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Ultraviolet and X-Ray Detection, Spectroscopy, and Polarimetry III
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Volume Number: 3764
Date Published: 25 November 1999
Softcover: 28 papers (296) pages
ISBN: 9780819432506

Table of Contents
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Ionization-excitation of He following electron and proton impact: a polarization study using an EUV polarimeter
Author(s): Hocine Merabet; Annette Siems; Reinhard F. Bruch; Stephan Fuelling; Matthew Bailey
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Characterization of a compact multilayer mirror (MLM) polarimeter for measurements of the degree of linear polarization in the 256-A to 584-A wavelength EUV range
Author(s): Reinhard F. Bruch; Hocine Merabet; Matthew Bailey; Annette Siems
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Calibration facility in the XUV region for reflective optics
Author(s): Andrea Marco Malvezzi; Gianluca Secondi
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X-ray polarimeters based on silicon PIN diodes and drift detectors
Author(s): Rainer Kotthaus; Gerd W. Buschhorn; Dmitry Pugachev; H. Shooshtari; Jan They
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Fast-position and time-sensitive readout of image intensifiers for single-photon detection
Author(s): Ottmar Jagutzki; Juergen Barnstedt; Uwe Spillmann; Lutz Spielberger; Volker Mergel; Klaus Ullmann-Pfleger; Michael Grewing; Horst W. Schmidt-Boecking
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Recent laboratory tests of a hard x-ray solar flare polarimeter
Author(s): Mark L. McConnell; John R. Macri; Mickel McClish; James M. Ryan
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Polychromator five-channel x-ray/EUV spectrometer with imaging transmission grating for plasma diagnostics
Author(s): Dmitry A. Fedin; Victor L. Kantsyrev; Bruno S. Bauer; Alla S. Shlyaptseva; Igor Brytov
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Optical design of a grazing incidence spectrometer/monochromater with varied line-space flat grating for high-order harmonic diagnostic
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Giampiero Naletto; Giuseppe Tondello
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Optical performance and characterization of an EUV and soft x-ray test facility
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Alessio Boscolo; Giuseppe Tondello
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Characterization of silicon photodiode detectors with multilayer filter coatings for 17 to 150 A
Author(s): John F. Seely; Raj S. Korde; Frederick A. Hanser; J. Wise; Glenn E. Holland; James L. Weaver; Jack C. Rife
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Ultraviolet astronomical polarimetry: some results and prospects
Author(s): Kenneth H. Nordsieck; Walter M. Harris
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Polarimetry of the UV solar corona with ASCE
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; Larry D. Gardner; John L. Kohl; Marco Romoli; Emanuele Pace; Gianni Corti; Giancarlo C. Noci
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Large space ultraviolet observatory ST2010: initial plans for a new UV/O mission
Author(s): J. Michael Shull
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Superconducting tunnel junctions as detectors for UV astronomy
Author(s): Peter Verhoeve; Anthony J. Peacock; Didier D. E. Martin; Nicola Rando; Abel Poelaert; Roland H. den Hartog
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Wideband observation of the Crab pulsar using a superconducting transition-edge sensor
Author(s): Aaron J. Miller; Blas Cabrera; Roger W. Romani; R. M. Clarke; Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano; Sae Woo Nam
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UV detectors aboard SOHO
Author(s): William T. Thompson
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In-flight performance of the MAMA detectors on the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
Author(s): Randy A. Kimble; James Abraham; Vic S. Argabright; Ralph C. Bohlin; Richard L. Bybee; H. Edward Culver; Anthony C. Danks; Steven Franka; Ronald L. Gilliland; Charles L. Joseph; Mary Elizabeth Kaiser; Don J. Lindler; Chris A. Long; Richard A. Shaw; Max Styonavich; J. Gethyn Timothy; Charles N. Van Houten; Bruce E. Woodgate
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Development of a photon-counting capability for the electron-bombarded far-UV image sensor
Author(s): Edward B. Jenkins; Michael A. Reale; Paul M. Zucchino
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Photon-counting intensified random-access charge injection device
Author(s): Timothy J. Norton; Patrick F. Morrissey; J. Patrick Haas; Leslie J. Payne; Joseph Carbone; Randy A. Kimble
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UV detective quantum efficiency measurements
Author(s): Charles L. Joseph
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Development of 256x256 GaN ultraviolet imaging arrays
Author(s): Ted Z. C. Huang; David Brent Mott; Anh T. La
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Six-million-pixel full-frame true 2-f CCD image sensor incorporating transparent gate technology and optional antiblooming protection
Author(s): Eric J. Meisenzahl; Winchyi Chang; William Des Jardin; Stephen L. Kosman; Joseph E. Shepherd; Eric G. Stevens; Kwok Y. Wong
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Reflection-mode GaAs PMT for lidar applications
Author(s): Vic S. Argabright; Steven Franka
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Fabrication of semitransparent multilayer polarizer and its application to soft x-ray ellipsometer
Author(s): Tsuneyuki Haga; Marcia C. K. Tinene; Akira Ozawa; Yuichi Utsumi; Sei-ichi Itabashi; Takashi Ohkubo; Masaru Shimada
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Flat field of UVCS detectors for early part of SOHO mission
Author(s): Mario L. Cosmo; Peter L. Smith; Nigel Atkins; R. M. Suleiman; Larry D. Gardner; John L. Kohl
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Advanced Solar Coronal Explorer mission (ASCE)
Author(s): Larry D. Gardner; John L. Kohl; S. Cranmer; Silvano Fineschi; Leon Golub; John C. Raymond; Peter L. Smith; Leonard Strachan; Russell A. Howard; J. Daniel Moses; Dennis George Socker; Dennis Wang; Richard R. Fisher; Joseph M. Davila; C. St. Cyr; Giancarlo C. Noci; Marco Romoli; Giuseppe Tondello; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Luca Poletto
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Optical configurations for the EUV channels of the Advanced Solar Coronal Explorer mission
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Giuseppe Tondello; Larry D. Gardner
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Instrumentation for vacuum UV polarimetry at the University of Florence XUVLab
Author(s): Gianni Corti; Marco Romoli; Emanuele Pace; Claudio Chiuderi; Giancarlo C. Noci
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