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Nonimaging Optics: Maximum Efficiency Light Transfer V
Editor(s): Roland Winston
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Volume Number: 3781
Date Published: 6 October 1999
Softcover: 26 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9780819432674

Table of Contents
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Poisson bracket design method review: application to the elliptic bundles
Author(s): Juan Carlos Minano; Pablo Benitez
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Design in 3D geometry with the simultaneous multiple surface design method of nonimaging optics
Author(s): Pablo Benitez; Ruben Mohedano Arroyo; Juan Carlos Minano
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New nonimaging static concentrators for bifacial photovoltaic solar cells
Author(s): Pablo Benitez; Maikel Hernandez; Ruben Mohedano Arroyo; Juan Carlos Minano; Fernando Munoz
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RXI concentrator for 1000X photovoltaic energy conversion
Author(s): J. L. Alvarez; Maikel Hernandez; Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano
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Application of variational calculus to nonimaging optics: design for small sources in three dimensions
Author(s): Ruben Mohedano Arroyo; Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano
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High-concentration collection and remote delivery of sunlight with fiber optic minidishes
Author(s): Daniel Feuermann; Jeffrey M. Gordon
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Optimized CPC-type concentrators built of plane facets
Author(s): Andreas Timinger; Abraham Kribus; Pinchas Doron; Harald Ries
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Solar-pumped dimmer gas lasers
Author(s): Idit L. Pe'er; Irina Vishnevetsky; Nir Naftali; Amnon Yogev
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Beam quality of solar-pumped lasers
Author(s): Nir Naftali; Idit L. Pe'er; Amnon Yogev
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Fresnel lens solar concentrator design based on geometric optics and blackbody radiation equation
Author(s): Michael D. Watson; Robert R. Jayroe
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Automated mirror design for an extended light source
Author(s): Steven Doyle; David A. Corcoran; Jon Connell
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Extension of tailored design method: illumination with a collimated annular source
Author(s): Benjamin A. Jacobson; Robert D. Gengelbach
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Advanced nonrotationally symmetric reflector for efficient and uniform illumination of rectangular apertures
Author(s): John C. Bortz; Narkis E. Shatz; Roland Winston
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Maximum gap of ideal concentrators for cylindrical absorbers
Author(s): Harald Ries; Julius A. Muschaweck
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Double-tailored microstructures
Author(s): Harald Ries; Julius A. Muschaweck
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Double-tailored imaging concentrators
Author(s): Harald Ries; Jeffrey M. Gordon
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Design optimization of a smooth headlamp reflector to SAE/DOT beam-shape requirements
Author(s): Narkis E. Shatz; John C. Bortz; Mahendra S. Dassanayake
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Solar energy transmission and concentration by an optical fiber bundle with a frustum-type output end
Author(s): Dawei Liang; Nuno Pires; Julio Chaves; Jose Eugeneo Semedo-Garcao; Luis Fraser Monteiro; M. L. Fraser Monteiro; Manuel Collares-Pereira
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Transmission and concentration of solar radiation using a fiber bundle and a DCPC
Author(s): Nuno Pires; Dawei Liang; Julio Chaves; Jose Eugeneo Semedo-Garcao; Luis Fraser Monteiro; Manuel Collares-Pereira
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New ideas for new solar concentrators
Author(s): Julio Chaves; Manuel Collares-Pereira
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Black hole: cuspated waveguide injectors and illuminators for LEDs
Author(s): William A. Parkyn; David G. Pelka; John M. Popovich
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Lambertian surfaces to tailor the distribution of light in a nonimaging optical system
Author(s): David P. Ramer; Jack C. Rains
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Cylindrical light pipes for collecting light scattered from a Gaussian beam
Author(s): George W. Hopkins; Tad D. Simons
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Design and optimization of an optical channel for controlling the divergence of the radiated power from a thermal beacon
Author(s): Farid Behazin; Mehdi N. Fesharaki; Abdolreza Nabavi; Ali Mahmoodi
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Vibrated fiber optical sensors: an analysis of the possibilities
Author(s): Tamara V. Tulaikova
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Measuring radiance: a comparison of theory with experiment
Author(s): YuPin Sun; Roland Winston; Keith A. Snail
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