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Unattended Ground Sensor Technologies and Applications
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza; David B. Law; K. Terry Stalker

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Volume Number: 3713
Date Published: 30 July 1999

Table of Contents
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Acoustic and seismic modalities for unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Gerard E. Sleefe; Mark D. Ladd; Timothy S. McDonald; Gregory J. Elbring
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Acoustic target tracking and target identification: recent results
Author(s): George P. Succi; Torstein K. Pedersen; Robert Gampert; Gervasio Prado
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Feasibility of monitoring continuous-wave sources with seismic arrays
Author(s): John Paul Claassen; Mark D. Ladd; Gregory J. Elbring
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Highly sensitive ruggedized fiber optic vibrometer for unattended ground sensor
Author(s): Paul I. Shnitser; Il'ya P. Agurok; Aramais A. Avakian
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Laser 3He magnetometer for UGS applications
Author(s): Charlie Hoke; Andrew Ochadlick; John Wynn
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Amplified detection of chemicals using photoluminescence and interferometry from a porous silicon chip: detection of nitrobenzene and 2,4-dinitrotoluene in air
Author(s): Michael J. Sailor; William C. Trogler; Stephane Content; Sonia Letant; Honglae Sohn; Yeshaiahu Fainman; Paul E. Shames
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MicroChemLab: an integrated microanalytical system for chemical analysis using parallel gas and liquid phase microseparations
Author(s): Gregory A. Thomas; Gregory C. Frye-Mason; Christopher A. Bailey; Mial E. Warren; Julia A. Fruetel; Karl Wally; Janson Wu; Richard J. Kottenstette; Edwin J. Heller
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Innovative fluorescence sensor with integrated wavelength filtering and fluorescence enhancement features
Author(s): Michael G. Durrett; Steven M. Savoy; Michael F. Becker; Michael Beam
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Novel magnetic and chemical microsensors for in-situ, real-time, and unattended use
Author(s): Irene Datskou; Slobodan Rajic; Panos G. Datskos
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Technical overview of the UL3 uncooled cameras
Author(s): Jeffery L. Heath; Glenn T. Kincaid; James T. Woolaway; William J. Parrish; Dieter Lohrmann; Gwendolyn W. Newsome; Adrian Inosecu; John Monson; Christopher J. Rau; Philip E. Howard; Chuan C. Li
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Low-cost low-power uncooled a-Si-based micro infrared camera for unattended ground sensor applications
Author(s): Thomas R. Schimert; David D. Ratcliff; John F. Brady; Steven J. Ropson; Roland W. Gooch; Bobbi Ritchey; P. McCardel; K. Rachels; Marty Wand; M. Weinstein; John Wynn
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Unattended interferometric sensors
Author(s): David J. Brady; Daniel L. Marks; A. J. Johnson; Ronald A. Stack; David C. Munson
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Grenade launched imaging projectile system (GLIMPS)
Author(s): Scott C. Nunan; Peter G. Coakley; Gregory A. Niederhaus; Charles E. Mallon; Edward Vasel; Raymond Denson; Steve Lutjens; Norbert C. Wild; John Wondra
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Imaging surveillance for UGS systems
Author(s): James M. Ortolf; Gregory S. Bowers; Stephen R. Neill; Benjamin Dobson
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Micro unattended mobility system (MUMS)
Author(s): Pavlo Rudakevych; Helen Greiner; Bryan Pletta
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Adaptive remote sensing techniques implementing swarms of mobile agents
Author(s): Stewart M. Cameron; Guillermo M. Loubriel; Rush D. Robinett; Keith M. Stantz; Michael W. Trahan; John S. Wagner
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Collaborative surveillance using both fixed and mobile unattended ground sensor platforms
Author(s): Christopher P. Diehl; Mahesh Saptharishi; John B. Hampshire; Pradeep K. Khosla
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Guidance on environmental vulnerabilities of unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Lindamae Peck
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Performance model incorporating weather related constraints for fields of unattended ground sensors
Author(s): David C. Swanson
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Probability of detection for cooperative sensor systems
Author(s): John T. Feddema; Barry L. Spletzer
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Miniaturized unattended ground sensor
Author(s): Stephen G. Kaiser; Mark D. Hischke; Paul R:Dr. Neiswander; Shannon Nelson; Stuart Collar; Dana Bourbonnais; Laura Gardner; Elaine McKinney; Jerome Kolarczyk
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Self-organizing distributed sensor networks
Author(s): Loren P. Clare; Gregory J. Pottie; Jonathan R. Agre
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Self-organizing cooperative sensor network for remote surveillance: current results
Author(s): Richard A. Burne; Anna L. Buczak; Yaochu Jin; Vikram R. Jamalabad; Ivan Kadar; Eitan R. Eadan
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Remotely deployed autonomous sensor/processing network for surveillance uses
Author(s): Stephen R. Blatt; James M. Ortolf; Diane G. Mills; Stephen W. Lang
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Development platform for self-organizing wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Jonathan R. Agre; Loren P. Clare; Gregory J. Pottie; Nikolai P. Romanov
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