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Vision Geometry VIII
Editor(s): Longin Jan Latecki; Robert A. Melter; David M. Mount; Angela Y. Wu
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 3811
Date Published: 23 September 1999
Softcover: 34 papers (388) pages
ISBN: 9780819432971

Table of Contents
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Digital naive plane understanding
Author(s): Joelle Vittone; Jean-Marc Chassery
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Fast point location with discrete geometry
Author(s): Allan Fousse; Eric Andres; Jean Francon; Yves Bertrand; Dominique Rodrigues
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Poset approach to 3D parallel thinning
Author(s): Christophe Lohou; Gilles Bertrand
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Unified mathematical framework for a compact and fully parallel n-D skeletonization procedure
Author(s): Antoine Manzanera; Thierry M. Bernard; Francoise J. Preteux; Bernard Longuet
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Algorithms that measure parallelism and concurrency of lines in digital images
Author(s): Peter Veelaert
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Discrete Jordan curve theorem
Author(s): Li Chen
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Description of 3D digital curves using the theory free groups
Author(s): Atsushi Imiya; Muneaki Oosawa
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Errors in calculated moments of convex sets using digital images
Author(s): Reinhard Klette; Jovisa Zunic
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Length estimation of digital curves
Author(s): Reinhard Klette; Vladimir V. Kovalevsky; Ben Yip
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Principles of covariance propagation
Author(s): Robert M. Haralick
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Geometry of the perceptual space
Author(s): Amir H. Assadi; Stephen Palmer; Hamid Eghbalnia; John Carew
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Image space subdivision for fast ray tracing
Author(s): Billy T.W. Yu; William W.H. Yu
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Steerable filter for 3D euclidian motion
Author(s): Yasunori Nishimori
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Matching sets of 3D segments
Author(s): Concettina Guerra; Valerio Pascucci
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Even faster point set pattern matching in 3D
Author(s): Laurence Boxer
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3D image modeling based on data-dependent tetrahedrization
Author(s): Kun Lee; Ohbong Gwun
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Hierarchical 3D surface reconstruction approach
Author(s): Yong Liu; Chengke Wu
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Geometric hashing and object recognition
Author(s): Peter F. Stiller; Birkett Huber
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Continuity of the discrete curve evolution
Author(s): Longin Jan Latecki; R. R. Ghadially; Rolf Lakaemper; Ulrich Eckhardt
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Properties of the three-dimensional vector autoregressive model
Author(s): Jun Fujiki; Masaru Tanaka
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Automatic feature extraction using N-dimension convexity concept in a novel neural network
Author(s): Chia-Lun John Hu
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Fast similarity measure of 3D planar shapes in canonical frames
Author(s): Stephen King Wah Kwok; Ken K.C. Lo
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Approximate connectivity: morphological and fuzzy approach
Author(s): Antony T. Popov
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Gray-scale image processing using topological operators
Author(s): Michel Couprie; Francisco-Nivando Bezerra; Gilles Bertrand
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Tsallis entropy in scale spaces
Author(s): Masaru Tanaka; Takashi Watanabe; Taketoshi Mishima
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Peak-tree: a new approach to image simplification
Author(s): Sukhamay Kundu
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Comparison of rotation algorithms for digital images
Author(s): Valery V. Starovoitov; Dmitry Samal
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Photogrammetric solution for projective reconstruction
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Shan
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Lawn-mowing algorithm for noisy gradient vector fields
Author(s): Lyle Noakes; Ryszard Kozera; Reinhard Klette
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2D leapfrog algorithm for optimal surface reconstruction
Author(s): Lyle Noakes; Ryszard Kozera
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Robust universal texture-extraction technique for model-based coding
Author(s): Manson Siu; Yuk-Hee Chan
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Two-epipole constraints of estimating fundamental matrix and its analyzation
Author(s): Zezhi Chen; Peiyi Shen; Yong Liu; Chengke Wu; Long Quan
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Geometrical approach to skew detection for documents containing the Latin/Cyrillic characters
Author(s): Oleg G. Okun
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Learning shape from focus using multilayer neural networks
Author(s): Asif Muhammad; Tae-Sun Choi
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