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Smart Structures and Materials 1999: Smart Materials Technologies
Editor(s): Manfred R. Wuttig

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Volume Number: 3675
Date Published: 12 July 1999

Table of Contents
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Crystallographic engineering in high-performance piezoelectric crystals
Author(s): Seung Eek Eagle Park; Satoshi Wada; Paul W. Rehrig; Shifang Liu; Leslie Eric Cross; Thomas R. Shrout
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Magnetic particle doping for anisotropic matrix materials in active fiber composites
Author(s): Benon Z. Janos; Nesbitt W. Hagood
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Active PZT fibers: a commercial production process
Author(s): Harold B. Strock; Marina R. Pascucci; Mark V. Parish; Aaron A. Bent; Thomas R. Shrout
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PZT/polymer flexible composites for embedded actuator and sensor applications
Author(s): Witold Kowbel; Xiaoxin Xia; William Champion; James C. Withers; Ben K. Wada
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Characterization of different types of high-performance THUNDER actuators
Author(s): Karla M. Mossi; Richard P. Bishop
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Piezoelectric ceramic assembly tubes for torsional actuators
Author(s): Chulho Kim; Alexandre E. Glazounov; Luther Daniel Flippen; Amitav Pattnaik; Qi Ming Zhang; David Lewis
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Experimental study of THUNDER: a new generation of piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Cirrus Shakeri; Christine M. Bordonaro; Mohammad N. Noori; Raymond P. Champagne
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Electrostatic self-assembly processes for multilayer optical filters
Author(s): Kristie M. Lenahan; Yanjing Liu; Richard O. Claus
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Domain structure of poled (111) PZT (PbZr0.25Ti0.75O3) films
Author(s): Christian Erich Zybill; Hussein Boubekeur; Peter Radojkovic; Michael Schwartzkopff; E. Hartmann; Frederick Koch; Gerhard Groos; Bohuslav Rezek; Rainer Bruchhaus; Wolfram Wersing
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Formation and observation of ferroelectric domains in PbZr1-xTixO3(PZT) thin films using atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Hyunjung Shin; Kyongmi Lee; Geunbae Lim; Jong up Jeon; Y. Eugene Pak; Seungbum Hong; Kwangsoo No
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Electrostatic self-assembly processes for noncentrosymmetric thin films and devices
Author(s): Kristie M. Lenahan; Yanjing Liu; Youxiong Wang; Richard O. Claus
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Formation of ultrahard metal oxide nanocluster coatings at room temperature by electrostatic self-assembly
Author(s): Aprillya Rosidian; Yanjing Liu; Richard O. Claus
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Ultracapacitors formed by molecular self-assembly
Author(s): Yanjing Liu; Aprillya Rosidian; Wei Zhao; Tingying Zeng; Ki D. Oh; Richard O. Claus
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Use of embedded self-repair adhesives in certain areas of concrete bridge members to prevent failure from severe dynamic loading
Author(s): Carolyn M. Dry; Jacob Unzicker
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Magnetorheological elastomers: properties and applications
Author(s): John M. Ginder; Mark E. Nichols; Larry D. Elie; Janice L. Tardiff
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Conducting polymer composite materials for smart microwave windows
Author(s): Alan Barnes; K. Lees; Peter Victor Wright; Barry Chambers
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Strain monitoring by evanascent wave spectroscopy
Author(s): Vivek Kapila; Lidvin Kjerengtroen; William M. Cross; F. J. Johnson; Jon J. Kellar
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Squeezing light out of crystals: triboluminescent sensors
Author(s): Ian Sage; Rodney Alan Badcock; Lisa Humberstone; Norman Geddes; Martin Kemp; Sharon Bishop; Grant Bourhill
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Electro-hydrodynamic pumped hydraulic actuation with application to active vibration control
Author(s): Reza Kashani; Sung Kang; Kevin P. Hallinan
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Laser-induced writing of electrically conductive structures in the surface of AIN
Author(s): Beate Stolz; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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Magnetic and mechanical properties of FeNiCoTi and NiMnGa magnetic shape memory alloys
Author(s): Steven J. Murray; Ryoji Hayashi; Miguel A. Marioni; Samuel M. Allen; Robert C. O'Handley
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Magnetic shape memory (MSM) effect in textured polycrystalline Ni2MnGa
Author(s): Yossef Ezer; Alexei Sozinov; Giora Kimmel; V. Etaleaniemi; N. I. Glavatskaya; A. D'Anci; V. Podgursky; Veikko K. Lindroos; Kari Ullakko
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Strain behavior of magnetostrictive particulate composites
Author(s): William D. Armstrong
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Composite Terfenol-D sonar transducers
Author(s): James H. Goldie; Michael J. Gerver; John Oleksy; Gregory Paul Carman; Terrisa A. Duenas
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Experiments of thermomechanical fatigue of SMAs
Author(s): Dimitris C. Lagoudas; David A. Miller
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Keeping the shape memory properties of miniaturized components of NiTi alloys by laser machining
Author(s): Heinz Haferkamp; Martin Goede; M. Leester-Schaedel; Stefan Paschko
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Thermal deformation behavior of a NiTi actuated aluminum metal-matrix composite
Author(s): William D. Armstrong; Torben Lorentzen
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Two-way behavior of a Nitinol torsion bar
Author(s): Weiming Huang
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Sputter deposition of NiTi thin film exhibiting the SME at room temperatures
Author(s): Ken K. Ho; Gregory Paul Carman; Peter Jardine
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Dilatometric and electrical resistivity measurements in various phases of Nitinol
Author(s): Jayagopal Uchil; Kotekar Panduranga Mohanchandra; K.K. Mahesh; Kumara K. Ganesh
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Influence of aging treatment on Ni46Ti44Ta10 shape memory alloy
Author(s): Jianlu Ma; J. I. Subirana; Zhongjie J. Pu; Kuang-Hsi Wu
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Shape memory alloy actuator fatigue properties
Author(s): Cary R. Clark; Domenic P. Marcelli
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Processing and application of solid state converted high-strain materials
Author(s): Kelley McNeal; Craig D. Near; Richard L. Gentilman; Martin P. Harmer; Helen M. Chan; Adam Scotch; Venkat S. Venkataramani; Charles Greskovich
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Tunable elastic stiffness of plasma-sprayed zirconia coatings
Author(s): Joachim Bamberg; Christian Schwaminger
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New multicomponent oxide materials for thin film gas sensors
Author(s): Toshihiro Miyata; Tadatsugu Minami
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Thermomechanical characterization of shape memory alloy torque tubes
Author(s): Andrew C. Keefe; Gregory Paul Carman
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