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28th AIPR Workshop: 3D Visualization for Data Exploration and Decision Making
Editor(s): William R. Oliver

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Volume Number: 3905
Date Published: 5 May 2000

Table of Contents
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ViA: a perceptual visualization assistant
Author(s): Chris G. Healey; Robert St. Amant; Mahmoud S. Elhaddad
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Experimental analysis of the effectiveness of features in Chernoff faces
Author(s): Christopher J. Morris; David S. Ebert; Penny L. Rheingans
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Extracting invariant features of the human face from 3D range data
Author(s): Shoude Chang; Marc Rioux; Chander Prakash Grover
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Revitalizing the scatter plot
Author(s): David A. Rabenhorst
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Task-based color scale design
Author(s): Penny L. Rheingans
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Interactive exploration of acquired 3D data
Author(s): Lars S. Nyland; David K. McAllister; Voicu Popescu; Chris McCue; Anselmo A. Lastra
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Panoramic-image-based rendering solutions for visualizing remote locations via the web
Author(s): Upul R. Obeysekare; David Egts; John Bethmann
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Forensic 3D scene reconstruction
Author(s): Charles Q. Little; Daniel E. Small; Ralph R. Peters; J. Brian Rigdon
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Registration and integration of multisensor data for photorealistic scene reconstruction
Author(s): Faysal Boughorbal; David L. Page; Christophe Dumont; Mongi A. Abidi
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Simulation of body exposure to explosion
Author(s): William R. Oliver
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New large-scale 3D laser scanning, modeling, and visualization technology provides advanced capabilities for scene reconstruction and interpretation
Author(s): Geoffrey L. Jacobs
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Four-dimensional ATR processing and visualization
Author(s): Mark S. Berlin
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Modeling the digital Earth in VRML
Author(s): Martin Reddy; Yvan G. Leclerc; Lee Iverson; Nat Bletter; Kiril Vidimce
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Visualizing motion in video
Author(s): Lisa M. Brown; Susan Crayne
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Real-time pose determination and reality registration system
Author(s): Charles J. Cohen; Glenn Beach; Douglas Haanpaa; Charles J. Jacobus
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Monitoring human and vehicle activities using airborne video
Author(s): Ross Cutler; Chandra S. Shekhar; B. Burns; Rama Chellappa; Robert C. Bolles; Larry S. Davis
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Volumetric image display for complex 3D data visualization
Author(s): Che-Chih Tsao; Jyh Shing Chen
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New generation of content addressable memories for associative processing
Author(s): H. Garton Lewis Jr.; Paul Giambalov
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MultiVIS: a web-based interactive remote visualization environment and navigable volume imagemap system
Author(s): Mike Doyle; G. Klein; F. Hussaini; M. Pescitelli
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OpenSkies: a commercial 3D distributed visualization and simulation toolkit
Author(s): Paul N. Cobb; Charles J. Jacobus; Douglas Haanpaa
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NIHmagic: 3D visualization, registration, and segmentation tool
Author(s): Raisa Z. Freidlin; Chikai J. Ohazama; Andrew E. Arai; Delia P. McGarry; Julio A. Panza; Benes L. Trus
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Three-dimensional reconstruction for genomic analysis of prostate cancer
Author(s): Arthur W. Wetzel; John Gilbertson; Lei Zheng; John Gilespie; Jennifer Swalwell; Yukako Yagi; Sujin Kim; Michael Emmert-Buck; Michael J. Becich
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Improved vision in forensic documentation: forensic 3D/CAD-supported photogrammetry of bodily injury external surfaces combined withvolumetric radiologic scanning of bodily injury internal structur
Author(s): Michael J. Thali; Marcel Braun; Beat P. Kneubuehl; Walter Brueschweiler; Peter Vock; Richard Dirnhofer
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3D segmentation and visualization of cardiac SPECT studies
Author(s): Christine Fernandez-Maloigne; R. H. Rakotobe; F. Langevin; M. Fauchet
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Feature-based technique for automated image registration of the brain
Author(s): Li-Yueh Hsu; Murray H. Loew
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I-SPINE: a software package for advances in image-guided and minimally invasive spine procedures
Author(s): Jae Jeong Choi; Kevin Robert Cleary; Jianchao Zeng; Kevin A. Gary; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Vance Watson; David Lindisch; Seong Ki Mun
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Visible Embryo Project: a platform for spatial genomics
Author(s): Mike Doyle; Adrianne Noe; George S. Michaels
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