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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 3767

EUV, X-Ray, and Neutron Optics and Sources
Editor(s): Carolyn A. MacDonald; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Juan R. Maldonado; Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer; Stephen P. Vernon
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Volume Number: 3767
Date Published: 23 November 1999
Softcover: 40 papers (404) pages
ISBN: 9780819432537

Table of Contents
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Liquid-target laser-plasma sources for EUV and x-ray lithography
Author(s): Hans M. Hertz; Magnus Berglund; Bjoern A. M. Hansson; Lars Rymell
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Characterization and optimization of a laser-produced x-ray source with a gas puff target
Author(s): Henryk Fiedorowicz; Andrzej Bartnik; Roman Jarocki; Rafal Rakowski; Miroslaw Szczurek; Hiroyuki Daido; Noriyuki Sakaya; Masayuki Suzuki; Hideo Nagatomo; Huajing Tang; Il Woo Choi; Yusuke Tohyama; Susumu Yamagami; Takeyoshi Nakayama
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High-power x-ray point source for next-generation lithography
Author(s): I. C. Edmond Turcu; Richard Alan Forber; Robert K. Grygier; Harry Rieger; Michael F. Powers; S. M. Campeau; G. French; Richard M. Foster; Phillip V. Mitchell; Celestino J. Gaeta; Z. Cheng; Jay Burdett; David M. Gibson; Stephen M. Lane; Troy W. Barbee; Stanley Mrowka; Juan R. Maldonado
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Toward a high-average-power and debris-free soft x-ray source for microlithography pumped by a long-pulse excimer laser
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; Tommaso Letardi; Alessandro Marinai; Alessandro Nottola; Kostandia Vigli-Papadaki; A. Vitali; Francesca Bonfigli; Nicola Lisi; Libero Palladino; Armando Reale; Cheng En Zheng
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Polycapillary collimator for laser-generated plasma source x-ray lithography
Author(s): Zewu Chen; Russell Youngman; Tom Bievenue; Qi-Fan Xiao; I. C. Edmond Turcu; Robert K. Grygier; Stanley Mrowka
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High-uniformity collimator for x-ray proximity lithography
Author(s): Webster C. Cash
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Large-field high-resolution x-ray monochromatic microscope based on spherical crystals and high-repetition-rate laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): Tatiana A. Pikuz; Anatoly Ya. Faenov; Moshe Fraenkel; Arie Zigler; Francesco Flora; Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Tommaso Letardi; Antonio Grilli; Libero Palladino; Giuseppe Tomassetti; Armando Reale; Lucia Reale; Anna Scafati; Tania Limongi; Francesca Bonfigli
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Refractive x-ray focusing with modified phonograph records
Author(s): Bjoern Cederstroem; Robert N. Cahn; Mats Danielsson; Mats Lundqvist; David Robert Nygren
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Characterization of multifiber polycapillary x-ray collimating optics
Author(s): Sushil D. Padiyar; Hui Wang; Mikhail V. Gubarev; Walter M. Gibson; Carolyn A. MacDonald
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Potential of polycapillary optics for hard x-ray medical imaging applications
Author(s): Lei Wang; Walter M. Gibson; Carolyn A. MacDonald
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Testing of glancing incidence mirrors using sampled profile measurements
Author(s): Eugene L. Church; Peter Z. Takacs
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Recent development of doubly curved crystal focusing optics and their applications for micro XRF
Author(s): Zewu Chen
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High-power source and illumination system for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): Glenn D. Kubiak; Luis J. Bernardez; Kevin D. Krenz; William C. Replogle; William C. Sweatt; Donald W. Sweeney; Russell M. Hudyma; Harry Shields
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Smoothing of mirror substrates by thin-film deposition
Author(s): Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Sherry L. Baker; Enrique Parra; Charles Tarrio
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Recent advances in EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometry
Author(s): Patrick P. Naulleau; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Sang Hun Lee; Chang-Hasnain C. Chang; Phillip J. Batson; David T. Attwood; Jeffrey Bokor
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Progress in the development of three-aspherical mirror optics for EUVL
Author(s): Hiroo Kinoshita; Takeo Watanabe; Daniel J. Bajuk; Jay P. Daniel; Yachiyo Kimpara; Michael D. Kriese; Yuriy Ya. Platonov
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Review of x-ray collimators for x-ray proximity lithography
Author(s): Stephen M. Lane; Troy W. Barbee; Stanley Mrowka; Juan R. Maldonado
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Laterally graded multilayer optics for x-ray analysis
