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Materials Research in Low Gravity II
Editor(s): Narayanan Ramachandran
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Volume Number: 3792
Date Published: 6 July 1999
: 36 papers (374) pages
ISBN: 9780819432780

Table of Contents
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Comparison of the effect of ug and magnetic fields on the crystal growth of floating zone silicon
Author(s): Klaus-Werner Benz; Peter W. Dold; A. Croll; M. Schweizer; Thomas Kaiser; M. Lichtensteiger; Frank R. Szofran
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Minimizing convection during solidification by exploiting variation in magnetic susceptibility
Author(s): James William Evans; Christopher David Seybert; William Kinzy Jones; Frank R. Szofran
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Influence of applied thermal gradients and a static magnetic field on Bridgman-grown GeSi alloys
Author(s): Martin P. Volz; Frank R. Szofran; Sharon D. Cobb; Timothy M. Ritter
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Control and homogenization of oxygen distribution in Si crystals by the novel technique: electromagnetic Czochralski method (EMCZ)
Author(s): Masahito Watanabe; Minoru Eguchi; Taketoshi Hibiya
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Use of traveling magnetic fields to control melt convection
Author(s): Narayanan Ramachandran; Konstantin Mazuruk; Martin P. Volz
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Use of magnetic force to control convection
Author(s): Nobuko I. Wakayama; Jianwei Qi; Akira Yabe
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CFD simulation of pulsed MOCVD to reduce gas-phase parasitic reaction
Author(s): Ning Zhou; Samuel A. Lowry; Anantha Krishnan
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Electrical field effects in phthalocyanine film growth by vapor deposition
Author(s): Curtis E. Banks; Shen Zhu; Donald O. Frazier; Benjamin G. Penn; Hossin Ahmed Abdeldayem; Rosline Hicks; Sergey S. Sarkisov
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Experimental and numerical analysis of the segregation phenomena in manganese-doped gallium antimonide
Author(s): Jose Luis Plaza; Ernesto Dieguez
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Control of bubbles in fluids by using magnetic buoyancy forces
Author(s): Nobuko I. Wakayama
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Control of convection during directional solidification in terrestrial and low gravity
Author(s): C. Marin; Aleksandar G. Ostrogorsky
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Electromagnetic control of convection in semiconductor melts: thermoelectromagnetic convection (TEMC) and rotating magnetic fields
Author(s): Serhat Yesilyurt; Ljubomir Vjusic; Shariar Motakef
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Semiconductor growth interface from solution in short-duration low-gravity environment
Author(s): Yuko Inatomi; Thomas Kaiser; Peter W. Dold; Klaus-Werner Benz; Kazuhiko Kuribayashi
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Detached growth of CdTe:Zn:V (STS-95): preliminary results
Author(s): Michael Fiederle; Tobias Feltgen; J. Joerger; Klaus-Werner Benz; Thierry Duffar; P. Dussere; Ernesto Dieguez; Jean-Claude Launay; Gerald Roosen
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Steady and oscillatory thermocapillary convection generated by a bubble in 1-G and low-G applications
Author(s): Mohammad Kassemi
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Numerical analysis of InGaAs crystal growth of a uniform composition under microgravity conditions
Author(s): Satoshi Matsumoto; Yoshiaki Hiraoka; Toru Maekawa; Hirokazu Kato; Shinichi Yoda; Kyoichi Kinoshita
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Effects of gravity on the double-diffusive convection during directional solidification of a nondilute alloy with application to HgCdTe
Author(s): Andris V. Bune; Donald C. Gillies; Sandor L. Lehoczky
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Control of conducting two-phase vapor-liquid medium hydrodynamics with the help of crossed electric and magnetic fields in microgravity conditions
Author(s): Valentin I. Popov
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Undercooling of Cu-based binary alloys in a flux and long drop tube
Author(s): Michael B. Robinson; Delin Li; Thomas J. Rathz
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Melting and evaporating sodium tellurite melts in low-gravity drop shaft
Author(s): Masaki Makihara; Chandra S. Ray; Delbert E. Day
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Morphology and structure of ZnO films synthesized by off-axis sputtering deposition
Author(s): Shen Zhu; Ching-Hua Su; Sandor L. Lehoczky; Michael A. George
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Containerless solidification of BiFeO3 oxide under microgravity
Author(s): Jianding Yu; Yasutomo Arai; Naokiyo Koshikawa; Takehito Ishikawa; Shinichi Yoda
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Microstructure and superconducting properties of Bi2-xPbxSr2CaCu2Oy spherical particles transformed from an amorphous state prepared by a containerless melt solidification method
Author(s): Hiroki Fujii; Hiroaki Kumakura; Kazumasa Togano
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Electric field application to molten lithium borates
Author(s): Tooru Katsumata; N. Suzuki; M. Shibasaki; T. Matsuo
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Development of an electrostatic levitator and containerless processing of metals, alloys, and semiconductors
Author(s): Won-Kyu Rhim
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Methods of viscosity measurements in sealed ampoules
Author(s): Konstantin Mazuruk
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Stereoscopic imaging velocimetry for space material processing experiments
Author(s): Yi Ge; Soyoung Stephen Cha
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Diagnostic study of plasma CVD under microgravity
Author(s): Masamichi Ishikawa; Shin-ichi Kamei; Naokiyo Koshikawa; Naoji Fujimori; Yoichiro Sato
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Thermophysical properties of zirconium measured using electrostatic levitation
Author(s): Paul-Francois Paradis; Won-Kyu Rhim
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In-situ x-ray microscopy of phase and composition distributions in metal alloys during solidification
Author(s): William F. Kaukler; Peter A. Curreri
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Measurement of convective temperature fluctuations in free silicon melt zones
Author(s): Peter W. Dold; A. Croll; M. Schweizer; Shinya Nakamura; Taketoshi Hibiya; Klaus-Werner Benz
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Observation of surface oscillation in a molten silicon column using moire interferometry
Author(s): Masanobu Sumiji; Kazuo Onuma; Shinya Nakamura; Nobuyuki Imaishi; Taketoshi Hibiya
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Pattern formation of thermocapillary flows in liquid bridges
Author(s): Hendrik C. Kuhlmann; J. Leypoldt; Hans J. Rath
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Three-dimensional numerical simulation of oscillatory Marangoni flow in half-zone of low-Pr fluids
Author(s): Nobuyuki Imaishi; Shouichi Yasuhiro; Tsuneyuki Sato; Shinichi Yoda
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Numerical simulation of oscillatory thermocapillary convection in liquid bridges
Author(s): Zhong Zeng; Hiroshi Mizuseki; Kazuyuki Higashino; Yoshiyuki Kawazoe
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Physical vapor transport of ZnSe--modeling studies: current status and future course
Author(s): Narayanan Ramachandran
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