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Diagnostic Imaging Technologies and Industrial Applications
Editor(s): Jorma Lammasniemi; Herbert Wiggenhauser; Gerhard Busse; Bruce G. Batchelor; Wolfgang Poelzleitner; Gerd Dobmann

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Volume Number: 3827
Date Published: 10 September 1999

Table of Contents
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Concept of multisensor industrial thermal imaging system
Author(s): Juraj Pancik; Pavel Scepko; Vladimir Sekerka; Uwe Hoffmann; Thomas Reichardt
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Ultrasound lock-in thermography: feasibilities and limitations
Author(s): Alexander Dillenz; Gerhard Busse; Datong Wu
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Detection of tightness of mechanical joints using lock-in thermography
Author(s): Thomas Zweschper; Datong Wu; Gerhard Busse
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Optimal thermographic procedures for moisture analysis in building materials
Author(s): Elisabetta Rosina; Nicola Ludwig
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Moisture measurements in building materials by amplitude-sensitive modulation thermography
Author(s): Konstantin A. Buescher; Walter Wild; Herbert Wiggenhauser
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Machine-vision-guided waterjet cutting
Author(s): Jussi Paakkari; Heikki J. Ailisto; Matti Niskala; Masa Makarainen; Kauko Vainamo
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Efficient shape recognition for the detection of reusable material in a waste processing plant
Author(s): Oliver Sidla; Ernst Wilding
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Experimental evaluation of CCD and CMOS cameras in low-light-level conditions
Author(s): Jyrki Laitinen; Heikki J. Ailisto
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Modelization, performance evaluation, and experimental validation of a new drops granulometry optical measurement method
Author(s): Sandrine Roques; Pascal Churoux; Yvan Aubry; Christian Lopez
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Hybrid algorithm to reconstruct out-of-plane surface deformations from interferometric image data
Author(s): Oliver Schwarz
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High-speed template matching with point correlation in image pyramids
Author(s): Harald Penz; Ivan Bajla; Konrad Mayer; Werner Krattenthaler
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High-frequency radar antennas for resolution enhancement of concrete structure images
Author(s): Roland Goettel; Gerhard Moenich; Christiane Maierhofer
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Quantification of air flow patterns by image processing
Author(s): Andres Van Brecht; Koen Janssens; D. Berckmans; E. Vranken
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3D measurement of a soap stone brick
Author(s): Pekka Vienonen
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3D reconstruction from monocular image sequences
Author(s): Tobias Hanning; Georg M. Pisinger
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Near-range stereo for Mars landing site reconstruction
Author(s): Gerhard Paar; Arnold Bauer; Oliver Sidla
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Active infrared thermography for land mine detection
Author(s): Francois Galmiche; Xavier P. Maldague
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Differential coding and processing of images
Author(s): Wlodzimierz Pogribny; Igor Zielinski
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