Author(s): Manfred R. Schuster; H. Goebel; Lutz Bruegemann; D. Bahr; F. Burgaezy; Carsten Michaelsen; Michael Stoermer; P. Ricardo; Reiner Dietsch; Thomas Holz; Hermann Mai
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Diffraction geometry optimization with polycapillary x-ray optics
Author(s): Walter M. Gibson; Carolyn A. MacDonald; Johannes B. Ullrich
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Multilayer coated optics for an alpha-class extreme ultraviolet lithography system
Author(s): Claude Montcalm; R. Fred Grabner; Russell M. Hudyma; Mark A. Schmidt; Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Christopher C. Walton; Marco Wedowski; James A. Folta
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Lifetime studies of Mo/Si and Mo/Be multilayer coatings for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): Marco Wedowski; Sasa Bajt; James A. Folta; Eric M. Gullikson; Ulf Kleineberg; Leonard E. Klebanoff; Michael E. Malinowski; W. Miles Clift
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Novel condenser for EUV lithography ring-field projection optics
Author(s): Henry N. Chapman; Keith A. Nugent
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Development of soft x-ray multilayer mirrors for a wavelength of 3 nm
Author(s): Kiwamu Sakano; Masaki Yamamoto
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Control of Mo/Si multilayers for soft x-ray performance
Author(s): Michael D. Kriese; Gary Fournier; James Rodriguez; Yuriy Ya. Platonov
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Optical constants of beryllium from photoabsorption measurements for x-ray optics applications
Author(s): Regina Soufli; Sasa Bajt; Eric M. Gullikson
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Experimental investigation of beryllium-based multilayer coatings for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): Sasa Bajt; Ricke D. Behymer; Paul B. Mirkarimi; Claude Montcalm; Mark A. Wall; Marco Wedowski; James A. Folta
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Microfocusing VLS-grating-based beamline for advanced microscopy
Author(s): Daniele Cocco; Marino Marsi; Maya Kiskinova; Kevin C. Prince; Thomas Schmidt; Stefen Heun; Ernst Bauer
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Performance comparisons for the ILL neutron spin echo spectrometer IN15 in its standard and focusing mirror configurations
Author(s): John R. D. Copley; Carmel Hayes; Colette Lartigue
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Numerical simulation of multiple reflection in the stacked supermirror blades of a Doppler-shifting ultracold neutron generator
Author(s): Nobuyasu Tajima; Masahiko Utsuro; Kazuhiko Soyama
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Curved-crystal three-axis neutron spectrometry with position-sensitive detection
Author(s): Mihai Popovici; Alexandru Dan Stoica; William B. Yelon; Ronald Berliner
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Development of the neutron phase contrast imaging technique and its application in material science research
Author(s): David L. Jacobson; Muhammad Arif; Luke Bergmann; Alexander Ioffe
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Search for effects on neutron transmission due to multiple reflection by glass capillary walls
Author(s): R. E. Benenson; Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer; J. W. Lynn
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Development of a supermirror Doppler shifter for quasi-continuous ultracold neutron generation at pulsed neutron sources
Author(s): Masahiko Utsuro; Kazuhiko Soyama; Nobuyasu Tajima; Kiyoshi Okumura
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New measurements with a perfect crystal cavity for neutrons
Author(s): Martin R. Jaekel; Colin J. Carlile; Erwin Jericha; Dagmar E. Schwab; Helmut Rauch
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Neutron multilayer structures for fundamental experiments in UCN optics
Author(s): Alexander I. Frank; Sergey V. Balashov; Victor I. Bodnarchuk; Ilja V. Bondarenko; Alberto Cimmino; Peter W. Geltenbort; Peter Hoghoj; Anthony G. Klein; Dmitry A. Korneev; Alexander V. Kozlov; Sergey V. Masalovich
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Experimental test of the de Broglie wave packet nature of the neutron
Author(s): Masahiko Utsuro; Vladimir K. Ignatovich; Peter W. Geltenbort; Th. Brenner; J. Butterworth; M. Hino; Kiyoshi Okumura; M. Sugimoto
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Matching bent crystals to high-brilliance sources
Author(s): Mihai Popovici; Alexandru Dan Stoica
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EUV spectroscopy of ultrafast capillary discharges
Author(s): Larry V. Knight; R. Steven Turley; Chris Crawford; Derek Hullinger; Alexander P. Shevelko; Oleg F. Yakushev; Richard Miller
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Dual-function EUV multilayer mirrors for the IMAGE mission
Author(s): David D. Allred; R. Steven Turley; Matthew B. Squires
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Optical constants of sputtered U and a-Si at 30.4 and 58.4 nm
Author(s): Matthew B. Squires; David D. Allred; R. Steven Turley
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