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Current Developments in Optical Design and Optical Engineering VIII
Editor(s): Robert E. Fischer; Warren J. Smith
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Volume Number: 3779
Date Published: 5 October 1999
Softcover: 46 papers (458) pages
ISBN: 9780819432650

Table of Contents
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Optical design of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope four-mirror spherical aberration corrector
Author(s): Robert K. Jungquist
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Optical design of the Next-Generation Sky Survey (NGSS) telescope
Author(s): Michael Chrisp
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QuickBird telescope: the reality of large high-quality commercial space optics
Author(s): John W. Figoski
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LISA far-field phase patterns
Author(s): Eugene Waluschka
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Optical design for Terrestrial Planet Finder
Author(s): Charley Noecker; James W. Leitch; Greg A. Kopp; Brian K. McComas
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Design of a day/night star camera system
Author(s): Cheryl D. Alexander; Wesley R. Swift; Kajal Ghosh; Brian D. Ramsey
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High-power 0.98-um broad-waveguide lasers using novel material system of InGaAs/InGaAsP/AlGaAs
Author(s): Guowen Yang; R. Jennifer Hwu; Jehn-Huar Howard Chern; ZunTu Xu; Junying Xu
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Spatio-temporal structures of laser-induced anisotropy and applications
Author(s): Xiao Hong Chen; Helmuth Berger; Roland Chaux
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Design verifications of a linear laser encoder with high head-to-scale tolerance
Author(s): Chyan-Chyi Wu; Yi-Chun Chen; Chih-Kung Lee; Chi-Tang Jeffrey Hsieh; Wen-Jack Wu; Sheyshi Lu
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FDTD simulation of microcavity DBR surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Wei Xu; Xudong Wang; Wenquan Sui; R. Jennifer Hwu
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Effects of optical feedback on the filamentation and mode control of broad-area semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Wei Xu; Xudong Wang; Robert B. Gwynn; John M. Worlock; R. Jennifer Hwu
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Polarization seeding approach to probe the injection locking of pulsed lasers
Author(s): Jianqiu Lei; Peihui Liang; Yong Zhang; Ren Ye
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Hyperbolic and oval cylindrical lenses to compress the semiconductor laser beam
Author(s): Chunxia Li; Runshun Li; LiHeng Liu
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Progress report on the optical system for closed-loop testing of the Multiple Mirror Telescope adaptive secondary mirror
Author(s): Roland J. Sarlot; Cynthia J. Bresloff; James H. Burge; Bruce C. Fitz-Patrick; Patrick C. McGuire; Brian L. Stamper; Chunyu Zhao
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Novel design concepts for UV laser beam shaping
Author(s): Joerg Bernges; Lars Unnebrink; Thomas F. E. Henning; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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Dual use of LED traffic signal system
Author(s): Yau-Yee Tam; C. W. Mike Man; David Yang; S. W. Cheung; Edward S. Yang
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Wavefront coding: a modern method of achieving high-performance and/or low-cost imaging systems
Author(s): Edward R. Dowski; Gregory E. Johnson
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Optical tiling for wide-field-of-view head-mounted displays
Author(s): Michael Hoppe; James E. Melzer
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Rotating-prism scanning system to equip an NFOV camera lens
Author(s): Eugene O. Curatu; Paul C. Chevrette; Daniel St-Germain
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Aberrations of perturbed and unobscured optical systems
Author(s): Il'ya P. Agurok
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Dispersion sensitivity of large-scale axial gradient index glass for spherochromat doublets
Author(s): Paul K. Manhart; Boyd V. Hunter; Richard Blankenbecler
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All-plastic optical design for NIR region
Author(s): Christo D. Ivanov; Ivan D. Nikolov
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Design constraints of high-bit-rate soliton communication systems
Author(s): Mario F. S. Ferreira
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Effect of retro-reflector diameter on testing optical systems
Author(s): Thomas E. Carter; Paul K. Manhart; Kenneth S. Ellis
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Compact finger imager
Author(s): Peter P. Clark; Douglas S. Goodman; William T. Plummer
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Calibrations and idiosyncrasies of microlensed CCD cameras
Author(s): John A. Penkethman
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Candidate materials for semitransmitting DVD mirror coatings
Author(s): Tomas Lindstrom; Roger Loow; Carl-Gustaf Ribbing
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Optical design of high-aperture compact relay systems
Author(s): Ivan D. Nikolov
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Optical design of ARIES: the new near-infrared science instrument for the adaptive f/15 Multiple Mirror Telescope
Author(s): Roland J. Sarlot; Donald W. McCarthy; James H. Burge; Jian Ge
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Fluorescence array scanner
Author(s): Jean I. Montagu; Peter Honkanen
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Geometric theory of double monochromator
Author(s): Elena A. Sokolova
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Optical microscope for nuclear emulsion readout: system design and results in application
Author(s): Kerstin Winkler; Lienhard Koerner; Peter Gussek; Istvan Balogh; Stefan Breitfelder; Johannes Schlichting; Jean-Pierre Dupraz; Jean-Paul Fabre; Jaap Panman; Ioannis M. Papadopoulos; Piero Zucchelli; Bart van de Vyver
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Volume phase gratings for spectroscopy, ultrafast laser compressors, and wavelength division multiplexing
Author(s): James A. Arns; Willis S. Colburn; Samuel Charles Barden
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Calibration of 3D ring lens systems
Author(s): Yasser Abd-Elbasset Ahmed; Hossam Afifi; Gerardo Rubino
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Effects and prediction of stray light produced by diffractive lenses
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Nathalie Renaud; Min Wang
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Computer modeling and analysis of veiling glare and stray light in Fresnel lens optical system
Author(s): David J. Lamb; Lloyd W. Hillman
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Stray light design and analysis of SIRTF CTA
Author(s): John C. Fleming
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Segmented illumination lenses for step lighting and wall washing
Author(s): William A. Parkyn
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Generalized Wolter Type I design for wide-field x-ray imaging applications
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Patrick L. Thompson
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Full-field mapping and analysis of veiling glare sources for helmet-mounted display systems
Author(s): David M. Hasenauer; Joseph M. Kunick
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Image quality criteria for wide-field x-ray imaging applications
Author(s): Patrick L. Thompson; James E. Harvey
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Agile beam director system design: ROBS/TCATS optical tracker
Author(s): Brian W. Neff; Richard G. Trissel; Murray Dunn; Lee Scotese
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Optical system design for excimer laser materials processing
Author(s): Lars Unnebrink; Thomas F. E. Henning; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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Optical design of a visible and infrared survey telescope for astronomy
Author(s): Eli Ettedgui-Atad; Mark M. Casali; Timothy G. Hawarden; David M. Henry; Susan P. Worswick
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Capabilites of an arch element for correcting conformal optical domes
Author(s): Scott W. Sparrold; David J. Knapp; Paul K. Manhart; Kevin W. Elsberry
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