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Medical Imaging 1999: Ultrasonic Transducer Engineering
Editor(s): K. Kirk Shung
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Volume Number: 3664
Date Published: 21 June 1999
Softcover: 28 papers (256) pages
ISBN: 9780819431363

Table of Contents
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Clinical perspective of diagnostic ultrasound
Author(s): Jon W. Meilstrup
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Dermatological applications of high-frequency ultrasound
Author(s): Diane M. Thiboutot
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Ultrasonic biomicroscopy in ophthalmology and eye banking
Author(s): George O. D. Rosenwasser
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Optimization of 1-3 relaxor-PT single-crystal/polymer composites
Author(s): Xuecang Geng; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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P(VDF-TrFE) films for high-frequency ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): Lewis F. Brown
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Passive materials for high-frequency ultrasound transducers
Author(s): Haifeng Wang; Timothy A. Ritter; Wenwu Cao; K. Kirk Shung
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High-frequency ultrasonic imaging and its applications in skin
Author(s): Helmut Ermert; Michael C. Vogt
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High-frequency transducers for ultrasonic backscatter microscopy
Author(s): Patrick D. Lopath; Richard J. Meyer; Shameer Ayyappan; Kevin A. Snook; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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Composite ultrasound transducer arrays for operation above 20 MHz
Author(s): Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung; Xuecang Geng; Patrick D. Lopath; Richard L. Tutwiler; Thomas R. Shrout
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Two-dimensional catheter arrays for real-time intracardiac volumetric imaging
Author(s): Edward D. Light; Jason O. Fiering; Warren Lee; Patrick D. Wolf; Stephen W. Smith
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From hand-rotated multiplane transesophageal to fast-rotating parasternal probes for cardiac imaging
Author(s): Nicolaas Bom; Charles T. Lancee; Nico de Jong; Anton F. W. van der Steen; J. R.T.C. Roelandt
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2D modeling of mechanical cross-coupling in linear arrays
Author(s): Nicola Lamberti; Francisco Montero de Espinosa; Antonio Iula; Massimo Pappalardo
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Time apodization of ultrasonic transducer arrays
Author(s): Gabriella Cincotti; Giovanni Cardone; Paola Gori; Francesco Pomata; Massimo Pappalardo
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Apodization of piezoelectric ceramics for ultrasound transducers
Author(s): Vera Lucia da Silveira Nantes Button; Eduardo Tavares Costa; Joaquim Miguel Maia
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General conditions for the generation of acoustic bullet waves
Author(s): Paola Gori; Riccardo Borghi; Gabriella Cincotti; Massimo Pappalardo
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Experimental verification of the advantage of a 256-element ultrasonic phased array for thermal coagulation of deep seated tissue
Author(s): Douglas R. Daum; Nadine Smith; Nathan McDannold; Kullervo H. Hynynen
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Spatially-phased transducer to form steered beams
Author(s): W. Jack Hughes; Charles W. Allen
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Improved images by a 3.5-MHz array probe using 0.91Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.09PbTiO3 single crystal
Author(s): Shiroh Saitoh; Takashi Takeuchi; Tsuyoshi Kobayashi; Kouichi Harada; Senji Shimanuki; Yohachi Yamashita
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Improved diffracting-grating transducers
Author(s): Peggy Palanchon; David H. R. Vilkomerson; Thomas Chilipka; K. Kirk Shung
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Megahertz tonpilz transducer
Author(s): Dave Van Tol; W. Jack Hughes
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Synthesis of two-dimensional wideband ultrasound transducer sparse arrays
Author(s): Moayyed A. Hussain; K. Wayne Rigby; Ben Noble
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Design of test system to characterize very high frequency ultrasound transducer arrays
Author(s): Richard L. Tutwiler; Sethu Madhavan; Kalyan V. Mahajan
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Handheld ultrasound array imaging device
Author(s): Juin-Jet Hwang; Jens Quistgaard
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Wave field visualization using scanned hydrophone measurements
Author(s): Alan R. Selfridge
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Acoustic intensity simulations for regulatory compliance
Author(s): Chris M. W. Daft; William M. Leue; Kai Erik Thomenius; Lars A. Odegaard; Michael C. MacDonald; Alan S. Meyers
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Physical vapor deposition of multilayered lead-zirconate-titanate films for ultrasonic transducer fabrication
Author(s): Robert J. Kline-Schoder; David B. Kynor; Michael D. Jaeger; Alan A. Winder; Charles S. Desilets
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Measuring the frequency-dependent attenuation in lossy material using large time-bandwidth product ultrasound signals
Author(s): Grant A. Gordon
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Determination of elastic, piezoelectric, and dielectric properties of Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystals
Author(s): Jianhua Yin; Bei Jiang; Wenwu Cao
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