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Advanced Optical Data Storage: Materials, Systems, and Interfaces to Computers
Editor(s): Pericles A. Mitkas; Zameer U. Hasan; Hans J. Coufal; Glenn T. Sincerbox
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Volume Number: 3802
Date Published: 22 November 1999
Softcover: 31 papers (288) pages
ISBN: 9780819432889

Table of Contents
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Holographic optical disc
Author(s): Gan Zhou; Xin An; Allen Pu; Demetri Psaltis; Fai H. Mok
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Efficient coding for a two-dimensional runlength-limited constraint
Author(s): Ronald M. Roth; Paul H. Siegel; Jack Keil Wolf
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Coding tradeoffs for high-density holographic data storage
Author(s): Geoffrey W. Burr; Brian Marcus
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Equal and unequal error protection codes for volume holographic storage systems
Author(s): Terry N. Garrett; Pericles A. Mitkas
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Unequal a priori probabilities for holographic storage
Author(s): Brian M. King; Mark Allen Neifeld
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Likelihood-based error correction for holographic storage systems
Author(s): Mark Allen Neifeld; Wu-Chun Chou
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Equalization for a page-oriented optical memory system
Author(s): Jennifer Q. Trelewicz; Jeffrey Capone
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Crosstalk noise analysis in holographic memory with hybrid multiplexing of random phase code and wavelength
Author(s): Hong-Seok Lee; Sungyong Jung; Ki Hyun Kim; Byoungho Lee
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Physical properties of volume holographic recording utilizing photo-initiated polymerization for nonvolatile digital data storage
Author(s): Loukas Paraschis; Yasuyuki Sugiyama; Lambertus Hesselink
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Lifetime of polarons in lithium-niobate crystals
Author(s): Dirk Berben; Karsten Buse; S. Wevering; P. Herth; Theo Woike; Eckhard Kratzig
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Applications of self-processing holographic polymers: with a view to improving multiple holographic data storage
Author(s): Christiane Carre Morlet-Savary; Christelle Heinis; Colette Turck; Daniel-Joseph Lougnot
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Oxygen-dependent hologram writing and fixing in conjugated polymer storage media
Author(s): Ofer Levi; Aharon J. Agranat; Galina Perepelitsa; Shoshy Shalom; Ronny Neumann; Yair Avny; Dan Davidov
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Implementation of optical dynamic RAM using spatially distributed spectral storage
Author(s): Alan E. Johnson; Eric S. Maniloff; Thomas W. Mossberg
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Pixel-matched phase-conjugate readout for holographic data storage
Author(s): Geoffrey W. Burr; Robert M. Shelby
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Evaluation of holographic associative searching
Author(s): Shengluan Zhong; Pericles A. Mitkas; George A. Betzos
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Digital volume holographic data storage using phase-coded multiplexing
Author(s): Cornelia Denz; Kai-Oliver Mueller; Franz Visinka; Theo T. Tschudi
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Building a better bathtub: computing at the optical memory interface
Author(s): Donald M. Chiarulli; Steven Peter Levitan; Robert Hofmann
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Spatio-angularly multiplexed holographic memory system using a moving window and multifocused lens
Author(s): Soo-Gil Kim; Kyu-Tae Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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Multidimensional signal processing with spatio-spectral holography
Author(s): W. Randall Babbitt
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Parallel access 3D multilayer optical storage using 2-photon recording
Author(s): Frederick B. McCormick; Haichuan Zhang; Alexander S. Dvornikov; Edwin P. Walker; Curtis F. Chapman; Nam-Hyong Kim; Joannes M. Costa; Sadik C. Esener; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Spectral hole burning lookup tables for routing and address demultiplexing
Author(s): Alan E. Craig
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Write, read, and erase materials for 3D optical memory devices
Author(s): Alexander S. Dvornikov; Yongchao Liang; Ivan V. Tomov; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Photochromic organic material based on an electronc transfer reaction
Author(s): Stephan J. Zilker; Oleh V. Khodykin; B. M. Kharlamov; Dietrich Haarer
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Pulsed laser deposited thin films of sulfides for high-density memory storage
Author(s): J. L. Park; Levent Biyikli; Mohamed F. Aly; Zameer U. Hasan
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Raman-excited spin coherences for high-temperature spectral hole burning memories
Author(s): Philip L. Hemmer; M. Selim Shahriar; Byoung S. Ham; Myung K. Kim
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Readout of binary holographic data without direct photon-grating interactions
Author(s): Ju-Seog Jang; Dong-Hak Shin
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Insight into optical hole burning studies in europium-doped YSO
Author(s): B. Rami Reddy; Ranjit S. Pandher; Andre Jackson; Angela Davis
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Design issues in continuously programmed coherent transient processors
Author(s): Kris D. Merkel; J. Zhao; Kevin S. Repasky; W. Randall Babbitt
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Advanced optical storage phosphor materials for erasable and rewritable optical memory utilizing photostimulated luminescence
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Tomoyuki Sato; Makoto Miyazaki; Atushi Imai; Hironobu Komori; Yoshiteru Douguchi; Eiji Kusano; Shouichi Nasu; Akira Kinbara
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Volume holographic wavelet correlators for classification and quality inspection of industry products
Author(s): Wenyi Feng; Qingsheng He; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu
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Reversible all-optical information fixing for commercial holographic memories
Author(s): Adil Lahrichi
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