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Laser Optics '98: Fundamental Problems of Laser Optics
Editor(s): Nikolay N. Rosanov

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Volume Number: 3685
Date Published: 6 January 1999

Table of Contents
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Vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers with polarization-controlling feedback
Author(s): Natalia A. Loiko; A. V. Naumenko; Neal Broadus Abraham
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Reasons for new types of regular and chaotic operation regimes in the CO2 laser with a saturable absorber
Author(s): Liudmila A. Kotomtseva; V. V. Nevdakh; O. L. Gaiko; Sergey G. Rusov
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Long- and short-wavelength instabilities in an anisotropic dye laser
Author(s): S. V. Sergeyev
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Phase modulation instability of passive mode locking in solid state lasers
Author(s): A. K. Komarov; Konstantin P. Komarov; Aleksandr S. Kuch'yanov
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Generation dynamics of laser arrays with diffraction coupling
Author(s): Valerii P. Kandidov; Andrey V. Kondrat'ev
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Electrodynamic resonance and ultimate pump intensities for microsphere and microdisk resonators
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Mikhail N. Libenson
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Backward light scattering in fiber lasers
Author(s): Andrei A. Fotiadi; Roman V. Kiyan; Stanislav V. Chernikov
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Transverse quasi-periodic structure of optical fields in a wide-aperture laser with a saturable absorber
Author(s): N. E. Molevich; A. P. Zaikin
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Instability development of counterpropagating light waves with unequal amplitudes
Author(s): Konstantin Y. Nikitenko; Vyacheslav A. Trofimov
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Laser bullets
Author(s): Nikolay N. Rosanov; Nikolay A. Kaliteevskii; Sergey V. Fedorov
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Advanced numerical simulation models for second-order nonlinear interactions
Author(s): Gunnar Arisholm
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Peculiarities of parametric frequency conversion at pumping by a Bessel light beam
Author(s): V. N. Belyi; Nikolay A. Khilo
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New method for simulation of nonlinear semiconductor microcavities
Author(s): Sergey V. Fedorov; M. A. Kalitieevsky
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Generation of sub-Poissonian light via the correlated absorption of photons by the dressed atom
Author(s): Michail Zacharovich Smirnov
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Quantum gain and absorption in the two-color three-level V atom: a dressed-state picture
Author(s): D. Braunstein; Reuben Shuker
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Generation of nonclassical light by electron beams
Author(s): Victor V. Kulagin; Vladimir A. Cherepenin
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Critical analysis of experiments on the search for induced gamma emission from long-living isomeric states of 123mTe and 125mTe
Author(s): Andrey V. Davydov
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Gamma-ray solid laser amplification without inversion and microplasma of an active medium: some results in substantiation for a feasible gamma-lasing experiment
Author(s): Stanislav V. Karyagin
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Recent experiments on induced gamma emission under isomeric transition 119m2Sn-119m1Sn+hv(65.66 keV)
Author(s): Svjatoslav I. Bondarevskii; Boris E. Dzevitskii; Vjacheslav V. Eremin; German A. Skorobogatov
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Laser nucleosynthesis of radioactive isotopes and isomers
Author(s): George M. Chumak
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Spectral projections for induced gamma emission from 178Hfm2
Author(s): Hilary E. Roberts
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