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Mathematical Modeling, Bayesian Estimation, and Inverse Problems
Editor(s): Françoise J. Prêteux; Ali Mohammad-Djafari; Edward R. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 3816
Date Published: 25 June 1999

Table of Contents
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Graph-matching model using Gibbsian modeling: application to map/SPOT image road networks for map updating
Author(s): Xavier Descombes; Christine Hivernat; Sabine Randriamasy; Josiane B. Zerubia
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Detection and estimation of general frequency-modulated signals using reversible jump MCMC methods
Author(s): Keith D. Copsey; Neil J. Gordon; Alan Marrs
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Efficient exact PDE solutions for MCMC
Author(s): Colin Fox; Mathias Palm; Geoff K. Nicholls
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Bayesian tree-structured image modeling using wavelet-domain hidden Markov models
Author(s): Justin K. Romberg; Hyeokho Choi; Richard G. Baraniuk
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Bayesian optical diffusion imaging
Author(s): Jong Chul Ye; Charles A. Bouman; Kevin J. Webb; Rick P. Millane
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Robust openings in the context of a prior distribution governing the parameters of the random set model
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Yidong Chen
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Estimation of probability of events from imperfect Bernoulli trials
Author(s): Petar M. Djuric; Yufei S. Huang
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Fast algorithm for region snake-based segmentation adapted to physical noise models and application to object tracking
Author(s): Christophe Chesnaud; Philippe Refregier
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Stochastic focusing to edge detection from interest points
Author(s): Kafia Zemirli; Bertrand Zavidovique
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Bayesian wavelet-based image estimation using noninformative priors
Author(s): Mario A. T. Figueiredo; Robert D. Nowak
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Stochastic model of handwritten letters and words to simulate and recognize handwriting
Author(s): Eric L'Homer
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Optical-flow estimation by means of local projection analysis with the Radon-Hermite transform
Author(s): Boris Escalante-Ramirez; Jose Luis Silvan-Cardenas
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Fast iterative methods applied to tomography models with general Gibbs priors
Author(s): Alvaro R. De Pierro; Michel E. Beleza Yamagishi
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Bayesian estimator for PET imaging using a prior image model with mixed continuity constraints
Author(s): Ching-Han Lance Hsu
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Multiresolution approach to the estimation of the shape of a 3D compact object from its radiographic data
Author(s): Charles Soussen; Ali Mohammad-Djafari
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Approximate Poisson likelihoods for simple optimization in MAP tomographic estimation
Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Thibault; Ken D. Sauer; Charles A. Bouman
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Penalized-likelihood image reconstruction for emission tomography using higher-order convex-nonquadratic priors
Author(s): Soo-Jin Lee
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New approach for mathematical problems of the optical tomography of highly scattering (biological) objects
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lyubimov; Olga V. Kravtsenyuk; Alexander G. Murzin
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Model selection based on robustness criterion with measurement application
Author(s): Sofiane Brahim-Belhouari; Gilles Fleury; Marie-Eve Davoust
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Optimal modeling by the use of reparameterizations
Author(s): Gilles Fleury; Marie-Eve Davoust
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Sign language indexation within the MPEG-7 framework
Author(s): Titus Zaharia; Marius Preda; Francoise J. Preteux
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Markov random field model and fuzzy formalism-based data modeling for the sea-floor classification
Author(s): Max Mignotte; Christophe Collet; Patrick Perez; Patrick Bouthemy
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Progressive classification scheme for document layout recognition
Author(s): Julian Minguillon; Jaume Pujol; Kenneth Zeger
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Bayesian classification validation scheme driven by a localized/low-resolution Bhattacharyya distance classifier
Author(s): Emerson Prado Lopes
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Performance analysis on Monte Carlo deconvolution decision rules in presence of noise
Author(s): Abolfazl M. Amini
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Blind deconvolution approach for resolution enhancement of near-field microwave images
Author(s): Ali Mohammad-Djafari; Nasser Qaddoumi; Reza Zoughi
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Ill-posed inversion of multiwavelength lidar data by a hybrid method of variable projection
Author(s): Christine Boeckmann; J. Sarkozi
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Differential geodesic mathematical morphology
Author(s): Nicolas F. Rougon; Francoise J. Preteux
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Image segmentation using wavelet-domain classification
Author(s): Hyeokho Choi; Richard G. Baraniuk
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Multiscale hidden Markov models for photon-limited imaging
Author(s): Robert D. Nowak
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