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In-Line Methods and Monitors for Process and Yield Improvement
Editor(s): Sergio A. Ajuria; Jerome F. Jakubczak
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Volume Number: 3884
Date Published: 27 August 1999
Softcover: 37 papers (344) pages
ISBN: 9780819434814

Table of Contents
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In-line monitoring of chemical-mechanical polishing processes
Author(s): Dale L. Hetherington; David J. Stein
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Defect detection strategies for chemical-mechanical polishing process in shallow-trench isolation applications
Author(s): Jane J. Li; Albert H. Liu; Scott S. Hiemke
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Metal-fill optical test structures for improved chemical mechanical polishing
Author(s): Shadi Alex AbuGhazaleh; Phillip Christie
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Integrated yield and CD enhancement for advanced DUV lithography
Author(s): Murthy S. Krishna; Emir Gurer; Tom X. Zhong; Ed C. Lee; John W. Salois; Reese M. Reynolds
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Pioneering breakthroughs in implant monitor wafer cost reduction at 300 mm
Author(s): Jason S. Zeakes; Terry A. Breeden
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Innovative integrated plasma tool for process and exhaust monitoring
Author(s): Eric Chevalier; Philippe Maquin
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Defect reduction strategy for plasma etch
Author(s): Richard Y. Yang
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New sample preparation method for improved defect characterization yield on bare wafers
Author(s): Christophe J. Roudin; Patrick D. Kinney; Yuri S. Uritsky
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Using the surface charge profiler for in-line monitoring of doping concentration in silicon epitaxial wafer manufacturing
Author(s): Joshua P. Tower; Emil Kamieniecki; M. C. Nguyen; Adrien Danel
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Analysis of phosphorous autodoping in P-type silicon measured using corona oxide silicon (COS) techniques
Author(s): Brian Letherer; Gregory Horner
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High-resolution tracing method for monitoring metal contaminants in silicon device manufacturing processes
Author(s): Hirofumi Shimizu; Shuichi Ishiwari
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Gate dielectric monitoring using noncontact electrical characterization
Author(s): Jerzy Ruzyllo; P. Roman; D. O. Lee; M. Brubaker; Emil Kamieniecki
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COCOS oxide film characterization and monitoring
Author(s): Andrew M. Hoff; Damon K. DeBusk; Robert W. Schanzer
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Particle issues in spin-on dielectric materials
Author(s): Thomas R. Washer
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Silicide sheet resistivity and metal film stress measurements as emissivity-independent techniques for RTP temperature monitoring
Author(s): Ingrid Jonak-Auer
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Identification of amorphous silicon residues in a low-power CMOS technology
Author(s): Alexandre Acovic; Philippe A. Buffat; Paul Brander; Peter J. Jacob; Oliver Jeandupeux; Vittorio Marsico; Daniel Rosenfeld; Jacques Moser; Markus Kohli; Roger Fluckiger; Karim Belkacem; Pierre C. Fazan
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Online characterization of HSG polysilicon by AFM
Author(s): Larry M. Ge; M. A. el-Hamdi; Roger Alvis; S. Sawaya; David Gifford; Rafael Lainez; L. Hendrix
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Frequency distribution modeling for high-speed microprocessors using on-chip ring oscillators
Author(s): John M. Carulli; Derek C. Wrobbel; Aswin Mehta; Kenneth E. Krause; Brad E. Campbell; Fred A. Valente
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Process and yield improvement based on fast in-line automatic defect classification
Author(s): Andrew Skumanich
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Innovating SRAM design and test program for fast process-related defect recognition and failure analysis
Author(s): Peter Coppens; Guido Vanhorebeek; Eddy De Backer; Xiao Jie Yuan
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Influence of metal deposition temperature on deep-submicrometer metal lithography
Author(s): Vijaya Subramaniam; Daniel D. Siems; Martin P. Karnett; Sonu Ram Maheshwary; Harlan Sur
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SEM-based automatic defect classification (ADC)
Author(s): Fred Lakhani; Wanda Tomlinson
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Responsivity of GaN and (Ga,Al)N band-gap-graded ultraviolet p-n detectors
Author(s): Michal Janusz Malachowski; Kazimierz Jerzy Plucinski
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Ultrathin gate oxide degradation under different rates of charge injection
Author(s): Pitsini Mongkolkachit; Bharat L. Bhuva; Sharad Prasad; N. Bui; Sherra E. Kerns
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Properties of ultrathin gate oxides grown in N2O-based oxidation ambients by rapid thermal processing
Author(s): Y. B. Jia; Ohm Guo Pan; Long-Ching Wang; Patrick Lo; Shih-Ked Lee; Jeong Yeol Choi; James Shih
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Practical manufacturing technique for reducing charge-induced gate oxide degradation during ion implantation
Author(s): Kenneth G. Moerschel; W. A. Possanza; James Sung; M. A. Prozonic; T. Long; J. Pavlo; T. Chrapacz
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Hot-carrier degradation study of high-density plasma (HDP) oxide deposition process in deep-submicron NMOSFETs
Author(s): Pei Yao; Xu Zeng; Keng Foo Lo; Qiang Guo; Pee Ya Tan
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Effect of Fe and Cu contamination on the reliability of ultrathin gate oxides
Author(s): John D'Amico; Lubek Jastrzebski; Marshall Wilson; Alexandre Savtchouk
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Influence of different materials on the thermal behavior of a CDIP-8 ceramic package
Author(s): Kirsten Weide; Christian Keck
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Failure analysis of wafer-level reliability testing failure
Author(s): Chong Khiam Oh; Soh Ping Neo; Jian Hua Bi; Zong Min Wu; Lian Choo Goh; Shailesh Redkar
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Fatal defect detection from visual abnormalities of logic LSI using IDDQ
Author(s): Masaru Sanada; Hiromu Fujioka
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Defect-free IDDQ with reverse body bias
Author(s): Xiaomei Liu; Samiha Mourad
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Application of liquid crystal techniques with image processing
Author(s): Satoshi Suzuki; Takaaki Numajiri; Koji Saso; Naoki Yoshida; Keiji Fujimoto
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Degradation zones of semiconductor target (Si) formed as a result of nanosecond UV laser material processing
Author(s): Andrew R. Novoselov; Anatoly G. Klimenko
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