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Charged Particle Optics IV
Editor(s): Eric Munro

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Volume Number: 3777
Date Published: 15 November 1999

Table of Contents
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Uniform large-area thermionic cathode for SCALPEL
Author(s): Victor Katsap; Peter B. Sewell; Warren K. Waskiewicz; Wei Zhu
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Uniform illumination in SCALPEL by imaging the angular distortion
Author(s): Daniel Moonen; M. David Nykerk; Pieter Kruit; Warren K. Waskiewicz
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In-situ beam position monitoring system for electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Hitoshi Sunaoshi; Munehiro Ogasawara; Jun Takamatsu; Naoharu Shimomura
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Accurate ray tracing through finite element solved potential distributions in charged particle optics
Author(s): Zhu Aiming; Anjam Khursheed
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Quantitative aberration assessment by a through focal analysis of pattern edge sharpness
Author(s): Xieqing Zhu; Eric Munro; John A. Rouse; Haoning Liu; Warren K. Waskiewicz
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Approximation method of resolution based on information-passing capacity (IPC) of an electron optical system
Author(s): Mitsugu Sato
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Modeling of laminar e-beam source for SCALPEL
Author(s): Warren K. Waskiewicz; James Alexander Liddle; Victor Katsap
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3D simulation of flat-cathode electron guns with space charge
Author(s): John A. Rouse; Xieqing Zhu; Eric Munro; Haoning Liu; Warren K. Waskiewicz; Victor Katsap
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Mesh-equipped Wehnelt source for SCALPEL
Author(s): Victor Katsap; Warren K. Waskiewicz; Peter B. Sewell; John A. Rouse
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Electron-beam-induced emission of electrons from insulators
Author(s): Anatoly M. Filachev; Boris I. Fouks; Dmitrii E. Greenfield
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Simulation of multipole systems including primary and secondary aberration analysis
Author(s): Haoning Liu
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Comparative study on magnetic variable axis lenses using electrostatic and magnetic in-lens deflectors
Author(s): Yan Zhao; Anjam Khursheed
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Construction and design of a high-resolution portable scanning electron microscope column
Author(s): Anjam Khursheed
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Scanning thermionic emission imaging of cathode surfaces
Author(s): Peter B. Sewell; Victor Katsap; Warren K. Waskiewicz
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SEM voltage contrast simulations
Author(s): Luca Grella; Matthew Marcus; Gian Lorusso; David L. Adler
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High-efficiency MALDI-QIT-ToF mass spectrometer
Author(s): Li Ding; Eizoh Kawatoh; Koichi Tanaka; Alan J. Smith; Sumio Kumashiro
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Optics study of the MMRL system
Author(s): Vinh V. Ngo; Ka-Ngo Leung
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Influence of first lens on magnification optimization method in two-lens FIB optical system
Author(s): Kiyoshi Sakaguchi; Tetsu Sekine; Hiroshi Shimada
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Compact column design for a focused ion-beam lithography system
Author(s): Qing Ji; Tsu-Jae King; Yvette Y. Lee; Ka-Ngo Leung
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Charge-tube method for space charge in beams
Author(s): Frank H. Read; A. Chalupka; N. J. Bowring
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Global space charge effects in high-throughput electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Liqun Han; W. Dan Meisburger; Roger Fabian W. Pease; Gil Israel Winograd
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Simulation of discrete Coulomb interactions in high-current projection and multibeam columns
Author(s): Eric Munro
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Integration of an adaptive parallel N-body solver into a particle-by-particle electron-beam interaction simulator
Author(s): David T. Blackston; James W. Demmel; Andrew R. Neureuther; Bo Wu
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Design of energy filters for electron microscopes
Author(s): Katsushige Tsuno
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Fast parallel acquisition electron energy analyzer
Author(s): Christopher G. H. Walker; Andrew Walker; Ranjan Badheka; Sumio Kumashiro; Marcus Jacka; Mohamed El Gomati; Martin Prutton; Frank H. Read
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Numerical ray tracing of electrons in different 3D fringing fields of spherical deflectors
Author(s): Armin Huber; Erich Plies
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