow injection cell using the diode laser fiber optic colorimetric spectrometer
Author(s): SungHo Kim; Sung Man Nam; Gill Sang Byun; Shin-Young Yun; Seongsik Hong; Jong Shin Yoo
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Physical characterization of capillary waveguides
Author(s): B. Schelle; Peter Dress; Hilmar Franke; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Joachim P. Slupek
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Selective detection of hydrocarbon vapors by ATR-leaky mode spectroscopy
Author(s): R. P. Podgorsek; Hilmar Franke; John G. Woods; Roger A. Lessard
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