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Internal Standardization and Calibration Architectures for Chemical Sensors
Editor(s): Ronald E. Shaffer; Radislav A. Potyrailo
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Volume Number: 3856
Date Published: 23 November 1999
Softcover: 32 papers (340) pages
ISBN: 9780819434494

Table of Contents
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Signal processing strategies for passive FT-IR remote sensing
Author(s): Ronald E. Shaffer
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Video rate visible to LWIR hyperspectral image generation and exploitation
Author(s): Mark S. Dombrowski; Paul D. Willson
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Radiometric linearity in passive FTIR spectrometry
Author(s): Robert T. Kroutil; Roger J. Combs; Robert B. Knapp
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Detection of chemical agents in the atmosphere by passive IR remote sensing
Author(s): Andreas Beil; Rainer Baum; Tim J. Johnson
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Feasibility of remote Raman imaging using tunable filters
Author(s): J. Chance Carter; Dimitra N. Stratis; Shiv K. Sharma; S. Michael Angel
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Alcohol recognition based on the nonlinear responses of a semiconductor gas sensor
Author(s): Satoshi Nakata; Kaori Takemura
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Recognition and quantitation of closely related chlorinated organic vapors with acoustic-wave chemical sensor arrays
Author(s): Radislav A. Potyrailo; Ralph J. May; Timothy M. Sivavec
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Fish freshness sensor
Author(s): Jeremy M. Hammond; Todd Mlsna; Dean J. Smith; Bernd Fruhberger
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Integrated surface acoustic-wave and semiconducting-metal-oxide sensor array
Author(s): Dean J. Smith; Jeremy M. Hammond; Todd Mlsna; Megan Hutchinson; Cameron Brown; Brian Oickle
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Characterization of polymer-coated QCRs in the detection of organic compounds in liquid environments
Author(s): Fabien J. Josse; Rongnong Zhou; Rupa Patel; Kristofer Zinszer; Richard W. Cernosek
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Applications of low-resolution Raman spectroscopy (LRRS)
Author(s): M. Edward Womble; W. Ranjith Premasiri; Timothy O. Deschaines; Richard H. Clarke; Jon P. Olafsson
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Copper sensor system for unattended marine operations II: development of a polymer sensor and field tests
Author(s): Robert A. Lamontagne; John W. Foerster
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Field evaluation of acoustic-wave chemical sensors for monitoring of organic solvents in groundwater
Author(s): Radislav A. Potyrailo; Timothy M. Sivavec; Angelo A. Bracco
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Quartz crystal microbalance dewpoint sensor for natural gas
Author(s): Andrew P. Shapiro; Anthony J. Dean
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Quantification of a single-component gas in air with a microhotplate gas sensor using partial least squares techniques
Author(s): Junhua Ding; Thomas J. McAvoy; Richard E. Cavicchi; Stephen Semancik
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Hardware architectures for chemical sensing electronics
Author(s): Denise M. Wilson; Thaddeus A. Roppel
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Multivariate mixture analysis using reduced-mass-resolution membrane introduction mass spectrometry and variable selection
Author(s): William P. Gardner; John H. Callahan; James E. Girard; Ronald E. Shaffer
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Neural network programming using rapid application development techniques
Author(s): Garrett S. Harris; Bruce E. Segee; Vincent M. Allen
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Probabilistic neural networks for the discrimination of subsurface unexploded ordnance (UXO) in magnetometry surveys
Author(s): Sean J. Hart; Ronald E. Shaffer; Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson; James R. McDonald
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Issues involved in using sol-gel-derived glasses as platforms for chemical sensing
Author(s): Meagan A. Doody; Gary A. Baker; Siddharth Pandey; Neil J. Bonzagni; Frank V. Bright
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Conjugated polymers containing pendant terpyridine receptors: highly efficient sensory materials for transition-metal ions
Author(s): Biwang Jiang; Yan Zhang; Shailesh Sahay; Sudipta Chatterjee; Wayne E. Jones
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pH sensor based on swellable poly(3-nitro-4-hydroxystrene) microspheres in a hydrogel
Author(s): Hongming Wang; William Rudolf Seitz
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Modeling the response features of optical sensors for oxygen: an overview
Author(s): Andrew Mills
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Optical pH sensor based on sol-gel-doped new luminescent dye
Author(s): Aleksandra Lobnik; Karlheinz Niederreiter; Georg Uray
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Speciation of aromatic compounds with excitation-emission matrix measurements
Author(s): Jane Wu Pepper; Yu-Min Chen; Andrew O. Wright; Jonathan E. Kenny
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Weighted parallel factor analysis as a method for reduction of background matrix effects in the determination of aqueous pesticides
Author(s): Renee D. JiJi; Karl S. Booksh
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Linearity and effective optical pathlength of liquid waveguide capillary cells
Author(s): Mathias Belz; Peter Dress; Aleksandr Sukhitskiy; Suyi Liu
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Integrated fault detection capability for Spreeta biosensors
Author(s): Jose L. Melendez; Dwight U. Bartholomew; Richard Carr; Michael Sciascia; Patricia B. Smith; Anita A. Strong; Jerome L. Elkind
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Assessment of inner filter effects in fluorescence spectroscopy using the dual-pathlength method: a study of the jet fuel JP-4
Author(s): Todd E. Pagano; Jonathan E. Kenny
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Using an optical sensor to quantify the amount of oil, water, and gas in a water-continuous flow
Author(s): Xu Wu; Elizabeth B. Dussan; Oliver C. Mullins
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Calibration systems for surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Marc Kenneth Boysworth; Louis A. Obando; Karl S. Booksh
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Smart electronic nose using polymer-film-coated quartz resonator gas sensor for identification of harmful gases
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Yoshiteru Douguchi; K. Yokoi; Tatsuya Mukai; J. Fujioka; Eiji Kusano; Akira Kinbara
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