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Multimedia Systems and Applications II
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher; Bhaskaran Vasudev; V. Michael Bove; Barbara Derryberry
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Volume Number: 3845
Date Published: 22 November 1999
Softcover: 46 papers (490) pages
ISBN: 9780819434388

Table of Contents
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Digital video watermarking for DVD copy protection
Author(s): Ton Kalker
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Multi-level data hiding for digital image and video
Author(s): Min Wu; Hong Heather Yu; Alex Gelman
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Signature-based image identification
Author(s): Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb; Gandhimathi Vaithilingam; Santhana Krishnamachari
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Mismatching perceptual models for effective watermarking in the presence of compression
Author(s): Deepa Kundur; Dimitrios Hatzinakos
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Provably robust digital watermarking
Author(s): Brian Chen; Gregory W. Wornell
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Self-noise suppression schemes in blind image steganography
Author(s): Mahalingam Ramkumar; Ali Naci Akansu
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Wireless and mobility issues in IP telephony
Author(s): Senthil Sengodan; Rajeev Koodli; Jarno Rajahalme
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Standardization efforts in IP telephony
Author(s): Senthil Sengodan; Raj Bansal
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Speech quality as a function of IP network performance
Author(s): Gregory W. Cermak
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Delay of voice traffic over the Internet
Author(s): Mansour J. Karam; Fouad A. Tobagi
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Comparison of H.323 and SIP for IP telephony signaling
Author(s): Ismail Dalgic; Hanlin Fang
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Architecture of conference control functions
Author(s): Nadia Kausar; Jon Crowcroft
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Spoken language interface for a network management system
Author(s): Robert J. Remington
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Advanced latency reduction technique to avoid jitters in MPEG-1 layer 3 streaming over slow link PPP in IPv6
Author(s): Kazuhiro Kitagawa; Daichi Funato; Shunichiro Okada; Kenji Kohiyama; Nobuo Saito
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Current and future Internet transmission methods: technical challenges and practical solutions for widespread acceptance of ADSL
Author(s): Michael O. Polley
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MPEG-2 to H.263 transcoder
Author(s): Nick Feamster; Susie J. Wee
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Implications of interactive long-format video on the internet
Author(s): Branko J. Gerovac
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Error-resilient video compression
Author(s): John G. Apostolopoulos
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VVD: VCR operations for video on demand
Author(s): Ravi T. Rao; Charles B. Owen
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Performance and complexity analysis of rate-constrained motion estimation in MPEG-4
Author(s): Andre Kaup; Hubert Mooshofer
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Interactive MPEG-4 low-bit-rate speech/audio transmission over the Internet
Author(s): Fang Liu; JongWon Kim; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Error-resilient coding of 3D graphics based on morphing and volume splitting
Author(s): Zhidong Yan; Sunil Kumar; Jiankun Li; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Subjective evaluation of MPEG-2 video with and without B frames
Author(s): Gregory W. Cermak; Ernest P. Tweedy
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Single-ended objective quality assessment of DTV
Author(s): Vittorio Baroncini; A. Pierotti
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Simulation of graded video impairment by weighted summation: validation of the methodology
Author(s): John M. Libert; Charles P. Fenimore; Peter Roitman
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Spatial-temporal distortion metric for in-service quality monitoring of any digital video system
Author(s): Stephen Wolf; Margaret H. Pinson
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Usefulness of statistical multiplexing
Author(s): Alexander Schertz
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Measuring ATM video quality of service using an objective picture quality model
Author(s): Jiuhuai Lu; Mainak Chatterjee; Mayer D. Schwartz; Mihir K. Ravel; Wilfried M. Osberger
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Method for image quality monitoring on digital television networks
Author(s): Pierre Bretillon; Jamal Baina; Michel Jourlin; Gabriel Goudezeune
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Perceived quality and bandwidth characterization of layered MPEG-2 video encoding
Author(s): Junichi Kimura; Fouad A. Tobagi; Jose-Miguel Pulido; Peder J. Emstad
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Video display continuity in the presence of temporary transmission inertia periods
Author(s): Junbiao Zhang
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Video rate smoothing and statistical multiplexing using the e-PCRTT algorithm
Author(s): Ofer Hadar; Shlomo Greenberg
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Building multiservice Internet protocol virtual private networks
Author(s): William Cheung
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Content-based MPEG-2 structuring and protection
Author(s): Pascal Frossard; Olivier Verscheure
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Frame architecture for video servers
Author(s): Chitra Venkatramani; Martin G. Kienzle
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Enterprise network control and management: traffic flow models
Author(s): William Maruyama; Mark S. George; Eileen Hernandez; Keith LoPresto; Yea Uang
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Camera networks and microphone arrays for video conferencing
Author(s): Mohan M. Trivedi; Bhaskar D. Rao; Kim C. Ng
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Dynamic reconfiguration in tightly coupled conference environments
Author(s): Dirk Trossen; Peter Kliem
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CONCHA: conference system based on Java and CORBA event service channels
Author(s): Joao Orvalho; Tiago Andrade; Luis Figueiredo; Fernando Boavida
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HOUCOM framework for collaborative environments
Author(s): Norbert Schiffner; Christian Ruehl
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Media synchronization control considering features of MPEG video
Author(s): Kazuhiro Tsuyuguchi; Ryohei Okada; Akira Kinno; Naohisa Komatsu
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Object behavior-based indexing framework for video
Author(s): Sadiye Guler; Mike Rizkalla; Michael F. Vetter
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Java virtual collaboration development environment for building synchronous collaborative application in heterogeneous environments
Author(s): Ju Byoung Oh; Jin Suk Kim; Hye Kyu Kim
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Distributed media server for the support of multimedia teaching
Author(s): Michael Liepert; Carsten Griwodz; Giwon On; Michael Zink; Ralf Steinmetz
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Environmental modeling using omnidirectional vision sensors
Author(s): Kim C. Ng; Sadahiro Iwamoto; Rick Capella; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Video filtering on interframes
Author(s): Bo Shen
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