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Device and Process Technologies for MEMS and Microelectronics
Editor(s): Kevin H. Chau; Sima Dimitrijev
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Volume Number: 3892
Date Published: 1 October 1999
Softcover: 44 papers (402) pages
ISBN: 9780819434937

Table of Contents
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Multilayered piezoceramic microactuators formed by milling in the green state
Author(s): Urban Simu; Stefan A. I. Johansson
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Lithographic definition of channel and void structures in multilayer PZT microactuators
Author(s): Tobias Rosqvist; Stefan A. I. Johansson
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Fabrication of thin film metallic glass and its application to microactuators
Author(s): Seiichi Hata; Kaiji Sato; Akira Shimokohbe
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Integration of a microlens on a micro XY-stage
Author(s): Che-Heung Kim; Yong-Kweon Kim
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3D micromachined devices based on polyimide joint technology
Author(s): Thorbjoern Ebefors; Johan Ulfstedt-Mattsson; Edvard Kaelvesten; Goeran Stemme
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Two-dimensional microscanner actuated by PZT thin film
Author(s): Wenmei Lin; Andreas Schroth; Sohei Matsumoto; Cheng-Kuo Lee; Ryutaro Maeda
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Transferable silicon nitride microcavities
Author(s): Kevin J. Winchester; Sue M.R. Spaargaren; John M. Dell
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Dry release process of anhydrous HF gas-phase etching for the fabrication of a vibrating microgyroscope
Author(s): Won-Ick Jang; Chang-Auck Choi; Yoonshik Hong; Chi-Hoon Jun; Youn Tae Kim; Jong-Hyun Lee
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Ultralow-stress silicon-rich nitride films for microstructure fabrication
Author(s): MingCheng Cheng; Wei-Gei Ho; Chin Piao Chang; Wen Sheh Huang; Ruey-Shing Star Huang
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Drop-by-drop deposition of ceramic slurry for fabrication of PZT microstructures
Author(s): Lena Klintberg; Greger Thornell; Stefan A. I. Johansson
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Direct writing of nickel by electrodeposition from various electrolytes
Author(s): Greger Thornell; Anders Jansson; Stefan A. I. Johansson
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Constructing biomolecular motor-powered hybrid NEMS devices
Author(s): George D. Bachand; Carlo D. Montemagno
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Thick porous silicon layers as sacrificial material for low-power gas sensors
Author(s): Olaf Bartels; Alexandra Splinter; Uwe Storm; Josef Binder
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Design and fabrication of novel photodetector arrays
Author(s): Mary J. Li; Christine A. Allen; Shahid Aslam; Tina C. Chen; Fred M. Finkbeiner; Scott A. Gordon; Jonathan L. Kuhn; David Brent Mott; Carl Michael Stahle; Caroline Kilbourn Stahle; Nilesh Tralshawala; Liqin L. Wang
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Inertial sensing paradigm using an accelerometer array: XL-array
Author(s): Seo Kyu Kim; KukJin Chun
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Microfabrication and reliability study of sapphire-based Ti/Pt electrodes for thin film gas sensor applications
Author(s): Wenmin Qu; Wojtek Wlodarski; Michael W. Austin
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Excess noise in MWIR photovoltaic detectors fabricated using a new junction formation technology
Author(s): Muhammad Hamid Rais; Charles A. Musca; John M. Dell; Jarek Antoszewski; Brett D. Nener; Lorenzo Faraone
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Thin film thermal sensor fabrication and application
Author(s): Hamid Gualous
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Process technologies for high-resolution infrared detectors based on LiTaO3
Author(s): Volkmar Norkus; Gerald Gerlach; Guenter Hofmann
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Limiting factors in the production of deep microstructures
Author(s): David W. L. Tolfree; William O'Neill; Leslie Tunna; Christopher Sutcliffe
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Diffusion mechanisms in microlithographic thin polymeric films
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Takahisa Taguchi; Susumu Yoshikawa
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Monitoring photoresist glass transition temperature versus processing parameters via NMR broad band spectroscopy
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Cristina Bercu; Simion Coca; Takahisa Taguchi
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Micro-optical structures for atom lithography studies
Author(s): Erol C. Harvey; Tracy R. Mackin; Brian C. Dempster; Robert E. Scholten
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Nonstandard bleaching behavior in DNQ systems: modeling and lithographic consequences
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Susumu Yoshikawa; Mircea V. Dusa
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Lens FPD and LH effect on CD control of lithography process
Author(s): D. F. Huang; Chih-Chien Hung
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Local defect real-time monitor system in lithography
Author(s): Hung-Chih Chen; Tse-Yu Lin; Yao-Chang Chu; Chih-Chien Hung
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Physical and electrical properties of thin dielectrics prepared by photoassisted growth in an NO environment
Author(s): Phillipe Jamet; H. Barry Harrison; Sima Dimitrijev; Philip G. Tanner
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Comparison of wet and dry gate oxides for SiC MOSFETs
Author(s): Philip G. Tanner; Sima Dimitrijev; H. Barry Harrison
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Method for manufacturing high-quality gravure plates for printing fine-line electrical circuits
Author(s): Juha Hagberg; Seppo Leppaevuori
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Self-alignment for microparts assembly using water surface tension
Author(s): Kaiji Sato; Seiichi Hata; Akira Shimokohbe
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Patterning of nickel-titanium SMA films with chemical etching by a novel multicomponent etchant
Author(s): Guifu Ding; Aibin Yu; Xiaolin Zhao; Dong Xu; Bingchu Cai; Tianhui Shen
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Fabrication of high-yield Si microdiaphragms using electrochemical etch stop in TMAH/IPA/pyrazine solution
Author(s): Gwiy-Sang Chung; Chin-Sung Park; Byeong-Kwon Ju
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Fabrication of an uncooled infrared sensor using pyroelectric thin film
Author(s): Yun-Kwon Park; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Heung-Woo Park; Young-Soo Yoon; Sang Seop Yom; Young-Jei Oh; Jung-Ho Park; Sang-Hee Suh; Myung-Hwan Oh; Chul-Ju Kim
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Oxygen gas sensing and microstructure characterization of sol-gel-prepared MoO3-TiO2 thin films
Author(s): Yongxiang Li; Muralihar K. Ghantasala; Kosmas Galatsis; Wojtek Wlodarski
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Lens temperature and performance correlation analysis
Author(s): Jian-Yuan Chiou; M. F. Chen; C. L. Liu; Chih-Chien Hung
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Stress effect on the via crack of IMD structure in scrubber processing
Author(s): D. F. Huang; R. S. Yeh; Tse-Yu Lin; Chih-Chien Hung; T. C. Lin; Chao-Hsin Chang; Chia-Hsiang Chen
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