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Practical Holography XIII
Editor(s): Stephen A. Benton
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Volume Number: 3637
Date Published: 25 March 1999
Softcover: 30 papers (264) pages
ISBN: 9780819431080

Table of Contents
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One-step edge-lit transmission holographic stereogram printer
Author(s): Nobuhiro Kihara; Akira Shirakura; Shigeyuki Baba
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Holographic recording using a digital micromirror device
Author(s): Ryder S. Nesbitt; Steven L. Smith; Raymond A. Molnar; Stephen A. Benton
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Holographic video system using Fourier transform method adapted to two-dimensional and three-dimensional data calculation
Author(s): Sung-kyu Kim; Serguei A. Shestak; Jung-Young Son; Tong-Kun Lim
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Large-scale computer-generated absorption holograms of 3D objects: I. Theoretical background and visual concepts
Author(s): Colin D. Cameron; Douglas A. Payne; David T. Sheerin; Christopher W. Slinger; Nicholas J. Phillips; Adrian K. Dodd
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Large-scale computer-generated absorption holograms of 3D objects: II. Practical methodology
Author(s): Nicholas J. Phillips; Colin D. Cameron; Adrian K. Dodd; Douglas A. Payne; David T. Sheerin; Christopher W. Slinger
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Electroholographic display with minimum data redundancy
Author(s): Serguei A. Shestak; Nickolay N. Evtikhiev
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Time-sharing display approach using liquid crystal light valve and a photoreractive crystal for electroholography
Author(s): Tsutomu Horikoshi; Masahiro Sasaura; Tadayuki Imai; Hiroki Yamazaki; Takaaki Akimoto; Shogo Yagi; Kazuhito Higuchi; Satoshi Suzuki; Noburu Sonehara
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Color hologram of human object
Author(s): Gennadi A. Sobolev; Svetlana B. Soboleva; Victor N. Shevchenko
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Holographic 3D display system using holographic optical element
Author(s): Koji Yamasaki; Masaaki Okamoto; Takahisa Ando; Tetuya Kitagawa; Eiji Shimizu
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Three-dimensional image projection with aspects-focused-in-spots display
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Nina M. Ganzherli; Vyatcheslav V. Orlov
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Business of designing holograms
Author(s): Martin John Richardson
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Evaluation of HOE for head-mounted display
Author(s): Takahisa Ando; Koji Yamasaki; Masaaki Okamoto; Toshiaki Matsumoto; Eiji Shimizu
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Optical design and implementation of a variable-pitch dot matrix writer
Author(s): Chih-Kung Lee; Chi-Tang Jeffrey Hsieh; Jeremy W.J. Wu; Julie T. Lee
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Expanding a color presentation range with true-color dot matrix holograms
Author(s): Chih-Wen Tu; Yi An Han; Chih-Kung Lee; Jeremy W.J. Wu; April S. T. Peng; Eric H. Z. Liao; Julie T. Lee
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Automated system for the production of image-planed white-light-viewable holograms by pulsed laser
Author(s): Mikhail V. Grichine; Alexey M. Rodin; David B. Ratcliffe; Gleb R. Skokov
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Dynamic holographic beamsplitters: feasibility investigation
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Aleksandr N. Palagushkin; Sergei A. Prokopenko
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Highly selective holographic elements for spectroscopic applications
Author(s): Nadya O. Reingand; Irina V. Semenova; Alexander Popov
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Computer-generated fractal kinetic images and their applications in security holograms
Author(s): Hanqiang Cao; Guang-Xi Zhu; Yaoting Zhu; Zhaoqun Zhang; Hongwei Ge; Xuan Li
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Deep-image hologram recorded by using a lenticular lens sheet
Author(s): Hideo Tanigawa; Yoshihiko Tanji; Yoshinao Taketomi; Toshihiro Kubota
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Bit allocation in the transform coding of hologram patterns
Author(s): Yoshihiro Ishida; Toshiaki Fujii; Tadahiko Kimoto; Masayuki Tanimoto
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Holographic diffusive reflectors for reflective color LCDs
Author(s): Terutaka Tokumaru; Ken-ichi Iwauchi; Yoshiyuki Higashigaki
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Mass-produced color graphic arts holograms
Author(s): Masachika Watanabe; Tetsuya Matsuyama; Daijiro Kodama; Tsuyoshi Hotta
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Hologram authenticity test device
Author(s): Sergey B. Odinokov; Michael Vladimirovich Borisov; Boris P. Krutov; Leonid A. Bondarev; Alexander F. Smyk
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Development of a 3D camera
Author(s): Torgny E. Carlsson; Jonny Gustafsson; Bengt J.L. Nilsson
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Application of holographic interferometry for analysis of the dynamic and modal characteristics of an advanced exotic metal airfoil structure
Author(s): Howard Fein
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New shearing setup for simultaneous measurement of two shear directions
Author(s): Thorsten Siebert; Bernhard Schmitz
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Holoviewer system for preproduction of holographic stereograms
Author(s): Jonny Gustafsson
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Composite holographic screens for the stereoscopic or multiview color image display
Author(s): Nickolay N. Evtikhiev; Anatoly A. Axelrod; Vladimir I. Bobrinev; Nikolai A. Kostrov; Gennady A. Koshevarov; Vladimir V. Markin; Leonid Ya. Melnikov; Alexey L. Oleinikov; Oleg E. Radominov; Jung-Young Son
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Achromatized holographic screen for multiview TV display
Author(s): Vadim V. Smirnov; Jung-Young Son; Yong-Jin Choi; Jai-Soon Kim
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Computer-generated holograms with pulse-width modulation for multilevel 3D images
Author(s): Tomohisa Hamano; Mitsuru Kitamura; Hiroshi Yoshikawa
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