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Targets and Backgrounds: Characterization and Representation V

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Volume Number: 3699
Date Published: 14 July 1999

Table of Contents
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Theory and measurement of bidirectional reflectance for signature analysis
Author(s): James C. Jafolla; David J. Thomas; John W. Hilgers; William R. Reynolds; Chris Blasband
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Comparison of measured and modeled BRDF of natural targets
Author(s): Yannick Boucher; Helene Cosnefroy; Alain Denis Petit; Gerard Serrot; Xavier Briottet
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Measurements of polarization of targets of differing albedo and shadow depth
Author(s): Michael J. Duggin; Walter G. Egan; Jonathan Gregory
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Enhancement of optical detectability with polarization
Author(s): Walter G. Egan
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Multispectral polarimeter imaging in the visible to near IR
Author(s): Kenneth P. Bishop; Harold D. McIntire; Matthew P. Fetrow; Lenore J. McMackin
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Quantifying key trade-off between IR polarimetric discriminability versus pixel resolution against complex targets
Author(s): Frank J. Iannarilli; John A. Conant
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Motion estimation on infrared image sequences
Author(s): Christophe Collet; Ronan Fablet
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Modeling multispectral imagery data with NIRATAM v3.1 and NPLUME v1.6
Author(s): Eric J. Bakker; Martin L. Fair; H. M. A. Schleijpen
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Infrared scene capabilities of SHIPIR
Author(s): David A. Vaitekunas; Owen E. Lawrence
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Validation of the NATO-standard ship signature model (SHIPIR)
Author(s): David A. Vaitekunas; Douglas S. Fraedrich
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Background clutter database models derived by stochastic means
Author(s): Aaron Wilkosz; Bryan L. Williams; Steve Motz
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Infrared target model validation using gray-level co-occurrence matrices
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders
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Internal texture or object boundary? Disambiguating the interpretation of spatial modulation
Author(s): Gary Witus; R. Darin Ellis; Grant R. Gerhart; Robert E. Karlsen
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CAMEO-SIM: a broadband scene generation system that is fit for purpose
Author(s): Marilyn A. Gilmore; Ian R. Moorhead; David E. Oxford; T. John Liddicoat; David R. Filbee; Colin A. Stroud; G. Hutchings; Albert Kirk
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CAMEVA: a methodology for computerized evaluation of camouflage effectiveness and estimation of target detectability
Author(s): Christian M. Birkemark
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RCS comparison of measurements and simulations of different ground targets at millimeter-wave frequencies
Author(s): Gregor Biegel; Dirk Nuessler
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Model of laser radar signatures of ballistic missile warheads
Author(s): Isaac N. Bankman
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Stochastic simulation of ocean waves and their effect on microwave scattering
Author(s): Azed Jean-Pierre; Williard J. Pierson; Gordon William Groves
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Calibrated and geocoded clutter from an airborne multispectral scanner
Author(s): Markus Heuer; Ralph Bruehlmann; Marc-Andre John; Konrad J. Schmid; Rudolph Hueppi; Reto Koenig
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Visible through near-IR solar loading influences on characterization
Author(s): David H. Tofsted; Sean G. O'Brien; George G. Koenig
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Target versus background characterization: second-generation wavelets and support vector machines
Author(s): David J. Gorsich; Robert E. Karlsen; Grant R. Gerhart; Marc G. Genton
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Target detection in infrared and SAR terrain images using a non-Gaussian stochastic model
Author(s): Philip B. Chapple; Derek C. Bertilone; Robert S. Caprari; Steven Angeli; Garry N. Newsam
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Use of AEDC's laser-based direct-write scene generator to drive NAWC's fiber array projector
Author(s): Heard S. Lowry; Lanny L. Holt; Sidney L. Steely; Robert Z. Dalbey; R. J. Tonucci
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Irma 5.0 multisensor signature prediction model
Author(s): Monte A. Owens; Michael R. Wellfare; Joseph Foster; John S. Watson; Douglas A. Vechinski; Mike Richards; Vincent Underwood
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Evaluation of transmission range in a lossy media
Author(s): Abner Ephrath
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Detection performance prediction on IR images assisted by evolutionary learning
Author(s): Liviu I. Voicu; Ronald Patton; Harley R. Myler
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Assessing the search and detection problem via the FLIR target acquisition model (FTAM)
Author(s): Thomas J. Horrigan
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Predicting search time in visual scenes using the fuzzy logic approach
Author(s): Thomas J. Meitzler; Eui Jung Sohn; Harpreet Singh; Abdelakrim Elgarhi
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Modeling time to detection for observers searching for targets in cluttered backgrounds
Author(s): Harald Ruda; Magnus Snorrason
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Test of three visual search and detection models
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Piet Bijl; J. Mathieu Valeton
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IR field reflectometer/emissiometer (EMIR)
Author(s): Alain Janest; Thierry Kunc; Christian Hamel
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Saliency measures in cluttered IR images for ATR
Author(s): Markus Mueller
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